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Group Discussion on the Near, Middle, Far, and Indefinite Future, Second Reponses (Near and Middle Focused Comments) Session: Christian Sorenson (Part Four)


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2020/05/08


Christian Sorenson, Claus Volko, James Gordon, Rick Farrar, and Tor Jørgensen contributed to this opening session to a series of discussion group responses to questions followed by responses, and so on, between March and May of this year. Total participants observable in [1] with brief biographies. They discuss: more focused responses on the near and middle future. 

Keywords: Christian Sorenson.

Group Discussion on the Near, Middle, Far, and Indefinite Future, Second Reponses (Near and Middle Focused Comments) Session: Christian Sorenson (Part Four)[1],[2]*

*Please see the footnotes, bibliography, and citation style listing after the interview.*

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: To start, the first comments can be found here: The second comments/responses can be found here: The focused comments on the near and the middle future: This session focuses more directly on responses to the comments made about the near and the middle future in Part Three. Please review responses there if wishing to enter participant status as opposed to observer status, the commenters from the previous session included Claus Volko, James Gordon, Rick Farrar, and Tor Jørgensen. Some of the commentary from Part One and Part Two may have relevance here, and, therefore, can be reprised. Thank you for the continued observation or participation of this experimental, probably first of its kind, form of group discussion amongst members of the HRT world. 

Christian Sorenson: Are current worldwide events, and those that may be derived from these in the future, a manifest expression of what we could say is a “new way of conceiving the world order”?

Let’s make an “imaginary” cut in reality, in what could be considered as “here and now” to do a micro and macroscopic analysis of it. We find that despite, the globalized attempt of reactivation through the same “monolithic” strategy, the world now is almost completely paralyzed, both economically and psychologically because of this pandemic. Almost all the countries, implicitly recognizes that the greatest cost to them, is the economic one, and not that of human lives.  Therefore, it could be named, as the “final solution”, since with this optimal one, they arrive to the “cheapest” of all. On an explained manner, would be in concrete, to look for the highest as possible numbers of deaths and economic activation, without saturating their sanitary systems, in order to minimize the costs of the latter. That’s to say this would mean more or less to believe “that you should save yourself as long as you can” and that “the strongest individuals must be saved”. At the same time, and almost without exception, because they need to justify their epidemiological strategies, in order to confront the supposed exit from the pandemic, they “camouflage” both on a second stage, by doing “acrobatics” with the numbers of confirmed with known infected cases, and the numbers of deaths caused by the virus in contrast to those with indirect and unknown causes. The “theory” they support, surprises for lacking of sufficient scientific foundations. This is indeed coherent, if we regard at the available empirical data, and critical events are corroborated.  For example, such as whether or not, is there any probability of reinfection due to the high rate of mutations, and the reduced “immunogenic” capacity of the virus, and keeping of course in mind that these are also unknown. Or what is worse, if its considerate that till now, there’s no certainty, whether if it is possible to get cured or not of SARS-CoV-2. This last since, although it is an RNA virus, it seems anyhow that has a “retroviral” behaviour, in consequence, according to this, a “viral load” of zero wouldn’t be reached indefinitely in time.  The relevant of this, is that it’s not realistic to give any auspicious hope, for the search of supposed vaccines, since historically should happen something similar and analogous to HIV.

Now, if we deduce what is reachable to conclude from the interpretation of complex “mathematical models”, then these only would have confirmed what was previously said. This is how, if we observe the curves of most countries from the beginning of the pandemic, it’s observed that in their ascending phases they had a “smooth shape”. Nevertheless, when we see what happens to the “post-peak” phase, which for me is still questionable, because they denominated as “descending phase”, then the curve would have looked with a “jagged shape”.  From my point of view, the latter is the same that occurs if we try, in a swimming pool, to submerge an inflated, by forcing it to keep under the water. Inevitably what will happen when the presion is raised out, is that the float will rise to the surface. This is exactly what is going on everywhere, and will arrive with this virus. I feel that measures, are being taken by “trial and error”, which is identical to be paralyzed by panic provoked with unknown situations, which finally cannot be controlled, and that’s why we are used to be faced with “despair” measures in all senses.

Simultaneously, I consider that the “hegemonically powers” of politicians, economics and technology have radically changed, since these are no longer in the West block, with the United States at the helm. Henceforth, it is now on in the eastern block led by China, which not only has world hegemony with everything that involves, but that will surely be sustained along the coming decades, with the conquest and colonization even of Mars. China clearly has seized the hegemony of the United States, with an invisible and “sneaky” attack, and by “hiding its hand after throwing the stone”. For sure, has wounded the deepest in the “spirit”, with long breath, making the States to kneel down as a nation, and breaking its “feeling of self-worth”, like never before, not even with wars of Korea and Vietnam.

Regardless, of whether the United States lethargically now discovers “après quo”, the direct responsibility of China, it doesn’t matter, because at this very moment is a weakened country, that holds limited resources, and that will have to endure the “warlike exhibitionism”, after the pandemic, of China, North Korea and its allies. Probably the aforementioned, as a mechanism of “domination”, since the principal task is to consolidate their hegemony towards the future. In this way Trump’s country, is just becoming aware in this days of the fact that “there is no worse blow, than the one that is not seen”.

At this point, I would like to raise a subsidiary question linked to the main one. In what manner, could the “new order” be related to a “post-humanian” world? What I mean to say, is that in the medium-term future, technology as it’s known today, will possibly be able to create a sort of autonomous and self-sufficient organisms, equipped with some degree of intelligence, equal to or greater than human one. These prototypes, may initially serve men, but that with the passage of time may even come to enslave him. In this sense, what could arrive, if we conceive the world in a more inclusive and globalized way, at the same time that human beings are displaced, and therefore, lose their “cosmological role”, as hitherto essential parts for the functioning of the system? We would perhaps face now, according to a mathematical model, something like an “empty set”, but maybe in the future not.

On a basic and rudimentary scale, the above it’s thinkable, if we touch the case of China and the pandemic, and if this is extrapolated analogically to the future. This is how COVID-19, although evidently lacks of artificial intelligence, nevertheless has such a degree of autonomy, that their mentors are not capable to exercise control over it. Despite they have sequenced its genetic material, they are unable until today, to predict its behaviour. This in a strict sense, due to the fact that on the one hand, the “mutation” speed has far exceeded the search velocity towards a plausible treatment. And on the other side, its coding “variability”, even though, has been transformed into a combinatorial and “random” probability, which in mathematical language, would be equivalent to “null”. What proposes, doesn’t have any sense, because it’s an “absurd theoretical”. This “phenomenon” certainly will increase over time, which in turn, along with the underlying intentions and purposes for which these or more sophisticated organisms could be used, the survival of the human species and the world’s population increasingly, are going to be put at risk.

Projecting what the “new world order” points out, it is easy to recognize an “axis” though the direction of it is not yet clearly known. Evolution in simple terms, is generally thought of as a “linear progression,” nevertheless not necessarily has to occur in this way among different beings. A logical option, but not necessarily true, can follow a “left-handed” direction, or a “regressive and circular return”, able to lead towards a supposed origin situated “some posteriori” of inert matter. This latter meaning, would be consistent with a significant fraction of the prevailing world power, since it seems they seek to integrate the force of progression with nature itself.  That is, they search for achievements of great developments, regarding basically to human reason, and mainly through the appropriation of the “utopia of illustration”, which believe in the unlimited advance of science and technology. At the same time, they expect to return to the most “purist and free” state possible, in relation to the significance of “liberation” against all kinds of social conditioning, as J. Rousseau proposes it.

It is not for nothing, with respect to the aforementioned, that stark efforts are made, under the excuses of global warming, and massive migrations that would bring as consequence the collapse of most developed nations. Not only these are argued, but also the “warlike ambitions of power”, and the frantic search for reducing significantly the world’s population. Globalized “eugenic practices”, are implemented indiscriminately almost all over, and for this reason, the “black continent” is mainly used as “a backyard” to carry out these practices, and all other kinds of “Mengelian experimentations”.

The anguish that produces the fact of facing these types of globalized threats, that for a considerable amount of time won’t be controllables, nor predictables, transports us to the “worst disease” that is despair, which ultimately leaves everyone in “melancholy”, the last of the possible states, in what is the “symbolic death” of ourselves.

Appendix I: Footnotes

[1] Contributors for May 8, 2020 session: Christian Sorenson. Total participants (Contributors and Observers for May 8, 2020 session):

Christian Sorenson is a Philosopher that lives in Belgium. What identifies him the most and above all is simplicity, for everything its better with “vanilla flavour.” Nevertheless, his wife disagrees and doesn’t say exactly the same, for her he is “simply complex.” Perhaps his intellectual passion is for criticism and irony, in the sense of revealing what the error hides “under the disguised of truth”, and precisely for this reason maybe detests arrogance and the mixture of ignorance with knowledge. Generally never has felt confortable in traditional academic settings since he gets impatient and demotivated with slowness, and what he considers as limits or barriers to thought. In addition, especially in the field of Philosophy, and despite counting, besides a master degree in another study area, with a doctorate in Metaphysics and Epistemology in Italy, done in twenty-four months, while talking care at that time of her small daughter, starting from bachelor’s degree, learning self-taught Italian from scratch, and obtaining as final grade “summa cum laude” (9.8)… Feels that academic degrees and post-degrees are somewhat cartoonish labels because they usually feed vanity but impoverish the love for questioning and intellectual curiosity. For him “ignorance is always infinite and eternal” while “knowledge is finite and limited”. What he likes the most in his leisure time, is to go for a walk, to travel with his wife and “sybaritically enjoy” her marvellous cooking. IQ on the WAIS-R (Weschler Intelligence Scale), 185+ (S.D. 15); Test date: November, 2017. High IQ Societies: Triple Nine Society, World Genius Directory, and several others.

Claus Volko is an Austrian computer and medical scientist who has conducted research on the treatment of cancer and severe mental disorders by conversion of stress hormones into immunity hormones. This research gave birth to a new scientific paradigm which he called “symbiont conversion theory”: methods to convert cells exhibiting parasitic behavior to cells that act as symbionts. In 2013 Volko, obtained an IQ score of 172 on the Equally Normed Numerical Derivation Test. He is also the founder and president of Prudentia High IQ Society, a society for people with an IQ of 140 or higher, preferably academics.

Dionysios Maroudas was born in 1986. He lives in Athens. He has a passion for mathematics, photography, reading, and human behaviour. He is a member of the ISI-Society, Mensa, Grand IQ Society (Grand Member), and THIS (Distinguished Member)

Erik Haereid has been a member of Mensa since 2013, and is among the top scorers on several of the most credible IQ-tests in the unstandardized HRT-environment. He is listed in the World Genius Directory. He is also a member of several other high IQ Societies. Erik, born in 1963, grew up in OsloNorway, in a middle-class home at Grefsen nearby the forest, and started early running and cross country skiing. After finishing schools he studied mathematics, statistics and actuarial science at the University of Oslo. One of his first glimpses of math-skills appeared after he got a perfect score as the only student on a five hour math exam in high school.

HanKyung Lee is a Medical Doctor and the Founder of the United Sigma Intelligence Association, formerly United Sigma Korea. He lives and works in South Korea. He earned an M.D. at Eulji University. He won the Culture Fair Numerical and Spatial Examination-CFNSE international competition conducted by Etienne Forsstrom. Also, he scored highly on the C-09 of Experimental Psychologist. He did achieve a 5-sigma score on a spatial intelligence test created by Dr. Jonathan Wai. He is a member of OLYMPIQ Society.

Kirk Kirkpatrick earned a score at 185, near the top of the World Genius Directory, on a mainstream IQ test, the Stanford-Binet.

James Gordon is an independent/freelancer from the USA. He first entered into OATH Society, while completing his MFA in Creative Writing at Adelphi University, New York in 2010. Since then, he has taken over 100 high range tests, and is among the top scorers on numerous tests. He has also co-authored two exams (with Michael Lunardini and Enrico Pretini); he and Lunardini have another in production. He has worked in education and mental health. His struggle, through and beyond his own mental illness and substance use disorder, has led to a unique and earnest outlook on life. He strives to bring the wisdom gained from his experiences into the picture to enrich others’ lives. His hobbies include skiing, lifting weights, video games, and films. He is also a skilled amateur writer, and virtuoso pianist/guitarist. He lives in Seattle, WA with his wife, and plans to soon start a family.

Laurent Dubois is an Independent IQ test creator. On his website, he, about the 916 test, states the potential submission qualification for a large number of high-IQ societies, “WAHIP, the High IQ Society for the disabled, the Altacapacidadhispana, the SIGMA, the SMARTS, the The Mind Society, the Top One Percent Society, the Elateneos, the EXISTENTIA, the Artifex Mens Congregatio, the Neurocubo, the GLIA, the Milenija, the ISI-S, the Introspective High IQ Society, the Camp Archimedes, the PLATINUM and the PARS Societies, and potentially for several other societies (Cerebrals, Glia, Poetic Genius, Pi, Mega…).” That is, he constructs tests respected by many.

Marco Ripà is an extremely skilled problem solver working as a freelance content creator and a personal branding consultant in Rome; his homonym YouTube channel (160k subscribers) is focused on logics, mathematics and creative thinking. He initially studied physics but he gained a first class degree in economics. Author of books plus several peer-reviewed papers in mathematics (graph theory, congruences, combinatorics, primality problems) and experimental psychology (articles published in Notes on Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics, International Journal of Mathematical Archive, Rudi Mathematici, Magazine, Educational Research, IQNexus Magazine and the WIN ONE), he is the father of 70+ integer sequences listed in the OEIS.

Matthew Scillitani, member of the Glia SocietyGiga SocietyESOTERIQ SocietyThe Core, and the Hall of Sophia, is a web developer and SEO specialist living in North Carolina. He is of Italian and British lineage, and is predominantly English-speaking. He earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology at East Carolina University, with a focus on neurobiology and a minor in business marketing. He’s previously worked as a research psychologist, data analyst, and writer, publishing over three hundred papers on topics such as nutrition, fitness, psychology, neuroscience, free will, and Greek history. You may contact him via e-mail at

Mislav Predavec is a Mathematics Professor in Croatia. Since 2009, he has taught at  the Schola Medica Zagrabiensis in Zagreb, Croatia. He is listed on the World Genius Director with an IQ of 192 (S.D. 15). Also, he runs the trading company Preminis. He considers profoundly high-IQ tests a favourite hobby.

Richard Sheen is a young independent artist, philosopher, photographer and theologian based in New Zealand. He has studied at Tsinghua University of China and The University of Auckland in New Zealand, and holds degrees in Philosophy and Theological Studies. Originally raised atheist but later came to Christianity, Richard is dedicated to the efforts of human rights and equality, nature conservation, mental health, and to bridge the gap of understanding between the secular and the religious. Richard’s research efforts primarily focus on the epistemic and doxastic frameworks of theism and atheism, the foundations of rational theism and reasonable faith in God, the moral and practical implications of these frameworks of understanding, and the rebuttal of biased and irrational understandings and worship of God. He seeks to reconcile the apparent conflict between science and religion, and to find solutions to problems facing our environmental, societal and existential circumstances as human beings with love and integrity. Richard is also a proponent for healthy, sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles, and was a frequent participant in competitive sports, fitness training, and strategy gaming. Richard holds publications and awards from Mensa New Zealand and The University of Auckland.

Rick Farrar holds a Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Arkansas with additional work performed toward a Master’s degree in environmental engineering. He currently works with environmental compliance and reporting for a small oil refinery in Alaska. Rick’s outside interests include language learning (currently immersed in Greek) , traveling, music/singing, and traditional do-it-yourself type skills. His most recent IQ test activity was with the PatNum test, 18/18, 172 S.D. 15, by James Dorsey.

Rick G. Rosner, according to some semi-reputable sources gathered in a listing here, may have among America’s, North America’s, and the world’s highest measured IQs at or above 190 (S.D. 15)/196 (S.D. 16) based on several high range test performances created by Christopher HardingJason BettsPaul Cooijmans, and Ronald Hoeflin. He earned 12 years of college credit in less than a year and graduated with the equivalent of 8 majors. He has received 8 Writers Guild Awards and Emmy nominations, and was titled 2013 North American Genius of the Year by The World Genius Directory with the main “Genius” listing here.

Sandra Schlick has the expertise and interest in Managing Mathematics, Statistics, and Methodology for Business Engineers while having a focus on online training. She supervises M.Sc. theses in Business Information and D.B.A. theses in Business Management. Managing Mathematics, Statistics, Methodology for Business Engineers with a focus on online training. Her areas of competence can be seen in the “Competency Map.” That is to say, her areas of expertise and experience mapped in a visualization presentation. Schlick’s affiliations are the Fernfachhochschule Schweiz: University of Applied Sciences, the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, the Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences, and AKAD.

Tiberiu Sammak is a 24-year-old guy who currently lives in Bucharest. He spent most of his childhood and teenage years surfing the Internet (mostly searching things of interest) and playing video games. One of his hobbies used to be the construction of paper airplanes, spending a couple of years designing and trying to perfect different types of paper aircrafts. Academically, he never really excelled at anything. In fact, his high school record was rather poor. Some of his current interests include cosmology, medicine and cryonics. His highest score on an experimental high-range I.Q. test is 187 S.D. 15, achieved on Paul Cooijmans’ Reason – Revision 2008.

Tim Roberts is the Founder/Administrator of Unsolved Problems. He scored 45/48 on the legendary Titan Test.

Tom Chittenden is an Omega Society Fellow. Also, he is the Chief Data Science Officer/Founding Director at Advanced Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory and WuXi NextCODE Genomics.

Tonny Sellén scored 172 (S.D. 15) of the GENE Verbal III. He is a Member of the World Genius Directory.

Tor Arne Jørgensen is a member of 50+ high IQ societies, including World Genius Directory, NOUS High IQ Society, 6N High IQ Society just to name a few. He has several IQ scores above 160+ sd15 among high range tests like Gift/Gene Verbal, Gift/Gene Numerical of Iakovos Koukas and Lexiq of Soulios. His further interests are related to intelligence, creativity, education developing regarding gifted students, and his love for history in general, mainly around the time period of the 19th century to the 20th century. Tor Arne works as a teacher at high school level with subjects as; History, Religion, and Social Studies.

[2] Individual Publication Date: May 8, 2020:; Full Issue Publication Date: September 1, 2020:

*High range testing (HRT) should be taken with honest skepticism grounded in the limited empirical development of the field at present, even in spite of honest and sincere efforts. If a higher general intelligence score, then the greater the variability in, and margin of error in, the general intelligence scores because of the greater rarity in the population.


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