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International Conference to Explore the Intersection of Shared Parenting and Family Violence


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Personal)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2020/01/23

VANCOUVER, BC — (January 23, 2020) At Vancouver’s University of British Columbia, the International Council on Shared Parenting is hosting the 5th gathering of leading scholars, researchers and advocates to present new ideas and discuss issues of best practices on shared parenting. A first for this conference is a focus on the intersection of shared parenting and family violence. A recent article in Psychology Today by the event Co‐Chair Dr. Edward Kruk, outlines the conference.

The conference’s initial line up includes an eminent list of presenters with more speakers being added:

* Malin Bergström, Ph.D. of Sweden

* Denise Hines, Ph.D. of USA
* Emily Douglas, Ph.D. of USA and conference Co‐Chair

* Edward Kruk, Ph.D. of Canada and conference Co‐Chair
* William Fabricius, Ph.D. of USA

* Alexandra Lysova, Ph.D. of Canada
* Chantal Clot‐Grangeat, Ph.D. of France

* Alexander Masardo, Ph.D. of United Kingdom
* Michel Grangeat, Ph.D. of France

* Tonia Nicolls, Ph.D. of Canada
* Jennifer Harman, Ph.D. of USA

* Hildegund Sünderhauf, Ph.D. of Germany

Mark your calendar for May 29 ‐ June 1, 2020 for a unique opportunity to meet and engage the leading experts on the issues of shared parenting, domestic violence and best practices for both. What sets this conference apart is a variety of themes such as differentiating between high conflict and family violence, and implications for shared parenting arrangements; evaluating the impact of shared parenting in the prevention of family violence; developing guidelines for family violence education and training of divorce practitioners helping families develop parenting plans after separation; developing screening procedures for family violence; establishing safety and specialized procedures when family violence has been or has the potential to be an issue of concern; the logistics of a rebuttable legal presumption against shared parenting in situations of family violence; and developing alternatives to shared parenting in the context of family violence.

Registration begins in January of 2020. Sponsorship opportunities and media partnerships are welcome.

For more conference information visit:

For First Call for Papers visit:‐the‐conference/

Pre‐Registration is possible at:‐registration/


Edward Kruk

The International Council on Shared Parenting (ICSP) is an association founded in 2014 with members drawn from scientific, family professions and civil society sectors. The purpose of the association is first, the dissemination and advancement of scientific knowledge on the needs and rights (“best interests”) of children whose parents are living apart, and second, to formulate evidence‐based recommendations about the legal, judicial and practical implementation of shared parenting. Website:


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