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Conversation with Fengzhi Wu (邬冯值) on Tokyo, MIT, Technology, INTJ, God, and Iron Man: Founder & President, God’s Power (1)









Interviewer: Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Numbering: Issue 30.A, Idea: Outliers & Outsiders (25)

Place of Publication: Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Title: In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal

Web Domain:

Individual Publication Date: June 15, 2022

Issue Publication Date: September 1, 2022

Name of Publisher: In-Sight Publishing

Frequency: Three Times Per Year

Words: 2,755

ISSN 2369-6885


Fengzhi Wu (邬冯值) is the Founder & President of God’s Power Society & The Chosen One High IQ Society and the author of the Mystery Intelligence Test. He discusses: Ph.D. at MIT; doctoral research question; the findings in the doctoral research; be like “Iron Man”; astrology, horoscopes; a “Meteor Hunter” and “IMCA #3268”; BB and ‘Crackberry’; patents; white-hat hacking; Karate; a genius; “smart is the New Sexy”; high-I.Q. societies; Tokyo; move to Japan; studying and researching at MIT; Japanese academics; the Chinese educational system, the American educational system, and the Japanese educational system; amplify the signal of the electrons; technological advancement use; an image showing full visual bandwidth to the user; God; the word of God; INTJ; Iron Man; Nikola Tesla, Howard Hughes, or Elon Musk; the next invention; and the vector of alteration.

Keywords: educational system, electrons, Fengzhi Wu, God’s Power, intelligence, INTJ, night vision, Tokyo.

Conversation with Fengzhi Wu (邬冯值) on Tokyo, MIT, Technology, INTJ, God, and Iron Man: Founder & President, God’s Power (1)

*Please see the references, footnotes, and citations, after the interview, respectively.*

*Updated June 16, 2022: “Dr.” removed as the Ph.D. is incomplete, according to Wu.*

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Why pursue a Ph.D. at MIT over other institutions?

Fengzhi Wu (邬冯值)[1],[2]*If I hadn’t been accepted to MIT, I would have pursued my Ph.D. at the University of Tokyo (Just kidding) because I knew I would be offered. As the interviewer said, I deserve it. But yes, I admire the rigor of Japanese academics, so I came to Japan as my initial study abroad choice. I learned a lot in Japan, but I wanted to explore other areas of the world outside of Asia.

Jacobsen: What was the doctoral research question or research questions for you?

Wu: The traditional micro-light night vision device uses the image intensifier to convert the weak light into electrons. And then amplify the signal represented by these electrons thousands of times. Eventually, it hit the electrons on the fluorescent screen like the old TV to form the image.

The subject of my research is to hit the electron stream on a special low-light CMOS after the amplification. Then, the high-speed analog-digital circuit converts the electron stream into a digital signal. And eventually, using noise reduction and other algorithms by the central processor to form a full-color, high-resolution picture. The final image is the same apparent effect regardless of day and night.

Jacobsen: What were the findings in the doctoral research?

Wu: I can proudly say that the problematic parts of the above topics were all conquered, and a new micro-light night vision device will change the world.

Jacobsen: Do you strive to be like “Iron Man”? Isn’t the Marvel character based on Elon Musk or something?

Wu: God created the world, but someone designed it, and that’s the INTJ. They are thoroughly farsighted and stray from the organization. That’s why people like INTJ are also called designers. Whether the universe is designed or not is another story. Still, in this world, INTJs always take on the role of innovation and revolution. They provide the theoretical support for the functioning of the world, whether it’s Nikola Tesla, Howard Hughes, Elon Musk, or me in the future.

So, as you asked if I was trying hard to be Iron Man, my answer is a definite yes. And I know I’m going to be the next Iron Man. I do know it.

Jacobsen: Do you believe in astrology, horoscopes, and so on? You list a sign as Libra. 

Wu: Yes, and I’m happy being a Libra. The laws of the universe relate to the numbers 3, 6, and 9, while I was born on the 30th of September. And I find it interesting that the more powerful a person is, the less he behaves like his sun sign. Otherwise, he can completely overcome the shortcomings present in his sun sign.

Jacobsen: I need help on these two. What are a “Meteor Hunter” and “IMCA #3268”?

Wu: Meteor Hunter is to hunt meteorites, as a very cool profession. The treasure hunter is someone who looks for the treasure left in the world. The meteorite hunter looks for meteorites that have fallen to the earth and have been observed.

IMCA stands for The International Meteorite Collectors Association, the world’s most professional association for collecting and identifying meteorites. Just as there is a GIA association of diamonds, IMCA represents the authority of meteorites. 3268 is my IMCA number. IMCA currently has 424 expert panel members worldwide.

Jacobsen: Why choose BB and ‘Crackberry’ over another device?

Wu: Blackberry was my first mobile phone, a very handsome device in my junior high school days. It was a pure device that felt great to type on and was very protective of privacy. My goal used to be the CEO of Blackberry. Blackberry has slowly retired from the stage of history, and it seems that there will be no release of a new phone. Still, it has accompanied me throughout my entire youth. It has given me many insights into business competition and life.

Jacobsen: You design, invent, and, in turn, hold patents. What have you designed?

Wu: Well, I have designed and improved a lot of things, including steamers, knives and forks, fruit plates in the kitchen, tables, chairs, children’s cars, toys, umbrellas, professional instruments and equipment, forklifts, various robots, electric picks, precision instruments for experiments, etc. I have won hundreds of design awards at domestic and international, including the iF Design Award, Reddot Product Design Award, A’ Design Award, European Product Design Award, Spark International Design Award, Genis International Design Award, LITEON Award, DFL International Design Award, DNA Paris Design Award, IDC Award, TEDA Cup Award, BIEAF Award, Goldreed Industrial Design Award. GBA Award, SSR Award, YDSJ Design Award, TAIHU Award, ICVA Award, ADCJ Award, GBDO Award, IAA Award, Golden Crown Award and so on.

Jacobsen: What have you invented? 

Wu: As follows.

Jacobsen: What are the patents held by you?

Wu: Underwater salvage robot,

Automatic ultrasonic flaw detection and coupling agent spray cleaning equipment,
A kind of air cleaning unit for intelligent buildings,
One type of intelligent building that sound insulation and noise reduction effect is good,
A kind of fixed-wing uncrewed plane auxiliary takeoff apparatus,
A kind of Household floor-sweeping machine device people with anti-collision,
One type of high-accuracy mechanical arm of convenient operation,
A sort of CCD camera of cranial nerve cell Calcium imaging,
Mechanical triggering power assisting device,
A kind of sweeping robot with a warning function,
Multifunctional umbrella renting and commodity selling all-in-one machine based on the Internet of things,
A kind of Sewage treatment reuse means intelligent building,
A kind of dishwasher with water-saving function for large hotels,
A kind of intelligent building that sound insulation and noise reduction effect are good,
A heat dissipation power distribution cabinet with anti-soaking function,
A kind of cleaning equipment based on experimental equipment,
A type of connecting terminal of electrical equipment,

An electronic lock with facial recognition function for easy installation,
One type of Portable sweeper device people,
Microgrid grid-connected and off-grid smooth switching current and voltage phase compensation method,
A method to analyze the reliability of distribution network operation based on the four-dimensional index system,
The rotor shaft adjustment mechanism and the uncrewed plane of multi-rotor uncrewed aerial vehicle,
A kind of spliced water channel,
One type of computer host box pedestal,
The gearbox of wind driven generator,
One type of force value counts the mouse Mechanical Pain stimulation detection device of a display……

Jacobsen: What makes white-hat hacking “white-hat” rather than black-hat?

Wu: It is the same reason as choosing to be a superhero instead of a villain.

Jacobsen: Any specialization within Karate for the black belt?

Wu: The black belt represents the beginning of karate’s “Dao” or “Way”.

Jacobsen: Do you consider yourself a genius?

Wu: Of course, I am. I knew from a young age that I was a genius. (I’m a straightforward person who doesn’t like the way that someone lives the life of a whore and expects a monument to the chastity)

Jacobsen: You have a quote listed, which states, “Smart is the New Sexy.” How did smart become the newest form of sexy, though simply a tagline? The Americans with the Kardashians may disagree. They don’t necessarily pay as much attention to Prof. Edward Witten, but may pay attention to Sheldon Cooper or a fictional character. Although, only a moderate amount as far as I can tell. 

Wu: I think smart has always been an expression of sexy. There is a term called “Sapiosexual. ” For me, sexy has never been defined. People are always attracted to what they appreciate or instinctively. I don’t like to see people show off, but if someone who is indeed awesome is showing off, I feel cool with that. For example, after learning about Nikola Tesla’s patents on electricity, I consider him very sexy, even if I haven’t met him. His intelligence formed an attraction to me that is strong enough to ignore his looks, age, and physique as external image features.

Jacobsen: You have joined a number of high-I.Q. societies: “Shenghan Club ITTP Society & DBC Society, Nano Society, Silent House, Silver Hawk High IQ Club, Power Lion, Obelisk, Elegant Attic, SpaceTime Society, SuperNova Society, Misty Pavilion, Hidden Position Society, Secret Society, Dark Pavilion Society, TC Society, Hide The Word High IQ Association, Meditator high IQ society, SYRUP Society, Music Genius Society, The ENIGMA Society…” Which ones are the most interesting or unique to you?

Wu: I’m writing this in the order I joined. In terms of names, I like Nano the most because I’m obsessed with physics and Occultism. In terms of chatting, I have met some great people and made friends in Catholiq, Shenghan DBC Society, Silent House, Silver Hawk High IQ Club, and so on. Each one has its characteristics and is different from each other. Of course, I also have some insights about high IQ societies, so I also created my high IQ society ——-God’s Power Society.

Jacobsen: What makes Tokyo such a fascinating place to you?

Wu: First, Tokyo is the world’s largest and most populous city, with the world’s highest GDP. It has the largest metropolitan area in the world. Tokyo has no clear city center because Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ginza, and Ikebukuro can all be called city centers. They all have extremely high population densities and are unforgettable prosperous. If you stay in Tokyo for just a day or two as a tourist, you cannot get to know the city.

Secondly, Japan is a country that combines classical and modern, and it is also the first oriental country to westernize by absorbing the best cultures from all over the world. Tokyo epitomizes Japanese culture. In Tokyo, you can see business people dressed in suits and traditional women in kimonos.

Third, Japan is dedicated to creating the comfort and convenience of life. For example, the train seats are comfortable and automatically heated, without feeling cold in winter. Each public restroom is equipped with free toilet paper. There are convenience stores and vending machines just a few meters away.

Fourth, Tokyo is not only a bustling city but also a beautiful tourist destination. Much beautiful scenery, such as Kamakura, Hakone, and Fuji Mountain. Moreover, Tokyo is in the Tokyo Bay of the Kanto Plain, which is considered a beach city, and you can take a train to Tokyo Bay to see the night view. Even with the population density of such a large city, the ocean in Tokyo Bay is still so blue, which shocks me a lot.

Such a flourishing, lively, modern and beautiful, no fakes, no queue jumping, bowing, and respect is the norm, thoughtful service city; who would not like it.

Jacobsen: When did you move to Japan?

Wu: About seven years ago.

Jacobsen: How Was studying and researching at MIT?

Wu: It’s exhausted but happy.

Jacobsen: What makes Japanese academics so rigorous?

Wu: The Japanese people’s rigor is not only in their academics but is engraved in their bones and reflected in all aspects of their lives.

Jacobsen: How would you compared the Chinese educational system, the American educational system, and the Japanese educational system?

Wu: This question is a bit broad. In my opinion, education in China is more about grades; in Japan, the ability to work together, and in the US, creativity (in terms of admissions). The Chinese college students, as I know them are worried about exams and papers; likewise, they work harder on their studies. Most of my Japanese classmates don’t pursue a master’s degree. They are offered by the companies early in their junior year. According to my observation, they study less seriously than the Chinese, and there is no explicit requirement of EI or SCI for graduation. Collaborative experiments and writing papers are the regular patterns. American students have the most daring ideas and hands-on ability but pay the highest tuition fees. Of course, it is not difficult to get a scholarship as long as you are not exceptionally playful. In terms of scholarships directly proportional to tuition fees, China has the least amount of scholarships, Japan is the second, and the US has the most.

Jacobsen: How do you amplify the signal of the electrons several thousand times in the night vision?

Wu: Are you asking about the traditional micro-light night vision device? It uses an image intensifier to convert the weak light into electrons and then amplify the signal represented by these electrons thousands of times through an intermediate discharge circuit as required to get the needed signal. Finally, like the CRT TV, the fluorescent screen is bombarded by a stream of electrons and emits a spot of light corresponding to the brightness and color to form an image.

Jacobsen: How might this, or is this, technological advancement used now? Is it commercial, military, or another use?

Wu: Our technology is essentially a new algorithm for image formation, and night vision is just the most representative carrier. So it’s like, although all named TVs, like CRT TVs and LCD TVs, they are essentially totally different things. It’s not easy to predict where will apply this technology. Still, I think the military will first apply it in the military. Our initial purpose is not for an armament upgrade. But if it is available for commercial use, it will also be applied to the military.

Jacobsen: Is the final result an image showing full visual bandwidth to the user, whether in the daytime or the night-time?

Wu: Yes, it is no longer like the infrared thermal night vision because it is based on image algorithms instead of light imaging. If it’s not for real-time data transmission back but just for observation, it doesn’t even need network coverage. It can theoretically handle all harsh environments as long as its battery works.

Jacobsen: How did God create the world?

Wu: That’s a good question. I believe in the existence of a Creator, but I don’t believe he has a specific appearance.

Jacobsen: Who created God?

Wu: Personally speaking, Man created the word of God. But he definitely exists, in some form or force, I think.

Jacobsen: How might an INTJ design a world? 

Wu: INTJ’s inner monologue is like that the world is a product. The way the product should be is right there. But it looks nowadays that there are problems everywhere, and it is up to me to solve them all. If I can’t do it well, I’ll do it again. If I persevere, I’ll be able to do it eventually.

Jacobsen: What does Iron Man represent to you – other than “theoretical support for the functioning of the world”?

Wu: Talk about this movie. I would watch it whenever I was sad. So far, I have watched it no less than dozens of times. Of course, I have a different feeling every time I watch this movie. He makes me understand what is the most important and what is called “the man who has everything but nothing.” He helped me find a determined goal and the ideal in my life. And I have been trying to move toward my ideal since the first movie in 2008 until now.

Jacobsen: Why so confident in becoming Nikola Tesla, Howard Hughes, or Elon Musk, in the future?

Wu: I think every successful man has a set of reasons to convince himself. No matter how much people laugh at you or make fun of you, you can convince yourself to keep going. My reasons are because I see the same traits in them as I do in myself. Like, INTJ, paranoia, perfectionism, and there is never a word for giving up in the dictionary of life unless I die.

Jacobsen: What will be the next invention from you, Dr. Iron Man?

Wu: A new kind of indoor lighting component. (Nearly perfect natural light and won’t cost you a penny in electricity after installation)

Jacobsen: One can state, “I will change the world. I will be the next Iron Man,” etc. The next question becomes, “How?” What will be the direction of change, the vector of alteration, of the world by you?

Wu: Everyone is changing the world with any small thing that they can do. My idea of changing the world is to improve people’s existing lives by designing and producing more functional, more convenient, and environmentally friendly products for them. Making money solves current problems, while having money makes it even easier to solve the issues and solve more.


[1] Founder & President, God’s Power Society & The Chosen One High IQ Society; Author, Mystery Intelligence Test; Member, Nano Society; Member, EsoterIQ Society; member, 6G High IQ Society; Giga Society 190 (formerly United Giga Society); Member, The Core IQ Society; The POINT Society; Member, NOUS High IQ Society; Member, Sidis Society; Member, Relic Society (遗迹).

[2] Individual Publication Date: June 15, 2022:; Full Issue Publication Date: September 1, 2022:

*High range testing (HRT) should be taken with honest skepticism grounded in the limited empirical development of the field at present, even in spite of honest and sincere efforts. If a higher general intelligence score, then the greater the variability in, and margin of error in, the general intelligence scores because of the greater rarity in the population.


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