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Largest Queer Museum Planned


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Humanist Voices)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2018/02/28

In London, United Kingdom, the first ground breaking museum will show the history of queer culture or sexual minority culture. Joseph Galliano is the man behind the museum and will use this to tell the untold stories of the queer community to be preserved within the museum.

The scale and scope of the initiative will be something that other museums will contrast to in sheer scale and scope. This Museum will have a collection of artistic, cultural, historical, and political artifacts.

Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, is giving the museum his own backing for it. Many big businesses have a mandate for corporate social responsibility. The Museum representatives are reaching out to corporations in relation to the corporate social responsibility finances in order to find a donation. Big things cost big money.

The goal of the immense size of the museum is also to give room to reflect all genders, orientations, and races within the larger LGBT umbrella. Many historical periods and moments and people may have been forgotten.

Time in the museum can be a time to reflect and remember those potentially lost stories.

“The history [of LGBT people] has been recorded in a very piecemeal way and if you just take men, the most visible part of the community, the pre-1960s generation is aging, we’re losing those stories and a lot was already hidden,” Galliano said.

“If you think about BAME [black, Asian, and other ethnic minority] people, women, and trans people’s stories, which were prioritised even less than the men’s stories, than that’s a wealth of untold material.”

There is meant to be a 3D experiential aspect and interactive part of the museum. This is supposed to help build empathy with the narratives and stories being presented at Museum. The original idea came from the 50th anniversary of the “partial decriminalization of homosexuality in Britain last year.”

The 1967 decriminalization marked a large transition in the history of the United Kingdom for the civil rights and feminist movements, especially, and specifically, regarding changes in the social, legal, and cultural landscape of the country.

In fact, the 19th century saw homosexuality as an area of illegality, as something criminal. It came with social oppression. It came with being something against the law. Throughout the history of the United Kingdom, in terms of the civil rights and feminist movements, the LGBT community experienced setbacks and victories.

But the overarching trajectory has been a win for the sexual minority community and the queer community in general; the museum provides a window into these triumphs and tribulations of the queer community in the United Kingdom through time.

This can be highly useful for those not knowing such as the young, especially in the presentation of the struggles, abuses, losses, and sacrifices of those who are dead.

This is something that the younger generation with the current rights and privileges of the modern sexual minority communities may not realize a time when it was far less accepted in the social scene and within the legal frameworks of the United Kingdom at the time.

Galliano said, “We’ve had so much change happens so quickly — it’s been amazing; I never thought I’d be wearing a wedding ring — the trouble is that in difficult political times those can be rolled back very quickly.”


Strudwick, P. (2018, February 27). This Man Is Planning To Open the World’s Largest LGBT Museum. Retrieved from


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