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Andrew Copson on New British Social Attitudes Survey


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Humanist Voices)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2018/09/07

One of the important figures of the non-religious community in the United Kingdom, Andrew Copson — Chief Executive of Humanists UK, talked about one of the most important British surveys, which is the British Social Attitudes Survey.

A recent, updated accounting of the attitudes of the British has been released to provide some information as to the views on a variety of social issues and topics of the British public.

Regarding the more important part of the survey and message from Copson, there remains a continual uptick in the number of individual British young adults who do not identify with the Church of England.

This reflects a decline in Christianity in a number of advanced industrial economies or countries. Copson reported that only 2% of young adults belong to the Church of England.

This is a “historic low.” He also is quick to identify an asymmetry in the proportion of the young adult population with this identification and then the representation of Christianity in a number of other areas of the nation.

He notes that one-third of the state schools are run by the Church and then Christian worship is an enforcement in every single state school. In political life, it is reflected there too. There are 26 bishops in the House of Lords.

Dr. Stephen Law, the famous philosopher, skeptic, and secular humanist, has stated this in the past as well. There is a non-religious majority now. However, they face a number of discriminations through such examples as those given. It seems imperative to work on the reduction and eventual elimination of them in due time, sooner rather than later.

Humanists UK and others, individuals and organizations, are working on the creation of a society more representative of the modern constituencies of the population — more secular, more non-religious, and more skeptical of religious institutions as the drivers of national life.

These are only some of the challenges which the non-religious majority face. We’re determined to tear down barriers and ensure equality in all walks of life.


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