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Interview with Yasmine Mohammed on Religion, Fundamentalist, and Denominations of the Left (Part Three)


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2019/02/15


Yasmine Mohammed is an Author and the Founder of Free Hearts, Free Minds. She discusses: Dave Rubin and Colin Moriarty; splits of the Left; concerns for Canada; religions plagiarizing from one another; and demographics, rights, and what to do with fundamental beliefs.

Keywords: FHFM, Islam, Ex-Muslim, Yasmine Mohammed.

Interview with Yasmine Mohammed on Religion, Fundamentalist, and Denominations of the Left: Author; Founder, Free Hearts, Free Minds (Part Three)[1],[2]

*Please see the footnotes, bibliography, and citation style listing after the interview.*

*This interview was conducted in early 2018.*

1. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: So, what are going to be the topics thematically across them that you will be discussing when you are going to be on stage with people like Dave Rubin and Colin Moriarty?

Yasmine Mohammed: That topic for that speaking tour is all free speech, is all going to be about free speech. So, for someone like me who’s coming, as you said, America has won the privilege to speak freely more than any other country.

There is self-censoring with things like Islamophobia and whatever. What is missing, it is for them to be around them. They are focused so much on themselves. A lot of navel gazing going on in the U.S. You would not believe it.

You have the internet. You do not even have any excuse. We are all connected. However, there are so many other parts in the world where people would literally be killed either by the authorities – in Saudi Arabia, you are considered terrorist by the government if you speak out against Islam – or, in countries like Pakistan, where the people in the public will kill you.

You heard about Marshal Khan. He is a university student.

Jacobsen: Yes.

Mohammed: He asked the question, “So if Adam and Eve were the only two humans, does that mean we are all children of incest?” Which is a basic question, I remember asking that as a child. But, “How dare he ask such a question!”

That was so offensive enough for the people that were living in his dorm with him. They stormed his room, broke down his door, attacked him, took him out to the middle of the quad, and beat him to death.

Hundreds of students, that is what happens in those countries. So, when we talk about free speech and people here do not understand the value of it, they do not understand – you said the privilege – they do not understand people have died for us to be able to speak our mind.

I know what it feels like not to be able to speak my mind in my own house. I cannot even have the thoughts in my own head. Anybody that grew up in a repressively religious household would understand what I am saying.

I remember hearing a girl who escaped from North Korea. They are taught that the bugs and the birds, the mice, everybody, reports back to the fearless leader whenever they see them doing anything.

They are also told that he can read their minds, as we are told that God can read your mind. So, you are even afraid to have the thoughts in your own head. I speak to ex-Muslims all the time that are writing to me, then deleting their accounts.

I cannot even respond to them, but they need to get it. They need to say how they feel. They want somebody to hear them because they can never express their opinions on these matters. People born and raised in some areas of the West so removed from the struggle that they do not understand the privilege that they have and then they squander it.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali said, “They spit on freedom because they do not know what it is to not have freedom.” Another said something that was so poignant and perfect. She said, “It is if you have a third generation kid from a wealthy family, where the person that earned the wealth was three generations ago.”

So, you are talking about Paris Hilton or Paris Hilton’s kids. They have no idea what it means to live hand to mouth. They have no idea what it means to work for their money. They have no concept. They cannot have any concept.

So, that is what it feels like when you are talking to some people in the West sometimes about these freedoms and privileges. Those freedoms and privileges that they have. They do not see these reams of privileges. They find reasons to complain. They bitch about mansplaining and manspreading.

How do you – for shame, how do you even consider that feminism when there are women getting their clitorises cut off? There are children, little girls, in China that are being killed. However, your focus is on ridiculous teeny tiny things.

They do not broaden. They do not go around because they are too busy looking at each other. Everyone wants to be oppressed in the States these days. The cool thing to do, right? I would love to give you all of my oppression points.

I would love to trade lives with you and to not have all of this shit to overcome. I would love to. These people want some reason to say, “I am a victim.” You do not understand how lucky you are and instead of appreciating what you have. You are looking for some reasons to claim some victimhood.

Look at Linda Sarsour, talking about how Muslims in American today, because of Islamophobia, they have it worse than the black slaves in the U.S. did!

Jacobsen: That is a stretch.

Mohammed: So, anyway, I could go on and on about this.

2. Jacobsen: To simplify, I want to reflect on both perspectives. One the one hand, you have people concerned about livelihood, wellbeing, so either they are going to be killed or destroyed in some manner, possibly some body parts might disappear.

On the other hand, you have highly developed nations with most of these privileges and rights established. The concerns then become local, prosocial, and limited to their context, where things that would be of mild annoyance. Do not explain: I do not need to have things explained to me that are obvious, or the mansplaining example.

Given the context that people are coming from, they are both valid at the same time. There is legitimacy. You make change relative to your context, but the lack of, at least, awareness of what is going on in other countries, is important and that is the major issue.

Mohammed: Maybe, I should make myself clear. It is important to make myself clear. I am not belittling. Obviously, there is no such thing as a utopia. As human beings, we only grow as we progress. We are always going to have to make things better because that is what we should be doing.

So, yes, let’s always try to make things better, let’s always try to improve our situation, our society, etc., we always have to make things better. My problem is that when those people that are talking about manspreading and mansplaining are standing in the way and prohibiting people that are trying to work on women that are in worst situations.

So, for example, the Far-Left in America. They can be defined by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the Linda Sarsours, the Far-Left, the Hillarys – not always – or the Hillary corner, but that group of people are the same people that will call Ayaan Hirsi Ali an anti-Muslim extremist.

They will shut her down. She was not able to go to Australia and give her talk there because she was called a white supremacist.

Jacobsen: What was the reason given?

Mohammed: Because she is a Nazi. It is a series of slurs. They throw those at a black woman from Somalia, who is a ‘white supremacist’ now. If you say something, if you do not follow the narrative of the Left, therefore, you are a Nazi, white supremacist, Alt-Right bigot, etc.

Jacobsen: It is this branch on the Left.

Mohammed: It is this branch on the Left. However, what I am talking about, if those people on the Left were busy fixing their problems and did not stand in the way of other people fixing their problems, we would be okay.

But instead, when you have somebody talking about women going to prison for being raped in the UAE, the responses from people on the Left are “Now, you are going to be the savior. You are a white man. You do not care about Muslim women.” What?

When they do that thing they are taking the attention away from the woman that is shining a light on this problem, I was born and raised in that world and nobody cared. Nobody cared for so many generations.

It is people in Africa and Asia who are drinking dirty water. Water in our toilets are cleaner than what they have to drink. Nobody gives a shit. Nobody cares because our water is clean, right? That is the way the Islam problem was for so many generations.

Nobody over here cared because it was over there, so it does not affect us. I understand that we cannot solve all of the world’s problems. Obviously, what is happening in North Korea, let it happen over there, we do not care because it is not affecting our daily lives.

However, Islam now is affecting our day to day lives. Islam affects my life as much as it affects your life. So, for the people who are in the Muslim world who are me, they are glad that somebody pays attention.

They are elated when they see Richard Dawkins writing about the atrocities of Islam. They are happy when they see Maajid Nawaz talking about what Sharia law dictates. They are excited that Adam Princely gives a shit, worries about the fact that ninety-percent of them are victims of FGM.

They are like “Yes, finally, somebody is paying attention.” Then you have these Left-leaning liberals come in and saying, “Shoo! That is Islamophobia. Does not talk about that.” You are relegating these people back all of these generations with everyone ignoring them and not caring about the problems that they are having.

Jacobsen: How do they feel when they have that happen?

Mohammed: A hundred-percent betrayed. So betrayed, you would not believe. They are liberals like you and I. So, imagine being in that country, there, everything is about the Muslim world in a general sense because there are over fifty countries there.

If you look at Canada, which is a bad example, let’s look at the USA, most of America is liberal. However, there is a belt of staunchly conservative people but most people are for Western liberal enlightenment values, right?

In the Muslim world, you have to flip that around. In the Muslim world, your majority are staunch conservatives. You have a belt. They do not usually live together. they are usually fractured and hidden all over the place.

This belt is the open-minded liberal secular-leaning people like you and me. Muslims are not atheists, are not Christians. It is irrelevant. I do not care about what their religion is or what their religion is not.

The point is that they believe in liberal values. They believe in human rights. We have that in common. So, those people over there that cannot even speak to each other because if they speak to each other their neighbors might tell their cops on them.

They all end up in prison for terrorism. That person stuck in that world is trying to speak up. They are being silenced by somebody in the West, in a free country, who should be their ally. When you are a liberal person, where do you look?

When you are a liberal in the Middle East or in the Muslim world, where do you look for allies? Liberals or moderates in the West. “Those are the people that will support me.” Instead, what do you find, those people are telling you to shut up because you are racist and you are a bigot and you are an Islamophobic.

It is the ultimate betrayal and treachery. I cannot explain to you how bad that feels for them. We are supporting the Right-wing conservative Muslims. Even Obama, Obama was friendly with the Muslim Brotherhood, right? How?

They are a terrorist organization deemed by Egypt, deemed by Saudi Arabia, deemed by terrorists. If Saudi Arabia is deeming this organization a terrorist organization, they are probably a terrorist organization. Right? So, then, you got Bernie Sanders who is the most Left-wing person possible in the United States congratulating Linda Sarsour.

Sanders is calling her progress. That is what we have. We have the Left-wing, the conservative Muslims. The Left-wing, the conservative Christians would never be aligning: never.

Jacobsen: They have been perpetual enemies.

Mohammed: Perpetual, they should be perpetual enemies with conservative Muslims as well. They should be aligning with liberal Muslims, but they are doing the opposite. They are supporting conservative Muslims. They are ignoring the liberal Muslims.

Jacobsen: As you are noting even with a scattered population, you have seen the same statistics. You probably know more than I do about this stuff. But, in Saudi Arabia, 5% are atheist. They are not a bloc. They are not organized, obviously.

Mohammed: No. No, they cannot even speak to each other. We had Hana Ahmed on our third episode. She said she lived in Saudi Arabia as an atheist for five years without ever speaking a word to anybody about the fact that she was an atheist.

So, she would be one of the people filling in that hole, saying, “I am an Atheist, but that is it.” Five years of being an atheist and never being able to express that. That is how everybody is over there. They cannot say anything. They have Twitter – they have anonymous Twitter; that is what they have. How do Twitter and Facebook act? Shut them down.

3. Jacobsen: What are your concerns in Canada, where the things arise, for instance, such as blasphemy?

Mohammed: Scott! You are getting the blood boiling today.

Jacobsen: You are going to Vegas soon!

Mohammed: Right, I will relax there, in front of the pool. I was not surprised M103 passed. I was born and raised here. I understand my people. It was unanimously passed in Ontario, so that was a bit of a surprise.

The federal one, there was a little bit of pushback. However, for it to pass unanimously in the Ontario Provincial Court, I was surprised because I did not think it was to that extent. That there is to pushback. I do not understand it.

I have discussions from people of the BC Humanist Association, which are supposed to be humanists. People that are clear. They understand, without a shadow of a doubt, that we should not have Christianity in schools, for example.

That we should not have blasphemy. It is not a law, but it is on its way there. If this motion were about ‘Christianophobia,’ BC Humanist Association for one would be up in arms.

These are the people that are fighting against Trinity Western University, rightly so for their LGBT garbage. However, when it comes to Muslims and Islam, all of a sudden their minds do not work. All of a sudden they cannot treat this religion the same as that religion.

All of a sudden they cannot see that a conservative Christian is no different than a conservative Muslim. These are socially conservative people and we should be standing in the way, of either of these people, allowing their values into the public sphere.

4. Jacobsen: One is an Arabic version of the other anyway, right? In terms of the text, it is plagiarized. It is the same thing.

Mohammed: Same thing!

Jacobsen: It is plagiarized.

Mohammed: That is right. It is plagiarized. We would never take a woman in an Amish bonnet and put a Nike swoosh on it or put her on the cover of Elle Magazine or Vogue or Playboy. It is absolutely ridiculous!

How do they not that it is exactly the same thing? What it is, it is bigotry.

Jacobsen: It is successful marketing. There is a separation of ideas and people in one, and not in the other.

Mohammed: Yes, I do not even know how it is successful marketing to be honest because if you look at the statistics. You will find that less than half of one-percent of Muslim women wear the hijab. One-percent of Muslim in the U.S., let’s say half of them are women, less than fifty-percent of American Muslim women wear hijab

So, it is a small minority of people wearing hijab, of Americans wearing hijabs. So, it is stupid for you to spend that money, putting hijabs in all your magazines and putting that Nike swoosh on it and all that stuff. There is no revenue that is going to come to you from this. It is virtue signaling.

That is the only thing you are going to get.

Jacobsen: Also, there is a market for it too. So, a company that does that. That aims to target virtue signification, signifiers. There is a population of reactionaries that go, “Oh, they are socially conscious!”

Mohammed: Nike, they are so nice and non-racist. However, my frustration is, what it is? It is exactly this. It is when Richard Spencer said: “Hail Trump.” Everybody lost their mind, rightfully so, but when Linda Sarsour talks about a jihad on Trump everybody it is: “Ah, do not worry about it, it is a word. Meh, nothing.”

“Hail” is a word too, but these are trigger words. These are words that have meaning. These are words that have history. These are words that have caused significant damage. Why they can only see that word when it is in German and how wrong it is to be using that but they cannot see that when a word is in Arabic is being used, all of a sudden they belittle it.

That is the thing. Shadi Hamid wrote a book called Islamic Exceptionalism. Shadi Hamid by the

way works for the Brookings Institute, is paid by Qatar, so you can know where the money is coming from. He supports the Muslim Brotherhood blatantly.

This is a man is from Egypt, so a man from Egypt supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. I do not even know what to tell you. It is someone from Afghanistan supporting the Taliban. The Brotherhood has wreaked so much havoc in Egypt for generations.

Everybody hates them. Everybody has a family member that was killed by them or tortured by them. It is not far removed for Egyptians as it is for the rest of the world today – if things will change, if we do not change course.

So, Shadi Hamid wrote a book called Islamic Exceptionalism and in it he is talking about how Islam must be treated differently than all other religions. I was like “fuck you,” but you know what: he is absolutely correct. That is what is happening.

What Muhammad wanted, what the Quran wanted, what Islam wants, which is nobody criticizes the religion, it gets treated with a different set of rules than all other religions. It is superior to all other religions. Muslims are superior to all other people.

All of that is happening. It is happening. Freethinking educated people in the West are doing exactly that. When Hamid says there is a fatwa on his head for writing a book, what do we do? Do we condemn the people that are trying to kill this man for writing this book? No, we do not.

When the Charlie Hebdo people got killed for drawing cartoons what did the Left say, they say, “They were being disrespectful. They shouldn’t have been doing that. That was not nice.”

We are self-imposing the blasphemy laws. We are doing exactly what Mohammed wants. We are following it. This is his decree. We are accepting this. We are not Muslim. We do not need to. There are no laws keeping us in place. There are blasphemy laws over there keeping them in place, over here we are free.

But we are choosing not to, out of fear. I do not know, or out of fear or out of indifference, out of naivety. We think, “Ah, those black savages, what harm can they do. The Christians, however, they are scary.”

“The Christians, however, we have to be afraid of them and we have to keep them out our schools and out of our public sphere.” No, you keep the Christians out, and the Muslims out too. It is the exact same thing.

In fact, Christians do not have powerful, rich, filthy rich theocracies behind them, pushing their agenda. So, if we are going to look at it on a global level, Muslims are the bigger threat than Christians. What do we have? The Vatican City, right?

There is no Saudi Arabia. There is no Qatar. Look at this guy making alliances, look at Trump with his Muslim Ban, blah blah blah. What does he do? He goes over there and kisses their butts. These guys are not new at this, but they do see this is the other thing too. Scott, sorry to go on so many tangents, but I have so much to say.

Jacobsen: It is fine.

Mohammed: In the West, we think in four-year spurts. This is the problem. We think in four-year spurts. Our governments only think about getting re-elected or they think about their turn and after that, they give no fucks.

Over there, they can make literally – they have made – hundred-year plans because they are theocracies. They can do that. If you look at the hundred-year plan of the Muslim Brotherhood, you will find that they are doing exceptionally.

All of the boxes are being ticked. Everything that they promised us they would do, step by step, they’re not even hiding it. Everybody, you can go online. You can read their plan. It is all unfolding beautifully and perfectly.

In the 1950s, Anwar Sadat who was the president of Egypt was approached by the Muslim Brotherhood and they told him, “You need to make sure every woman in your country wears the hijab,” and he laughed at them.

The men in parliament were laughing and one man yells out, “Make him wear it.”

But look at Egypt now, they have succeeded. We were laughing at them too. That is the thing. We also scoffed at this dumb uneducated jihadist. They are never going to be able to do it here…look at Turkey! Turkey scoffed at them too.

In 2014, the pride parade was so full that the streets were packed with people, in 2017 being hit with tear gas. Nobody is allowed to march in the pride parade. So, many fits of rage, I have so much to say. They have switched the country.

They are not new to this process. They have done it so much. They did it throughout the Muslim world. They did it in Egypt. They did it in Iraq. They did it in Syria. They did in Libya. They have done it in Afghanistan. They have done it across the whole side of the planet.

Now, they are moving into Turkey. It is following the movements of the Ottoman Empire. So, what happens: remember all of that area that the Muslims had control over, The Ottoman Empire. When they lost, they lost control of the Ottoman Empire. At that point, they had to recede back into the Middle East again.

They sat together in Egypt. They said, “We need to reconvene. We need to realign. We cannot get our land back again through the sword the way we did the last time because the world has changed.”

By now, it is the 1820s. You cannot go with a sword chopping off heads anymore. So, “We have to find a different way to go about getting back our empire. How can we do that?” They decided at that point that they were going to get back their empire by using their government.

Their policies, they use the policies based on the good nature, basically, of the Europeans and the North Americans against themselves. They are going to use democracy and diplomacy against itself. It has worked like a fucking charm.

Then they have people like Tariq Ramadan, who is the grandson of Hassan al-Bana who started the Muslim Brotherhood. People like him were basically the seedlings. He was cultivated, born, and raised in the West.

He understands how to speak to Westerners. He understands how Westerners think. He was the perfect first one. There are so many like him now and Linda Sarsour is another one. She knows how to speak to Americans.

She is all, “Oh, we are all oppressed together. Black people, yay! I am one of you. Native Americans, I am one of you. White men, ugh!” She knows how to get them riled up. She knows how to speak to them in a language that they are going to respond to.

Exactly Tariq Ramadan, the country, the people, the way they think. She got herself in the fucking White House – that is how good they are. Do not forget the millions of dollars that are coming at them from these theocracies in the Middle East.

So, they have a lot of support. They have a lot of brains behind them. They have a lot of policy makers and they have a lot of thinkers. They are not novices at this, by the time they arrive. They have all of the practiced wisdom in the Muslim World.

They made some mistakes. They learned from their mistakes. They kept going. They did a good track record over there. The internet is full of pictures. If you compare Libya in the 50s, Libya today. Iran in the 50s, Iran today. Afghanistan in the 50s, Afghanistan today. any Muslim country you can think of, Google what it used to look like before and what it looks like now.

The 60s, 70s, every country is a different time because by the time they get to them and by the time they infiltrate them. It depends. A country like the Maldives because it is small: fifteen years. Fifteen years from a secular nation to an Islamic nation. Fifteen, that is all it took.

So, every country depending on how resistant the people are, depending on the number of the population, depending on all sorts of different factors, there is a different amount of time in each country, but they were gaining experience.

Experience, experience, experience. Now, they come into Turkey. Turkey is fucked. Now, it is every thing. They are getting their Ottoman Empire back again. They already infiltrated. It is too late, honest to God. If you heard the podcast with Douglas Murray and Sam Harris, but Germany forget it, gone. Sweden, gone.

France might have a chance. They could pull back. So, many areas of Europe. It is too late. You opened your doors. You did not check papers. You let people in by the millions and now your country has changed. You cannot get it back again.

Sweden has announced that they are shutting down their music festivals because too many women are getting raped. They cannot control it. Whenever they have a music festival, an inordinate number of women are being raped everywhere.

They say, “Fine shut down the music festival.” Then, what happened? One performer said, “Hey, why do not we have gender segregated music festivals?” And what everybody said, “That sounds great!”

So, now, we have gender segregated festivals in Sweden. What is next? Put a woman in a Burka, so she does not get raped? It is literally everything that they want is happening. Because we have oceans, we have borders over at North America and South America, we are still protected somewhat.

We still get to choose who we bring in. Europe, they have no choice. People walk across. So, we can still be, but we have to get it right. We are not getting it right. our mindset still hasn’t changed. Even in Europe, even in Germany, they should be the most alert.

They are still fighting it. They are still saying, “No, it is racism.” There was a woman that was raped. She would not say the ethnicity of the men that raped her because she did not want to come off as racist, so she said he was German. I can send you a link to this.

She did not want to say that he was a refugee. Then she went home after the rape kit, given the police officer’s false information about her rapist. Then she went home and her friend told her, “If you do not say the truth, this man is going to go off and rape another woman. That is going to be on your head.”

So, she went back to the police station and she told the truth. There was another case, with a man in Sweden this time, a man that was raped by his Somalian refugee that he kept in his house. He came to live in his house.

The man raped him and he did not want to press charges because he did not want the man to be sent back to Somalia again. That is how deep this white guilt is. It is insane. I had another story in my head. It went away.

But there are so many of them right. Then the UK, you heard of Rotterdam rape cases, thousands of girls. When you have a chance please listen to the Douglas Murray and Sam Harris podcast that they, what happened in Rotterdam, this is in the UK – many different areas of the UK not one but – this was in Rotterdam the first time that they discovered it. Thousands of girls were going missing.

The families were saying, “Those Muslims are kidnapping our children.” They were like, “That is racist.” Then some of the girls were escaping. They were coming and telling the police, “I was chained to a bed. I was gang raped daily.”

These are children right. These are from ten to sixteen, seventeen. These are the age groups of the girls that they were raping. They go to the police officers. They say, “This is what is happening to me.”

The police officers say, “No, that is racist” They never told the public because they did not want to come off as racist. By the time this story finally broke, thousands of girls were victims of gang rapes.

Then, what happened with Bill Cosby and any other situation? Once one story breaks, all the other cities – all across the UK, stories breaking everywhere. My god, we have a rape gang here too…we have a gang rape here too.

The country is littered with these rape gangs, okay? You are allowing your daughter to be raped rather than being called racist. That is the position we are in. That is how badly, how psychotically, people do not want to be called racist, Islamophobic, or a bigot.

I am like, “Who cares? Who the fuck cares if you have a choice of somebody calling you bad words, or this person being honored killed, this person getting their clitoris cut off, this person being gang raped? Which one is worse?”

The same thing is happening in Sweden. Same thing, they are selling their girls to be raped this is what I was going to tell you. In Sweden, you are not allowed to mention the race of the perpetrator when you are explaining to the police who was the criminal, any eye witness.

You are not allowed to mention race because then it comes off as racist. Have you ever heard anything so stupid in your life?

5. Jacobsen: I heard worse. However, that is absurd, though. If you are dealing with a crime you want, not necessarily demographics, but characteristics for a profile.

Mohammed: …description…

Jacobsen: Maybe, it saves money on ink when they are doing a sketch and printing it, but other than this…

Mohammed: How is that helpful to reduce crime, when you do not even know who the people are that are causing the crimes. How are you going to catch people when you do not know what they look like?

Jacobsen: Yes, and to relate this to our context in British Columbia, what are our issues? Some of them might be “God” in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Another one might be if you are to critique religion, especially the dominant one.

Seven out of 10 people are Christian roughly – four out of ten Catholic, three out of ten Protestant. If you were to critique either of those, it is not, “We are going to completely socially shun you. We will kick you out of the house.”

Mohammed: It is not nice. I would not make fun of people’s belief.

Jacobsen: So, it is a completely different context. There is a spectrum there, but along the spectrum of secular tolerant liberalized freedom. For a country, compared to many of the instances you been describing, they can be countries as theocracies.

For the society, sub-cultures, or sub-enclaves within, for instance, various European countries, or the inverse in some of those theocracies where, for want of a better term, there are pockets of Canada.

People scattered all over the place. They hold those liberal values. You do not talk about the supernatural to those who are secular to some degree, whether agnostic, atheist, or whatever else have you, but they cannot think about it. It is not permitted.

A lot of these issues as you are noting, as you are going from topic to topic, it seems like something with the individual tragic stories, individual rape cases, or even large cases with thousands of adolescent girls or younger, undergoing sexual assault of various forms.

These are related issues that have consequences on real people’s lives. What my sense from what you are telling me, it is (a) that is happening but (b), even more so, it is the indifference or denial that is ongoing.

Mohammed: Protection even, even if you are going to be indifferent and denial that it goes back, I grew up with indifference and denial. That was my whole life. I am used to that. However, on things that are changed, you are preventing criticism.

You are protecting these group of people that are oppressing. So, when you shut-down Maajid Nawaz and others, you are shutting down the receptors. You are shutting down the people that are trying to say, “Help us.” You are saying “Shhh, you are an Islamophobic person. You are an anti-Muslim, bigot.”

So, that is even worse than indifferent. Be indifferent fine, leave us alone, let people fight for their rights, but do not stand in the way and prevent them. Or do not support the people that are suppressing us including the Muslim Brotherhood.

Appendix I: Footnotes

[1] Author; Founder, Free Hearts, Free Minds.

[2] Individual Publication Date: February 15, 2019:; Full Issue Publication Date: May 1, 2019:


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