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Two Sons Want Mother Dead for Leaving Islam


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Personal)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2018/10/28

According to the 9News, one mother from Australia felt like an “animal” and a “slave” when practicing the tenets and following the beliefs of Islam.

She wants to inspire other women Muslims to empower themselves and be free from the religion. The woman, Nadia, and her oldest daughter, Allawea, are hiding because their own family turned against them for the denouncing of the religion of Islam.

Nadia said, “It is in an honour for them to kill somebody whose turned away from Islam, and their own mother has turned away from Islam so I mean nothing to them… They were screaming we’re going to kill you, we need you dead.”

In October of 2017, the two oldest sons were the ones screaming at her. They began to beat up Nadia’s new husband. Then the two brothers fled the scene of the crime when the police were arriving. The police officers found several rifles in the possession of the two young men.

The weapons’ charges were made; however, the brothers’ location is not known at this time. Now, the mother and eldest daughter live in hiding inside of a safe house. Originally, the woman met the man while in her teens. She fell in love and then converted to Islam.

She continued, “I watched my children giving me their seconds off their plate… and that was okay because I was western and white, and not Muslim.”

The reason for denouncing the faith came from the anti-Western sentiment found within the family in addition to the ex-husband being found to have slept with many other women, which became the basis for the incident in October.

The article concluded, where Nadia stated, “Maybe after today, there will be some women who will say ‘hey I am human, I’m not an animal’ and maybe they will get the chance to be free.”


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