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Just About Over the Top for Humanism: New Fundraising Call from the Mothership


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Humanist Voices)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2018/11/30

The mothership or the International Humanist and Ethical Union, now Humanists International (as we are Young Humanists International as well, formerly International Humanist and Ethical Youth Organisation), has made a call for fundraising:

Our wonderful Chief Executive, Gary McLelland, spoke on how close to the goal of the GoFundMe the community is now. Some of the promotional facts derived from research and publications by the mothership.

There are 12 nations in the world with apostasy laws or the punishment of speaking in an offensive way to sets of ideas; obviously, this becomes linked to the self-appointed commanders of the ideas.

These laws, though, can, unfortunately, be non-physical political bludgeons to prevent humanists fighting for their values and, in fact, international community ethics found in human rights for the privilege of a particular religion.

There continue to be attacks on the freethinkers and humanists of the world. Countries mentioned are Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, and Malaysia, and some others. Of course, this happens elsewhere, and, likely, quietly in even more socially developed societies.

The promotion of non-theisms becomes a crime rather than a point of debate. The use of political, legal, and physical force to — ahem — enforce a worldview remains one major crime against the non-religious of the world.

As stated in the GoFundMe, “And in yet other countries including Poland, Moldova, Turkey, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia and the United States, populist movements and demagogic leaders have coupled with authoritarian religious movements, creating a toxic atmosphere for democracy, threatening secularism and non-religious rights.’

The International Humanist and Ethical Union (or Humanists International) can be a bulwark against the superstition, bigotry, rejection of human rights, xenophobia, and hatred cooked up, inculcated, and encouraged by fundamentalist religions around the world.

“We advise and directly support individual humanists at verified risk, from countries where prosecution or violence threaten their fundamental human rights,” Humanists International explained, “We advocate human rights, and highlight cases where humanists have been persecuted or prosecuted, at the United Nations Human Rights Council and other international forums.’

The fight for the cataloging of violations of the human rights of atheists pushes the dial of the international community more towards the proper recognition, affirmation of personhood and rights, and equality of the non-religious in the world.

Now, we have the annual IHEU Freedom of Thought Report and other works to establish the levels at which the violation of the rights of the non-religious community exist in the world.

It is within these works, accomplishments, and fights for rights that we encourage pushing the fundraising above the current goal for the furtherance of the charitable human rights, humanitarian, and humanistic work of Humanists International.


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