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Publisher: In-Sight Publishing

Publisher Founding: November 1, 2014

Web Domain: 

Location: Fort Langley, Township of Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Journal: In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal

Journal Founding: August 2, 2012

Frequency: Three (3) Times Per Year

Review Status: Non-Peer-Reviewed

Access: Electronic/Digital & Open Access

Fees: None (Free)

Volume Numbering: 11

Issue Numbering: 1

Section: B

Theme Type: Idea

Theme Premise: “Outliers and Outsiders”

Theme Part: 26

Formal Sub-Theme: None.

Individual Publication Date: November 15, 2022

Issue Publication Date: January 1, 2023

Author(s): Richard May/May-Tzu

Author(s) Bio: Richard May (“May-Tzu”/“MayTzu”/“Mayzi”) is a Member of the Mega Society based on a qualifying score on the Mega Test (before 1995) prior to the compromise of the Mega Test and Co-Editor of Noesis: The Journal of the Mega Society. In self-description, May states: “Not even forgotten in the cosmic microwave background (CMB), I’m an Amish yuppie, born near the rarified regions of Laputa, then and often, above suburban Boston. I’ve done occasional consulting and frequent Sisyphean shlepping. Kafka and Munch have been my therapists and allies. Occasionally I’ve strived to descend from the mists to attain the mythic orientation known as having one’s feet upon the Earth. An ailurophile and a cerebrotonic ectomorph, I write for beings which do not, and never will, exist — writings for no one. I’ve been awarded an M.A. degree, mirabile dictu, in the humanities/philosophy, and U.S. patent for a board game of possible interest to extraterrestrials. I’m a member of the Mega Society, the Omega Society and formerly of Mensa. I’m the founder of the Exa Society, the transfinite Aleph-3 Society and of the renowned Laputans Manqué. I’m a biographee in Who’s Who in the Brane World. My interests include the realization of the idea of humans as incomplete beings with the capacity to complete their own evolution by effecting a change in their being and consciousness. In a moment of presence to myself in inner silence, when I see Richard May’s non-being, ‘I’ am. You can meet me if you go to an empty room.” Some other resources include Stains Upon the Silence: something for no oneMcGinnis Genealogy of Crown Point, New York: Hiram Porter McGinnisSwines ListSolipsist SoliloquiesBoard GameLulu blogMemoir of a Non-Irish Non-Jew, and May-Tzu’s posterous.

Word Count: 317

Image Credit: Richard May.

International Standard Serial Number (ISSN): 2369-6885

*Please see the footnotes, bibliography, and citations, after the publication.*


The short poem expresses a path from the reality of the world in mathematical logic into metaphors of monkeys with vultures as guardians iterating infinitely into an “Absolute”. A piece looking at the presence of oneself and one’s shadow to one’s self, and to one’s shadow in fact. An indicative poetic expressiveness of the recursive nature of much of the poetry of May.

Keywords: chimera, hierarchy, mathematical logic, May-Tzu, monkey, reality, Richard May, shadow, unknowing, vultures.


Reality, a symphony crystallized into mathematical logic and then distilled into a cloud of souls silently passing over world after world. Each monkey below has a guardian vulture circling above his head.

Each vulture looking down also has a vulture above him looking down upon him with glee in an infinite regress. Of course, the hierarchy of vultures ascends all the way to the Absolute. But …

Who mutters in the darkness? Whom do you address in the fading light? Do I exist? Do you not address at most a chimera; a fastly fading ephemeral illusion of the dust of dreams and dreams of dust, as before a mirror?

Two old cousins sitting on benches thousands of miles apart, mumbling incoherently in the night before their dissolutions, like puffs of smoke; talking to themselves with their last breaths, … about what?

Someone, a relative I think, once told me my name or alleged name, long ago. I never had the presence of mind though to ask for my autograph, as proof of my celebrity. Often I can recall it, but why this was my name is not clear to me.

Sometimes apparently I’m in the same world with myself for a few moments, maybe even in the same room. Occasionally I have even been aware of my presence nearby, as if casting a shadow.

But it was not clear to me why this was my shadow or if I was really its shadow or both were shadows of something else.  Then I’d quickly forget this invasion of my privacy, returning to my usual dreams.

Once I may have momentarily seen some fleeting manifestation of myself in a mirror or a dream, nameless, but not yet invisible; Leaving no shadow and having none to leave. …

A cloud of souls silently passing over world after world. Each monkey below has a guardian vulture circling above his head.







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