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This Week in Indigenous Rights 2018–09–30


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Humanist Voices)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2018/09/30

26 September 2018 — Joan Carling, one of the most prominent fighters for environmental and indigenous rights in the Philippines, has been recognized for her work with a Champions of the Earth Award for lifetime achievement, the UN’s highest environmental distinction.

For more than 20 years, Carling has been at the forefront of the conflict for land and the environment, fighting for communities worldwide locked in deadly struggles against governments, companies and criminal gangs exploiting land for products like timber, minerals and palm oil, often bringing her into conflict with businesses and the Philippine government.

In her youth, Carling was inspired by the struggle against the construction of hydropower dams along the Chico River. If developed, these dams would have affected 16 towns and villages and displaced 100,000 tribal peoples, tearing apart their livelihoods and social fabric. Over the years, she has seen first-hand the environmental devastation caused by large dams and gold mining, and stood up against these projects.”


“ANDUNG, Indonesia (Thomson Reuters Foundation) — Indonesian officials touted a new agrarian reform law as a major step forward in an ambitious land distribution program, but activists warned on Wednesday that the plan will fail without legally recognizing the territorial rights of indigenous people.

President Joko Widodo this week signed a decree on agrarian reform, which seeks to issue titles to the landless and raise farm incomes. The government aims to register all land in the country by 2025.

“The president has clearly stated that redistribution of land to peasants and indigenous people is a priority,” said Moeldoko, chief of staff to Widodo.”


“A veteran NDP MP used the most unparliamentary language to blast the Liberal government’s push to complete the Trans Mountain expansion project despite concerns from many Indigenous groups.

“Why doesn’t the prime minister just say the truth and tell Indigenous Peoples that he doesn’t give a fuck about their rights?” Romeo Saganash asked in question period Tuesday, stunning the House of Commons.

Though some NDP MPs applauded, House Speaker Geoff Regan immediately called on Saganash to apologize.”



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