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An Interview with Stacey Piercey on True Self, Newfound Joy, and Daily and Dating Life (Part Five)


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2019/07/01


Stacey Piercey is the Co-Chair of the Ministry of Status of Women Sub-Committee of Human Rights for CFUW FCFDU and Vice Chair of the National Women’s Liberal Commission for the Liberal Party of Canada. She discusses: true self; newfound joy; changes in daily life; things to do on a Friday evening, a Saturday afternoon, and a Sunday morning; dating life now – difficulties, novelties, and amusing stories; and enough money, time, and access for an ideal life.

Keywords: Co-Chair, Liberal Party of Canada, Ministry of Status of Women, Stacey Piercey, Vice Chair.

Interview with Stacey Piercey onCommunity: Co-Chair – Ministry of Status of Women Sub-Committee of Human Rights, CFUW FCFDU; Vice Chair National Women’s Liberal Commission at Liberal Party of Canada | Parti libéral du Canada (Part Five)[1],[2]

*Please see the footnotes, bibliography, and citation style listing after the interview.*

1. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Let’s focus on the woman you are now. For those who have made a comfortable transition, what are the last parts of your true self to come forward and integrate with the new life?

Stacey Piercey: Well to truly understand where I am in life, you must realize in my mind, I am making up for lost time. When I presented as a male, there were many opportunities that I could not pursue in the past. While I was on this road of discovery, I was learning for myself who I was again. I was not available in many ways. Then I started to rebuild my life as a woman. My career lagged, but I was fortunate to have travelled so all was not lost.

I believe, my life is starting to reflect who I am. I have gone through some significant changes in just a few short years. I have my doubts and wonder what the future may hold. I have friends, but I don’t have that special someone in my life. I am terrible at dating, and I’m busy as an entrepreneur. To be true to who I am, I am re-establishing a career and home life that I consider to be mine, as it would have been as if I was born a woman.

2. Jacobsen: For those reading this at the moment or at some future present, what is the newfound joy in being your real self?

Piercey: Within the last while, I moved to Newfoundland where I grew up. It is familiar, yet I am having a different experience than before. Most of the people I knew from my past are gone, and I have lost touch with many from my travels. At the same time, I am meeting all new people from Newfoundland as the woman I am now. It is an excellent time to be here as I am getting grounded in what is familiar. It is a much quieter life, and it suits me just fine.

I did some living these past twenty years. I understand that now as I have had time to reflect. I am putting everything together that I was, and that I did. I see it for myself, who I have become. Funny how you are always the last to know. That transgender girl, human rights advocate, board room executive, former Judge and political candidate, plus everything I was before my transition is coming together fast. That person lives in St. John’s, NL and she has been around the block. I can say that I like who I am and where I am going in this life again.

3. Jacobsen: This may be banal or trite. However, some may wonder: how does everyday life change when you’re finally able to have acceptance, in general, within the culture as your true gender?

Piercey: My life took off when I accepted who I was. It was never about what other people or society thinks. I have my journey to live. I remember a time when I was ashamed of being feminine, and I would hide that part of me. I find it liberating to be myself. I don’t have to worry about a secret or that someone might expose me. That followed me for years. Then I found my way as a woman. I am more comfortable with myself, and I do have my confidence back.

I know that I did struggle with survivors’ guilt. For a while, I felt like one of the lucky ones that made it. Then I realized I was a trailblazer, creating the way for others to follow. I changed when I decide to live for those who couldn’t. Then I was happy that I woke up every morning and I try to see the sunrise every day. I don’t think about my gender anymore, and I am glad that is behind me.

4. Jacobsen: What do you like to do on a Friday evening, a Saturday afternoon, and a Sunday morning?

Piercey: I appreciate it when I get to unplug. I like listening to the radio, going for walks, and finding art. I have adventures, where I go out and do my thing. I go with the flow, talk to the people, and drift impulsively. That is the Trans girl; her street nickname was ”Mary Poppins,” and that was me, popping into different worlds, expressing different sides of myself. Her free spirit will rule me forever. She has a different life than most, that is the executive having fun and using her powers for good. I am always learning and growing as an individual. It amazes me what I stumble into at times.

5. Jacobsen: How is dating life now – difficulties, novelties, and amusing stories?

Piercey: As with dating, I am terrible at expressing my sexuality. I worry more about being taken advantage of, and therefore I am guarded. I have talked to some men, and I have been on a few dates in the past years. I’m just getting to know myself. I do wonder how does a relationship fit into my life. I know that it is where I am going, as I was married before. I have been thinking about who Mr. Right is, and I can’t wait to meet him. It will take a while for me to find someone to spend my life with and I am okay with that.

As for exciting stories, I think I managed to talk to someone for two weeks. It was nice to have someone to look forward to chatting too. I have lots of people that ask me out, but not anybody serious about a relationship. I did have a spell where I was getting hit on and asked out so much that I felt like prey. I became shy from all the attention. I don’t see it myself. I even dress down now when I go out to avoid such silliness. I meet so many people, as I run around town. I am honest in saying, I can’t wait to see on my calendar “Coffee with Husband 3:00 pm and don’t be late this time, or he will ask questions.”

6. Jacobsen: If you could have enough money, time, and access in the future, what would be your ideal life? How would you go about building it?

Piercey: This Newfoundland version of me is that of a writer and business owner. It is the life that I always wanted. I am rather new at it, and I haven’t received the benefits as of yet. I feel as if I am so far behind compared to my peers in many ways. Mostly though, I am starting a new career after some life changes. I have been building my ideal life, and I have been busy too. I like it, I walk out on the streets, and I know everyone. I feel safe in my neighbourhood, and I feel safe online too with the friends I made away. I have street smarts, excellent credentials and great potential.

I know many people in my new town. I see familiar faces everywhere, and I have some social groups that I joined that I like. In this next year, I will be putting together my business, finding associates and I am extremely confident I will be successful in this endeavour. I hope to have a great life as well to go with that.

7. Jacobsen: Thank you for the opportunity and your time, Stacey.

Appendix I: Footnotes

[1] Co-Chair – Ministry of Status of Women Sub-Committee of Human Rights, CFUW FCFDU; Vice Chair National Women’s Liberal Commission at Liberal Party of Canada | Parti libéral du Canada; Mentor, Canadian Association for Business Economics.

[2] Individual Publication Date: July 1, 2019:; Full Issue Publication Date: September 1, 2019:


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