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Paragraph 129(c)-(d) of the Beijing Platform for Action. Chapter IV. D. Violence Against Women


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): The Good Men Project

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2019/02/11

Strategic objective D.2.

Study the causes and consequences of violence against women and the effectiveness of preventive measures

Actions to be taken

129. By Governments, regional organizations, the United Nations, other international organizations, research institutions, women’s and youth organizations and non-governmental organizations, as appropriate:

c. Support and initiate research on the impact of violence, such as rape, on women and girl children, and make the resulting information and statistics available to the public;

d. Encourage the media to examine the impact of gender role stereotypes, including those perpetuated by commercial advertisements which foster gender-based violence and inequalities, and how they are transmitted during the life cycle, and take measures to eliminate these negative images with a view to promoting a violence-free society.

Beijing Declaration (1995)

This section follows from the former about the necessity of research and analysis to provide informed recommendations on dealing with violence against women. In particular, and here, the emphasis is the support and initiation of said research into violence against women.

Insofar as the international documents provide some form of indication as to the direction and widespread acceptance of the ethical principles, and the data on the prevalence and severity of the issues facing women, and girls for that matter, around the world, the next steps are to work towards the provision of this information and statistical set of information to the public.

These are necessary for any mass mobilization for political and social change. It is the same with combatting the excesses of various facets of societies. In this, the media, and in general the mass media, can be important assistance if informed and controlled, and guided, by the general public – not only in the will but in actuality.

The combatting of, for example, the various gender stereotypes that abound about women is one issue. But then, there is, also, the issue to do with the ways in which a variety of commercial agencies and industries are buying into these and – we – the public continue to bolster it unduly and burden future generations with these stereotypes, as prior generations did to us.

Those advertisements and marketing campaigns with the tacit endorsement of gender-based violence and inequality stereotypes. These give an implicit culture force to these. The import is to work to eliminate the negative images that come into the minds and eyes of the next generations, in order to create the desired “violence-free society” that so many of us desire.

But it won’t come from holy text; it won’t come from the heavens; the gods will not deliver us from ourselves; mighty Lady Justice will not reign in glory over us, to give us the glorified just and ideal society; our solutions to our problems will come from us if they come from anyone, as the evils of the past infect and perpetuate through, and because of, us. We can do better; however, first, we have to expect better of ourselves.

–(Updated 2018-11-10) One can find similar statements in other documents, conventions, declarations and so on, with the subsequent statements of equality or women’s rights:

–Human Rights
Wednesdays 7 pm EST / 4 pm PST
Call-In Details: (701) 801-1220
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Led by: Scott Douglas JacobsenTo the socio-political Right, a disclaimer; to the socio-political Left, a trigger warning: the subject matter may be disturbing or triggering for some listeners, speakers, or call members. The statistics on international violence against women is disproportionately more than violence against men. In turn, there is violence against women committed by women against women but more often by men against women. It is the statistical difference, which is the basis for the international emphasis on violence against women in multiple spheres rather than localized differences. Wednesday morning, we will speak on violence against women for one hour or so.


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