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Philanthropic Gift from Grindstone Capital Secures Opening of First Family Shelter for Abused Fathers and Children


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Personal)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2020/02/04

TORONTO, ON — (February 4, 2020) Canada will open the first dedicated shelter for abused fathers and children thanks to a philanthropic gift from digital technology powerhouse Grindstone Capital. Grindstone’s contribution of $80,000, the largest gift from a corporate partner, brings the fundraising campaign to a successful conclusion by triggering a consortium of eleven additional donors and surpassing the goal of raising half a million dollars.

Grindstone Capital president Philip Keezer said: “Grindstone Capital is proud to support the Canadian Centre for Men and Families. Equal access to shelters such as this one is a small first step in a broader effort to achieve gender equality. Grindstone values knowledge and awareness, and by knowing the facts we can all create a better world.”

“Imagine you and your child live each day in fear of violence, but no one believes you,” said Canadian Centre for Men and Families Executive Director Justin Trottier, who is leading the initiative. “That is the situation for thousands of fathers every year.” Single father families are the fastest growing family form in Canada. Yet while the caregiving role of dads quickly expands, fathers who are suffering violence in the home still have no safe place designed for them and their children.

But now a global paradigm shift is underway. In March 2019, the UK government earmarked one million pounds to victim services for men and boys. In Canada, women’s shelters have started accepting boys and men, while senior staff from social service agencies across the country have joined an Advisory Board to support the current project.

The initiative shown by Grindstone Capital is opening new doors by catalyzing corporate sponsorships and philanthropic gifts which pushed the campaign over the finish line.

“We are so grateful to Grindstone for their courageous leadership in bringing corporate social responsibility to bear on a unique cause that will transform so many lives,” said Trottier. “We are excited to be working in partnership with Grindstone to pioneer a movement toward a gender-inclusive approach to domestic abuse that guarantees no family suffers in silence.”


Grindstone Capital

Justin Trottier
Executive Director
Canadian Centre for Men and Families

Grindstone Capital is an international holding company, based in Montreal, that supports entrepreneurs in achieving their online business dreams. From website creation and payment processing, to marketing and advertising, Grindstone’s portfolio companies work in synergy to remove all technical barriers faced by the modern business owner.

The Canadian Centre for Men and Families is a health and social service agency that responds to boys and men in crisis; reducing suicide among men at high-risk, strengthening the father-child relationship following separation or divorce; supporting men and children who are victims of family violence.


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