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Edgardo Reguyal Cayetano -Member, Humanist Alliance Philippines, International


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Humanist Voices)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2018/07/04

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: How did you become involved in the humanist community in the Philippines?

Edgardo Reguyal Cayetano: To kill my curiosity, I searched for atheist groups in the Philippines and I come across a few including PATAS, ARMMC, I can’t remember exactly how I become a member of HAPI. But one thing I’m sure is when i saw Jamie’s post about her charity projects, i become interested and feel the urge to chip in a little bit to help out.

Jacobsen: How much does religion, such as the Roman Catholic faith, influence political life in the Philippines?

Cayetano: Religion and Politics are 2 legs chasing each other in the Philippines. It is either the politicians using religion or religion using politicians

I mean, religious institutions

Jacobsen: What do you consider the strongest are you meant for reason and against things like superstition or magical thinking? Why do so many Filipinos find magical thinking convincing? In fact, in a more humorous note, why does most of the world?

Cayetano: In the world of make believe, nothing is impossible. If you have nothing, you can only dream. That is magic! Poverty is one reason why people tend to believe in magic, wishing there’s a quick and easy way out. Ignorance is another, the lack of education and understanding makes people vulnerable.

Jacobsen: What kind of work do you do with the humanist community within the Philippines?

Cayetano: Physically I’m not involved in any work with HAPI i can only send support due to my busy work loads.

Jacobsen: What kind of charity events have you done in the Philippines before being formally a part of the humanist community in the Philippines?

Cayetano: I have been involved in person with charity events like feeding programs and relief good distribution in some areas of the Philippines.

Jacobsen: What is the organization The Good Fortune?

Cayetano: The Good Fortune was formed and organized here in Australia by myself and a friend. Its main purpose is to help out poor street kids in Manila doing feeding programs. It all started when my friend was touched with sadness looking at the kids begging for food. He then contacted me and a few more friends to help out. We come up with the feeding idea and we did it several times until we decided we need to continue and keep helping as much as possible when we can.

Jacobsen: What are your hopes for you the humanist movement in the Philippines? What can be an effective means for the young and the old to get together and rapidly change the Filipino culture for more secularism and set example for other countries throughout the world?

Cayetano: My wish is to see the rest of the word living a free life without fear being persecuted for something they haven’t done. Eradicate religion as much as possible and replace it with a much more effective human government concentrating on equality and safety of everyone.

Jacobsen: Thank you for the opportunity and your time, Edgardo.


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