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This Week in Children’s Rights 2018–08–26


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Humanist Voices)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2018/08/26

“The Taskforce recently took note of a video showing a mother who was abusing her children that began circulating on social media.

“While it is not the first time that videos of such nature are being shared on social media, nor are they always filmed locally, it must be reminded that acts of violence against children are not tolerated under the International Convention for Children’s Rights, to which the Kingdom of the Netherlands and by extension its constituents are signatories,” it was stated in a press release on Wednesday.

The Taskforce urges the public to refrain from sharing such footage when received, as it negatively exposes the identity of victims, ultimately hampering their recovery process. It also encourages the public to familiarise itself with the articles of the convention, to recognise abuse immediately as it becomes apparent. The public is also advised to verify the country from where the videos originate, and if it is determined to be local, to notify the competent authorities immediately.”


“Children’s rights group Save the Children Philippines has spoken out about the short film “Virgin Marie” saying it is not in the best interests of children and it does not help protect children from sexual abuse.

“Showing a film that raises doubts about children’s experiences of sexual abuse, and about the intentions of people who are supposed to be helping them seek justice is not in the best interest of children, and does absolutely nothing to help protect children nor improve how our society treats them,” the group said in a statement.

It also called for Filipinos to use their talents and voices to support the much-needed advocacy instead of besmirching it.”


“ One of the most distressing issues today is the predicament of children who end up detained in immigration centres, which often leads to psychological harm. Regrettably, immigration laws in many countries…

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“C hild’s play: “An easy task,” sniff the dictionaries. “Something that is insignificant.” Such definitions are not only wrong — they are a danger. However messy and mucky and mysterious to the hovering adult, play is vital to the child. Yet most of the UK gives it no priority: councils shut hundreds of playgrounds, year after year; property developers throw up expensive boxes with as little green space as they can possibly get away with; and schools squeeze playtime to cram in more lessons. Who cares? It’s only child’s play! Under such a regime, play is treated as a luxury good, and we know what happens to luxuries: they become unaffordable to those without money.”



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