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Short Reflections on Age and Youth


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Personal)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2020/04/28

“The two previous productions by Dr. Silverman and I were Short Reflections on Secularism (2019) and Short Reflections on American Secularism’s History and Philosophy (2020). The third production began on January 1, 2020 and completed and April 1, 2020. The focus for this particular series of conversations was the nature of the phrase, “If youth knew, if age could,” and, in fact, remained the title of the series throughout the publication. The origin of the phrase is Sigmund Freud, which comes with a semi-colon in place of a comma. Nonetheless, this reflects the nature of the partition between the things one can do and the things one can know, and the things one can’t do and the things one can’t know, depending on the time in life for the person. The intended audience for this publication is the youth Humanism crowd. The main publication devoted to this community is Humanist Voices within relevant networks for me. This became the basis for the inclusion of this series in Humanist Voices. As per usual, the subject matter ranged a significant amount with a thematic exploration of the things of one can know with more age and can’t do with more age, or things one can’t know with less age and can do with less age. Mother Nature and Father Time are significantly in charge of the human condition and the impacts of both on human nature and human dissolution cannot be ignored. While with this reflection, at the same time, the deep, generative ties between generations over long periods of time can lessen the truth of the statement as an isolation of the young and the old, and being together a respect for the knowledge and experience of the old who became wise and the young with the foresight to listen and the conscientiousness to carry out the knowledge and experience to fruition.

Foreword by Scott Douglas Jacobsen
aIf Youth Knew, If Age Could 1 — Freethought for the 21st Century
bIf Youth Knew, If Age Could 2 — Freethought for a Multipolar World
cIf Youth Knew, If Age Could 3 — Coming of Age in an Ever, Ever-Irrational World
dIf Youth Knew, If Age Could 4 — Bridges are the Rainbows
eIf Youth Knew, If Age Could 5 — We Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere, No-Time Soon: Supernaturalistic Traditions and Naturalistic Philosophies in the Future
fIf Youth Knew, If Age Could 6 — Age is Numbers, Youth is Attitude
gIf Youth Knew, If Age Could 7 — The Nature of Nature in the Nature of Time
hIf Youth Knew, If Age Could 8 — Serendipity, Luck, and Love
iIf Youth Knew, If Age Could 9 — Guidance Without Expectation of Reward: or, Thus Saith the Landlord
jIf Youth Knew, If Age Could 10 — Nature’s on a Roll, or a Rigamarole, or Somethin’: Plural Processes, Dynamic Dynamos, and Good Enough
kIf Youth Knew, If Age Could 11 — Morrow’s Fantasia: My Tomorrow’s ‘Tomorrow’
lIf Youth Knew, If Age Could 12 — By ‘Soul,’ We Mean Psyche: The Complete Human Being
mIf Youth Knew, If Age Could 13 — Sifting Sense and Nonsense: B.S. Detector, the Baloney Detection Kit
nIf Youth Knew, If Age Could 14 — A Rational Life Includes Non-Rational Parts
oIf Youth Knew, If Age Could 15 — All Things Bright and Wonderful, and Unknown: What Do We Know, Really?
pIf Youth Knew, If Age Could 16 — Take Some Time: Virtues and Virtuous Habits
qIf Youth Knew, If Age Could 17 — Family: The United Nations and Conservatism
rIf Youth Knew, If Age Could 18 — Plato’s Demon and Platonic Friends: or, A Mathematician Who Can Reason and Friends With (Other) Benefits
sIf Youth Knew, If Age Could 19 — Archimedean Pivot: To Take a Stand and to Move the Earth
tIf Youth Knew, If Age Could 20 — Newton’s Sight Came From the Hind: A Send-Off
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