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Dr. Henry Morgentaler Memorial Scholarship


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Canadian Atheist

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2019/03/29

The Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics (OCAC) and Humanist Canada have established a partnership through the Dr. Henry Morgentaler Memorial Scholarship. The intent of the scholarship is to provide physicians help in the acquisition of the skills necessary to perform abortions.

Dr. Morgentaler (1923-1913) was a humanist physician, a pro-choice advocate, and the first president (1968 to 1999) of the Humanist Association of Canada (Humanist Canada).

His legacy in Canadian society is the provision of safe abortion services – seen as a fundamental human right, as stated by, for example, Human Rights Watch, Supreme Court of Canada-level legal challenges, the decriminalization of abortion in the country, and the courage in civil disobedience to risk jail-time.

Also, Morgentaler trained several physicians at his clinics. In honour of the legacy and efforts for the progress for or furtherance of reproductive rights in Canada, the Dr. Henry Morgentaler Memorial Scholarship will continue the work of Morgentaler for the next generations of abortion providers and services.

“This scholarship recognizes Dr. Morgentaler for his work and sacrifice in the fight for a woman’s right to access safe, fully funded abortions on request,” said Rosemary Warren, a member of the OCAC. “In keeping with Dr. Morgentaler’s great interest in training, these funds will assist physicians to become abortion providers and help ensure Canadian women’s right to choose.”

The scholarship will be offered at $1,000 (CAD) on an intermittent basis for physicians who will intend to become abortion services providers. These will be used for a training-to-competency within the techniques and skills necessary to offer the abortion services within Canada.

“Humanist Canada is excited to collaborate on this important scholarship with the Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics to continue to protect women’s reproductive rights in Canada as well as advance the humanist and human rights values Dr. Henry Morgentaler stood for, and stands as a testament to, in the national narrative of Canadian society,” Scott Jacobsen, a Board Member of Humanist Canada, stated.

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