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Attack Ads Continue Against Gayle Jordan


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Atheist Republic (News)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): n.d.

A short update on the situation with the Tennessee Republicans: they are continuing apace on their smear campaign against the atheist Democratic contender, Gayle Jordan.

Jordan is running for the State Senate. The previous Republican who held the position did not take a position on the current Republican Trump Administration in the United States.

The district that Jordan is running in is a highly red state and Republicans running for the positions will likely win, but she is persisting nonetheless.

The Tennessee Republicans are using one major angle in order to smear and attack the repute of Jordan based on her non-belief in god or Gods: affirmation of the Judeo-Christian God in particular, which may be the assumption in the ad campaigns speaking about how Jordan is an atheist.

Associated with these attack ads are claims about her being too liberal, pro-choice, and pro-universal healthcare. These are not considered good things to the good Tennesseans.

There have been claims that she is out of touch with the values of Tennessee, which may translate as not Christian and conservative based on the ads from Tennessee. The aim of the Republican attack ads is to equate atheism with anti-theism, as astutely distinguished and pointed out by Hement Mehta.

Mehta notes that the idea is “since Jordan is an atheist, then she must be against theism,” where the assertion of no gods becomes something of an affront and deliberate being against that which she does not believe in but the Tennesseans at large, according to the Republican attack ads, believe in.


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