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Non­-existent Aerial Phenomena













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Individual Publication Date: March 1, 2023

Issue Publication Date: May 1, 2023

Author(s): Richard May/May-Tzu

Author(s) Bio: Richard May (“May-Tzu”/“MayTzu”/“Mayzi”) is a Member of the Mega Society based on a qualifying score on the Mega Test (before 1995) prior to the compromise of the Mega Test and Co-Editor of Noesis: The Journal of the Mega Society. In self-description, May states: “Not even forgotten in the cosmic microwave background (CMB), I’m an Amish yuppie, born near the rarified regions of Laputa, then and often, above suburban Boston. I’ve done occasional consulting and frequent Sisyphean shlepping. Kafka and Munch have been my therapists and allies. Occasionally I’ve strived to descend from the mists to attain the mythic orientation known as having one’s feet upon the Earth. An ailurophile and a cerebrotonic ectomorph, I write for beings which do not, and never will, exist — writings for no one. I’ve been awarded an M.A. degree, mirabile dictu, in the humanities/philosophy, and U.S. patent for a board game of possible interest to extraterrestrials. I’m a member of the Mega Society, the Omega Society and formerly of Mensa. I’m the founder of the Exa Society, the transfinite Aleph-3 Society and of the renowned Laputans Manqué. I’m a biographee in Who’s Who in the Brane World. My interests include the realization of the idea of humans as incomplete beings with the capacity to complete their own evolution by effecting a change in their being and consciousness. In a moment of presence to myself in inner silence, when I see Richard May’s non-being, ‘I’ am. You can meet me if you go to an empty room.” Some other resources include Stains Upon the Silence: something for no oneMcGinnis Genealogy of Crown Point, New York: Hiram Porter McGinnisSwines ListSolipsist SoliloquiesBoard GameLulu blogMemoir of a Non-Irish Non-Jew, and May-Tzu’s posterous.

Word Count: 3,101

Image Credit: Richard May

International Standard Serial Number (ISSN): 2369-6885

*Please see the footnotes, bibliography, and citations, after the publication.*

Keywords: Arthur C Clarke, Arthur Schopenhauer, B.F. Skinner, Brookings Institution, C.G. Jung, Charles Fort, Donald E. Kehoe, Grady M. Towers, Jacques Vallee, James Randi, John Brennan, John E. Mack, John Greenewald, John von Neumann, May-Tzu, Michio Kaku, Niels Bohr, Non­-existent Aerial Phenomena, operant conditioning, Pentagon, physics of information, Richard Dolan, Richard May, Seth Lloyd, string theory, UAP, UFO, Venus.

Non­existent Aerial Phenomena

‘Non-existent Aerial Phenomena’, a.k.a, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or Unidentified Flying Objects or Off-­world Vehicles or Transmedium objects

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-­evident.” — Arthur Schopenhauer

I’ve never seen a UFO or UAP, as they are now called. Change the name, end the problem? I don’t even know anyone who has seen a UFO, as far as I’m aware. I used to wish that I’d see a UFO, but no longer. I’ve learned more about Too Close Encounters of the Skinner box/Theater of the Absurd kind.

When I was a high school nerd, somehow I obtained a book entitled Flying Saucers From Outer Space by Major Donald E. Kehoe. My father told me that the subject of the book, i.e., that there were UFOs and that they were extraterrestrial was just his opinion. So I was pretty convinced even then that Major Kehoe may have been right.

I also remember a book by Aime Michel on Flying Saucers. I’m sure Philip Klass, and “The ‘Amazing’ James Randi” are correct that UFOs are flocks of geese or the planet Venus. But, sometimes I’m even skeptical of the professional Skeptics. Upton Sinclair said something to the effect that it’s hard to convince someone of something if his income depends on not believing it. I would add to his income “or his world view depends upon not believing it.”

I’ve never joined a UFO group and only own maybe three or four UFO related books.

I was guilty of listening at one time to late night talk radio, as I sat at my computer, multitasking. I thought that I could distinguish the 10% signal from the 90% noise. But the way I connected the dots it was obvious that some significant percentage of UFO observed phenomena were real and unknown (oops, if true, there goes the precious Fermi ‘paradox’) and covered up by every authority, particularly the military and the intelligence communities; Indeed, they had a duty to cover up the UFO phenomenon in my opinion, for reasons of national security and, e.g., the fears of religious fundamentalists that UFOs were ‘demons’ or ‘demonic’.

I do not expect to change anyone’s views on the matter of UFOs or any other subject. Presumably I’m not even wrong in what I have written below. In any case we are each 100% correct 100% of the time in our differing, mutually exclusive views.

There has been an unknown UFO phenomenon and many layers of coverup, which were themselves covered up. No less a whatever than John Brennan, former head of the CIA, says there appears to be something going on here vis-­a-­vis UFOs. See the quote and link below.

Some Conspiracy Theories are conspiracy facts. — Everyone giggle or smirk now. — You couldn’t keep something like that secret. Everyone with a high IQ knew about the Manhattan Project.

Oddly Michio Kaku, co-­founder of string theory, does not seem to think that every UFO phenomenon is a flock of geese, the planet Venus or bunk to be debunked.

”Over 400 declassified UFO sightings defy the ‘normal laws of physics’. Theoretical physics professor Dr. Michio Kaku discusses the hundreds of UFO encounters that Pentagon officials recently unveiled”: — 5 minute video Here is another Michio Kaku video on UFOs. — 15 minute video

Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung analyzed the mythic/psychological nature of UFOs in his 1959 book Flying Saucers — A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky. Jung was aware that some UFOs appear on radar, but was not concerned with whether UFOs exist in the external physical world.

A copy of C.G. Jung’s fascinating 1957 letter on UFOs is found at this link:

A free copy of his book as a PDF for download is available here:­jung-­flying-­saucers-­a-­modern-­myth-­of-­things-­seen-­ in-­the-­skies-­0202012/Carl%20Jung%20-­%20Flying%20Saucers_%20A%20Modern%20Myth% 20of%20Things%20Seen%20in%20the%20Skies%20%280%29.pdf

In very brief summary Dr. Jacques Vallee, astrophysicist and computer scientist, is “the man” in my view…­Vallee/e/B001K8JD8Q%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share

He may know more than he can say, either for reasons of actual U.S. national security and/or because he could have been threatened. I suppose that theoretically Vallee could be a brilliant disinformation agent.

This is certainly not his reputation. But what he does say is sufficiently stunning.

Vallee thinks that unidentified flying objects are neither flying nor objects in the ordinary sense, but interdimensional brane-­world phenomena. Regarding the interstellar visitors from another planet hypothesis, he would agree with Niels Bohr’s famous assertion, “Your theory is crazy, but it’s not crazy enough to be true.”

Please see:­Casebook-­Contact-­Jacques-­Vallee/dp/1933665289

Vallee thinks that the “physics of information” may be of central importance to the UFO phenomenon. The physics of information is beyond my pay grade, but here is a link to Seth Lloyd of Cal. Tech. and M.I.T., explaining what is meant by the physics of information in general, not in relation to the UFO phenomenon.

UFO events are in Jacques Vallee’s view part of some sort of control system of unknown purpose, probably a variable-­ratio random reinforcement schedule, à la B.F. Skinner, i.e., a form of operant conditioning.


UFOs have been with us throughout our history. (Charles Fort thought that we were property.) Harvard psychiatrist John E. Mack said that the people he examined who claimed to have been “abducted by aliens” were not lying, nor were they crazy, but added that he had no understanding of what was going on. He came to support the ‘interdimensional’ interpretation of the alien abduction phenomenon mentioned above.

The first link below is to a brief biographical sketch of John E. Mack on Amazon books.­E.-­Mack/e/B000AQ4TWY%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share

Professor Mack was encouraged in his research into the alien abduction phenomenon by his friend the American philosopher of science Thomas S. Kuhn, author of The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.

I’d like to add that if UFO phenomena are interdimensional (brane-­world phenomena), this in no way precludes that they are also interstellar and/or time travelers, if time travel is possible. I think Dr. Vallee would agree. Of course, an interdimensional hypothesis regarding the origins and nature of UFOs may be extremely difficult or impossible to disconfirm experimentally, perhaps analogous in this respect to string theory or the Many-­Worlds Interpretation (MWI) of quantum mechanics. Some have suggested that the methods of military counterintelligence may be more appropriate to apply to the UFO phenomena than the scientific method, q.v.: What do they know about us:­do-­they-­know-­about-­us/

The history of unidentified aerial phenomena and the cover-­ups is well documented in UFOs and the National Security State, volumes 1 and 2, by historian Richard Dolan.­National-­Security-­State-­Chronology/dp/1571743170 Dr. Vallee thinks that even today after decades of investigation the nature of the UFO

phenomenon is not understood by those in positions of authority in the U.S. military-­intelligence

communities. How embarrassing for the ‘experts’, if true.

”Quote of the Week: I think some of the phenomena we’re going to be seeing continues to be unexplained and might, in fact, be some type of phenomenon that is the result of something that we don’t yet understand.” -­ Ex-­CIA Director John Brennan­ongoing-­uap-­problem/

I don’t think anything substantive will come out of the current hearings about UAP. Some of the sessions are closed to the public. Presumably having closed sessions is more open and transparent, an indication that there is nothing to the UAP but flocks of geese and the planet Venus. But maybe some of the geese have long, dangerous appearing bills. Thomas Jefferson would be so proud of them.

I wrote the above before the hearings were over or before I knew that they were over. I didn’t watch them.­us-­canada-­61474201

I guess the geese aren’t talking. In the sessions closed to the public they probably discussed how the geese were able to fly in from Venus, flapping their wings really hard against the vacuum of space, while holding their breath. “You can’t handle the truth“ about geese or swamp gas.

The large numbers of new acronyms is, of course, absurd. We’ve been lied to from the beginning for reasons of national security. I understand the once justified need to disinform the public. There have been cover-­ups of cover-­ups of cover-­ups. Trust in government is low in the

U.S. and has been for very many years. Investigation of the history of reports of unidentified aerial phenomena and their cover-­ups will not diminish this mistrust.

But the clincher is that the military-­intelligence authorities and the ‘experts’ (people with at least 3 Ph.D.s), even after many decades of investigation, still apparently do not know what UAP are! Information may have been privatized decades ago, rather than remaining in the possession of some ultra-­secret government group; E.g.: “Hey, Lockheed-­Martin dudes, please tell us what this metal is, if you can.” There may be no secrets on paper, allegedly a CIA rule for “beyond top secret” stuff. And eventually people who each knew only a little on a need-­to-­know basis will die off, some even of natural causes. This increases security.

Even worse we, or rather high ranking members of the U.S. military and intelligence communities, may have made “deals” with UAP occupants (perhaps interdimensional brane-­world, time-­traveling interstellar beings, either biological entities, AI units, cyborgs or

some combination of the preceding). E.g., deals of the form: “You can continue to abduct our citizens for study, a hybridization program or whatever your purposes are, but please give us some advanced technology that we can militarize,” could have been made. If the U.S. can’t stop the abductions anyway, then this would have been a good deal for us (and completely illegal and unethical, of course). I realize that this speculation sounds more than a bit psychotic.­ongoing-­uap-­problem/ “THE BLACK VAULT – DOCUMENT ARCHIVE


Current Government Document Page Count Within The Black Vault: 3,080,991

You’ve stumbled upon the largest privately run online repository of declassified government documents anywhere in the world. With more than 2 MILLION pages of documents to read, on nearly every government secret imaginable, The Black Vault is known worldwide for getting down to the truth… and nothing but.

Every page, photo and video you see below in this ‘FOIA Document Archive’ was obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or through other means of accessing U.S. government public information.

Begun in 1996, at the age of 15, John Greenewald, Jr. began hammering the U.S. Government with FOIA requests to obtain information. The Black Vault is the result of that more than two decade effort. Enjoy!”

It is somewhat surprising how much interest the U.S. military and intelligence communities have had and continue to have in “flocks of geese and the planet Venus,” i. e., classified interest. “It’s easier to think outside the box, if the box isn’t entirely intact.” — Frederik Ullen.

Below is what I wrote previously on UFOs, published on 12/22/2020, more than a year before the subject had become far more kosher and considered at least by some less “woo woo” (from Scott Douglas Jacobsen’s Interview 5 — a bit of sarcasm and irony). But after “Do you suppose we would comprehend the technology of a civilization a thousand or more years older than our own?” below, I should have added: “or the science, technology and culture of a species of off-­world beings in which the average level of cognitive-­mathematical ability was equivalent to that of John von Neumann?” Commenting on the well-­known Hollingworth 1942 study Children above 180 IQ (based upon Stanford-­Binet scores) Grady M. Towers wrote in his essay “The Outsiders” (­outsiders/) that, “The implication is that there is a limit beyond which genuine communication between different levels of intelligence becomes impossible.” Towers is writing about intraspecies communication. This finding generalized to interspecies communication would seem to have even greater implications for the human understanding of hyperintelligent non-­Earth dwelling beings. We humans will not be capable of understanding hyperintelligent non-­Earth dwelling beings and they will not be capable of understanding us, even if they attempt to do so.

Jacobsen: “May’s Paradox” asks, “Why, if a multitude of New Yorkers exist in Manhattan, evidence of New Yorkers, such as automobiles or subways, is not seen?” Why?

May: Obviously there is no evidence of New Yorkers existing, such as automobiles or subways, in New York City. That would be a Conspiracy Theory. May’s paradox should have been called the May paradox. The clear absence of evidence for the existence of New Yorkers makes May’s paradox analogous to the Fermi paradox.

In the SETI program we have searched for years for signals in the hydrogen frequency. As was pointed out in a YouTube video by Dr. Michio Kaku, there is no particular reason to assume that advanced alien life would use the hydrogen frequency to send signals, even if one assumes that such beings would use radio signals at all. Dr. Kaku also points out that if the extraterrestrial communications used spread-­spectrum signals, such as we humans use even now in our cell phone signals, then we would not even recognize the alien spread-­spectrum signals as signals. Please see the quote and link below, added after the original text of the interview:

“Viability of quantum communication across interstellar distances The possibility of achieving quantum communication using photons across interstellar distances is examined. For this, different factors are considered that could induce decoherence of photons, including the gravitational field of astrophysical bodies, the particle content in the interstellar medium, and the more local environment of the Solar System. The x­ray region of the spectrum is identified as the prime candidate to establish a quantum communication channel, although the optical and microwave bands could also enable communication across large distances. Finally, we discuss what could be expected from a quantum signal emitted by an extraterrestrial civilization, as well as the challenges for the receiver end of the channel to identify and interpret such signals.


Given the exponential and unpredictable course of the growth of human technology, it seems entirely possible that a civilization even a few hundred years more advanced scientifically and technologically than our own might accomplish things in ways that we could not understand at our present level of scientific-­technological development.

Do you suppose we would comprehend the technology of a civilization a thousand or more years older than our own? “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” — Arthur C Clarke. So where are the smoke signals?

Just for fun let’s take the Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash myth. Of course, it’s just a Conspiracy Theory. The so-­called Roswell incident has been explained — at least twice. Last time it was said to be a weather balloon. It might just as well have been a flock of geese or the planet Venus, I suppose.

But let’s be silly and play devil’s advocate. Suppose an unexplained extraterrestrial craft or vehicle had crashed there in 1947 after WWII. Presumably the US. military would have little or no interest in such an event. There would have been no suspicion that it might have been a Russian or German device after World War II. There would have been no military interest. There would have been no interest if not duty of the U.S. military to study and reverse engineer the advanced off-­world technology for American national security. So a possible crash of some sort would not have been investigated.

But if what was discovered was thought to be an unexplained craft or an “off-­world device,” as they are apparently called today, of some sort, then a high-­ranking military officer or perhaps the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff or our President would certainly have gone on the radio and told the U.S. public: “Fellow Americans, an unknown craft appearing to be extraterrestrial in origin has crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. We do not know its origin or understand its method of propulsion. The technology is far superior to American technology or that of any other nation on Earth. A few small gray (?) humanoid bodies have been retrieved from the crash site.

They’re not thought to be Americans. We don’t know yet with certainty if these beings are Christian or Jewish. But we can be sure they are Baptists. At this point in time it is apparent that the U.S. military cannot control its own airspace. — But, hey, don’t worry about it! — America is number one, the greatest power! — Have a nice day.”

The Brookings Institution report on the possible consequences of advanced extraterrestrial contact concluded that when a more primitive civilization encounters an advanced civilization, the more primitive civilization is damaged by the contact would certainly not be considered relevant by those in authority. The conclusion that religious fundamentalists would be highly unreceptive to contact with an advanced extraterrestrial civilization would also certainly be ignored as irrelevant.

Below are a few crackpot books of Conspiracy Theories, perhaps good for a few laughs:

Wonders in the Sky: Unexplained Aerial Objects from Antiquity to Modern Times by Jacques Vallee (Author), Chris Aubeck (Author)

A free copy of the above mentioned 482 page book can be obtained as a pdf here: nedAerialObjectsFromAntiquityToModernTimes/Jacques%20Vallee%2C%20Chris%20Aubeck% 20Wonders%20in%20the%20Sky%20%20Unexplained%20Aerial%20Objects%20from%20Anti quity%20to%20Modern%20Times.pdf

UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record Paperback – August 2, 2011 by Leslie Kean (Author), John Podesta (Foreword)

UFOs and the National Security State: Chronology of a Coverup, 1941-­1973 Paperback – June 1, 2002 by Richard M. Dolan (Author), Jacques F. Vallee (Foreword).

A cottage industry of woo woo, no doubt. Everyone with a high IQ knew about the Manhattan Project. You couldn’t keep something like that secret.

And in any case there are no conspiracies, ever. The Watergate break-­in and subsequent Watergate cover-­up were certainly not conspiracies. Project MK-­Ultra was certainly not a conspiracy. Industrial espionage certainly does not involve conspiracy. — The belief that there are ever conspiracies is no more than a meta-­conspiracy theory.

In summary the UFO hypothesis of visitation by advanced extraterrestrial beings is not crazy enough to explain the facts. This has been displaced for Vallee by his hypothesis of UFO visitation by advanced brane-­world transversing beings, which may in addition be extraterrestrial and/or time travelers; Beings present since our antiquity, with an unknown agenda and a Skinnerian control system for humans, choreographed perfectly to off-­putting absurdity. Such parsimony — interdimensionally!

Material of interest:

The Enduring Enigma of the UFO — astronauts speak — by Dean Radin­content/uploads/2020/12/S21_Shift_RADIN_EnduringEnigmaOfUFO.pdf Pursuing Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and ‘Impossible Futures’ — by Jacques Vallée­vallee-­the-­pursuit-­of-­unidentified-­aerial-­phenomena-­and-­impossible-­futures/ UFOs: Shifting the Narrative from Threat to Science, Leslie Kean, August 11, 2021­shifting-­the-­narrative-­from-­threat-­to-­science/

Report on the UFO wave of 1947 by Ted Bloecher, introduction by Dr. James E. McDonald­45bc-­4779-­a43a-­bb96d172f15b/downloads/1947%20UFO% 20Report%20-­%20Bloecher.pdf?ver=1655488608148

NASA Launches Study of ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’, October 24, 2022­national-­security/nasa-­launches-­study-­on-­ufos






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