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Freedom and Hiba Tawaji’s “Min Elli Byekhtar”


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Personal)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2018/10/28

Hiba Tawaji is a Lebanese artist and singer. In a recent song entitled “Min Elli Byekhtar,”she sung about the freedom from both the removal of the ban on women driving in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the removal of the veil.

Within the video, Tawaji sings on the freedom to drive. In the music video, she is driving in a tunnel. While about to exit the tunnel, one can notice a hijab on her. The symbolism and reality in one with the inability to drive and forced veiling coming to the ability to drive and removal of the veil.

But the great piece of artistry and symbolism, which Yasmine Mohammed exclaimed about, was as, in song video, Tawaji removed the veil, entered the end of the tunnel and exited into a bright and sunny day. It becomes less literal as a song about the ability to drive and the removal of the veil inasmuch as the symbolism of general freedom through living without a veil and driving on one’s own, as an adult.

Some of the translations, though potentially wrong, from Arabic to English speak about the realization of not being the same old girl. That is, someone who found a new freedom in the ability to travel in a way unknown as generations before her.

Other lyrics talk about the cage of iron and the impossibility of caging a bird in a prison of iron. Of course, she is the bird, removed the veil, left the tunnel vision, drove away, and off into a sunset of freedom as she grew her wings of independence — and so, with her then, the same for others in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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