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(Updated January 1, 2020)

Scott Douglas Jacobsen In-Sight Publishing

Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Athabasca University

Scott Douglas Jacobsen founded In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal and In-Sight Publishing. He authored/co-authored some e-books, free or low-cost. If you want to contact Scott:

Apostasia Advisory Board

(Updated April 9, 2020)

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Angelos Sofocleous
Angelos Sofocleous was born in Nicosia, Cyprus, in 1994. He grew up in an Orthodox Christian family and environment and (re)became an atheist when at the age of 16.
He is a doctorate researcher in Philosophy at the University of York (UK). He holds a BA in Philosophy and Psychology, and an MA in Philosophy from the University of Durham (UK). He works on the phenomenology of mental illnesses, particularly depression, and focuses on notions of spectatorship and interpersonal aspects in the experiences of depression. His areas of expertise also include existentialism and the philosophy of religion.

Angelos has worked for a number of publications including Nouse, Secular Nation, Secular World, The Bubble, Uncommon Ground, Palatinate, and The Definite Article, and regularly publishes articles on philosophy, psychology, religion, politics, and other relevant areas of interest.

He is also the host of Premise Podcast, a podcast on philosophy.

He has also published two poetry collections in Greek, in which he deals with life, death, religion, love, and social issues.

Waleed Al-Husseini
Founder, Council of Ex-Muslims of France
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