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In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal

(Updated January 18, 2021)

In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal

(January 1, 2021; P.D.F./Kindle/iBooks, 330 pages; 189,476 words)
(September 1, 2020; P.D.F./Kindle/iBooks, 466 pages; 270,297 words)

Spring, 22.A & 22.B, Idea – Outliers and Outsiders (Part Eighteen)

(May 1, 2020; P.D.F./Kindle/iBooks, 405 pages; 236,773 words)

Winter, 21.A, Idea – Outliers and Outsiders (Part Seventeen)

(January 1, 2020; P.D.F./Kindle/iBooks, 128 pages; 68,410 words)

Summer, 20.A, Idea – Outliers and Outsiders (Part Sixteen)

(September 1, 2019; P.D.F./Kindle/iBooks, 261 pages; 144,525 words)

Spring, 19.A, Idea – Outliers and Outsiders (Part Fifteen)

(May 1, 2019; P.D.F./Kindle/iBooks, 136 pages; 74,755 words)

In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal

Winter, 18.A, Idea – Outliers and Outsiders (Part Fourteen)


(January 1, 2019; P.D.F./Kindle/iBooks, 211 pages; 114,918 words)

Summer, 17.A & 17.B, Idea – Outliers and Outsiders (Part Thirteen)

Spring, Issue 17.A, Idea - Outliers and Outsiders (Part Thirteen)

(September 1, 2018; P.D.F./Kindle/iBooks, 226 pages; 130,595 words)

Spring, Issue 16.A, Idea – Outliers and Outsiders (Part Twelve)

Spring, Issue 16.A, Idea - Outliers and Outsiders (Part Twelve)

(May 1, 2018; P.D.F./Kindle/iBooks, 191 pages; 110,523 words)

Winter, Issue 15.A, Idea – Outliers and Outsiders (Part Eleven)

Outliers & Outsiders (Part Eleven)

(January 1, 2018; P.D.F./Kindle/iBooks, 243 pages; 71,298 words)

Summer, Issue 14.A, Idea – Outliers and Outsiders (Part Ten)

Outliers & Outsiders (Part Ten)

(September 1, 2017; P.D.F./Kindle/iBooks, 123 pages; 57,049 words)

Spring, Issue 13.A, Idea – Outliers and Outsiders (Part Nine)

Outliers & Outsiders (Part Nine)

(May 1, 2017; P.D.F./Kindle/iBooks, 113 pages; 44,135 words)

Winter, Issue 12.A, Idea – Outliers and Outsiders (Part Eight)

Outliers and Outsiders (Part Eight)

(January 1, 2017; P.D.F./Kindle/iBooks, 111 pages; 51,305 words)

Summer, Issue 11.A, Idea – Outliers and Outsiders (Part Seven)


(September 1, 2016; P.D.F./Kindle/iBooks, 137 pages; 56,850 words)

Spring, Issue 10.A, Idea – Outliers and Outsiders (Part Six)

Outliers and Outsiders (Part Six)

(May 1, 2016; P.D.F./Kindle/iBooks, 126 pages; 58,689 words)

Winter, Issue 9.A, Idea: Outliers and Outsiders (Part Five)

Issue 9.A, Idea - Outliers and Outsiders (Part Five)

(January 1, 2016; P.D.F./Kindle/iBooks, 109 pages; 55,403 words)

Summer, Issue 8.A, Idea: Outliers and Outsiders (Part Four)

In-Sight Issue 8.A-8.B, Idea - Outliers and Outsiders (Part Four)

(September 1, 2015; P.D.F./Kindle/iBooks, 128 pages; 57,529 words)

Spring, Issue 7.A, Idea: Outliers and Outsiders (Part Three)

Issue 7.A, Idea - Outliers and Outsiders (Part Three)

(May 1, 2015; P.D.F./Kindle/iBooks, 55 pages; 23,361 words)

Winter, Issue 6.A, Idea: Outliers and Outsiders (Part Two)

Issue 6.A, Idea - Outliers and Outsiders (Part Two)

(January 1, 2015; P.D.F./Kindle/iBooks, 275 pages; 119,430 words)

Summer, Issue 5.A, Idea: Outliers and Outsiders (Part One)

Issue 5.A, Idea - Outliers and Outsiders (Part One)

(September 1, 2014; P.D.F./Kindle/iBooks, 102 pages; 46,035 words)

Spring, Issue 4.A, Idea: Women in Academia (Part Three)

Issue 4.A, Idea - Women in Academia (Part Three)

(May 1, 2014; P.D.F./Kindle/iBooks, 108 pages; 28,903 words)

In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Undergraduate Journal

Winter, Issue 3.A, Idea: Women in Academia (Part Two)

Issue 3.A, Idea - Women in Academia (Part Two)

(January 1, 2014; P.D.F./Kindle/iBooks, 111 pages; 24,440 words)

Summer, Issue 2.A, Idea: Women in Academia (Part One)

Issue 2.A, Idea - Women in Academia (Part One)

(September 1, 2013; P.D.F./Kindle/iBooks, 110 pages; 21,687 words)

Spring, In-Sight 1.A & 1.B, Subject: Psychology

1.A & 1.B, Subject - Psychology

(May 1, 2013; P.D.F./Kindle/iBooks, 106 pages; 26,225 words)

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