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TV Host and Humanists UK Patron Fronts Humanism Course


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Humanist Voices)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2018/03/02

A TV host and a patron for Humanists UK is the front for an online course in humanist content. Humanists UK describes the course as “designed to meet growing demand from the vast segment of the population who are not religious but who are nonetheless hungry for answers to questions.”

Sandy Toksvig described her delight that she is able to present the course. In addition, she does have a personal fascination with the big questions, which has continued throughout her life in addition to being pleased with the opportunity to be able to provide some answers in the educational context.

She views humanism as an approach to life and worldview to make informed decisions about life. She knows that increasing number of people do not hold a formal religious opinion. However, people still want to have an ethical, meaningful, and fulfilling a life.

In other words, she asks questions such as “How should I live?’, ‘How can I know what is true?’, ‘How should I treat others?’, and ‘What kind of world do I want?’”

She explained that you’ll be able to find the tensions and dilemmas within the humanist worldview in addition to arguments against it tied to humanist responses to those arguments.

It sounds like a fair presentation from course through the material. She notes that there will be contributions from “academics, humanist campaigners, celebrants, pastoral carers, and members of the public to help widen your awareness.”

The chief executive a few of us to the UK, Andrew Copson, stated, “Today a majority of people in the UK declare themselves to be non-religious, but we’re no less curious about life, about one other, or about the big questions.

The point of providing these bigger questions is in order to have a course that can stimulate social learning and debate and conversation from the subject matter.


Duffy, N. (2018, February 26). Humanist Sandi Toksvig speaks openly about her non-religious beliefs. Retrieved from


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