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Christian Author Argues Christians Should Keep Quiet About Church Abuse


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Humanist Voices)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2018/06/09

The Friendly Atheist talked about the recent #ChurchToo movement building on the #MeToo movement. It is riding the proverbial coat tails of it. Many men “gain from defending toxic churches and preachers.”

However, some argue women and, of course, others should keep quiet about the abuse happening in churches. One woman who thinks so is Lisa Bevere. She is a best-selling author of Christian-oriented books.

Lisa Bevere is married to John Bevere Her position, as summarized by Friendly Atheist is “stop talking about your sexual abuse. It makes the church look bad.”

Lisa Bevere quoted The Godfather and said, “You never go against the family.”

Bever continued, “When we attack the church on social media, we are taking our mess-ups to a mob. Jesus already promised that the world is going to hate us. This does nothing but confuse the issue.”

The article argues that the exposing of abuse in the church does not amount to attacking the church. That churches working to hide the abuse of its staff in order to protect their reputation deserve exposing.

One reason may be to protect those going to that church or who may think of going to that church.

“Second, Jesus told his followers to expect to be hated in a time when being a Christian — that is, worshiping something or someone other than the Roman emperor — was punishable by death,” the Friendly Atheist explained.

Bevere wrote a post on Facebook to explain the importance of abuse victims going to the police. However, she considers the airing of dirty laundry a bad thing for the church.

The article concluded, “I can’t think of a single church that’s been affected by the #ChurchToo movement — that’s been exposed for harboring an abusive leader — that shouldn’t have been. They all deserved the reckoning. For once, churches should embrace more transparency. It’s better for everyone.”


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