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Dara Parker: Executive Director, Qmunity (Part One)


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2015/09/02


Interview with Dara Parker. Executive director of Qmunity and co-president of the board (Vancouver) for the United Nations Association of Canada. She discusses: family geography, culture, and language; academic qualifications; skills and knowledge from volunteering;  previous work experience for present position; earning executive director position of Qmunity, media appearances in video and writing, and responsibilities of this public representation; definition and sub-populations contained within the umbrella term “queer”; queer sub-population numbers; import for unified services of Qmunity; most important provision of Qmunity to the queer community; importance of inclusive provisions by Qmunity; Reconciling Injustices in a Pluralistic Canada at Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue quote with international, national, and provincial context and possible futures; and ways to become involved with Qmunity or the queer community in general.

Keywords: binary, bisexual, British Columbia, Canada, Dara Parker, executive director, gender identity, non-profit, Qmunity, queer, sexual orientation, trans, United Nations, Vancouver.

Dara Parker: Executive Director, Qmunity (Part One)

1. In terms of geography, culture, and language, where does your family background reside?

Geography, culture, and language, I am a Canadian born Anglophone who was raised in suburbia Toronto, and has been in Vancouver for the last ten and a half years.

2. You earned a partial Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in politics from University of Melbourne with its full completion from Queen’s University, a masters of planning in urban planning (international development) from The University of British Columbia, and a certificate of non-profit management executive from Duke University.[1],[2] What instigated the personal interest or need in these qualifications for personal and professional life?

I’m not sure if I was particularly strategic when thinking about a career path when choosing the formal education I’ve engaged in. The driving principle has always been to study things that I interested in.  And so that led to acquiring a bachelor of art, honours, in politics and drama, for my undergrad, and doing my masters in urban planning. And both of those were valuable educational experiences, but they certainly weren’t with the lens that one day I’d become the executive director of a queer non-profit. Although, I think certain aspects of those trainings were invaluable in leading me here. And then the most recent certificate in non-profit management was quite deliberate and in line with what I’m doing now.  I was awarded a fellowship this year to complete that non-profit management training, and then part of the fellowship I’ll be doing leadership training towards the end of the year.

3. You volunteered on the Board for Ship for World Youth and remain the Co-President of the Board (Vancouver) for the United Nations Association of Canada.[3],[4] What skills and knowledge did you gain from these experiences to date?

I think it’s incredibly valuable if you work in the non-profit if you also volunteer on the board of a non-profit because you can see what managing a non-profit looks like from both perspectives.  Being on the board of UNA Canada was particularly useful because it was an organization with a paid staff, and often gave me a glimpse into the perspective of my own board members at Qmunity would have.  And Additionally, I think it’s incredibly important to volunteer.  I have been a lifelong volunteer.  I think I started to volunteering when I was 15. And, for me, it’s personally important to give back to community, and that’s one of the ways that I can do that.

4. You worked for the Kids Help Phone (leadership director), Busabout, HAGGiS & Shamrocker Adventures (tour guide), Lesotho National Olympic Committee (Project manager), United Nations Association of Canada (Program Manager), City of Burnaby (Social Planner), UN-HABITAT United Nations Human Settlements Programme (Advisor), and Cuso International (Public Engagement Manager).[5],[6] Throughout this vast experience in numerous sectors for your career up to the present, how did these assist in the current position of executive director of Qmunity?[7],[8]

I think the common thread throughout my diverse career has been a commitment to social justice and social change.  As in that, positions have been quite different, certainly my work in non-profit helped prepare me for this role.  I think the value in working in multiple organizations is seeing multiple ways to doing things.  Some that work really well.  Some that you are able to throw out because they are not as effective.  So it was the combination of all of those experiences that led me to this role.

5. In addition, you earned the position of executive director of Qmunity.[9],[10],[11] You have numerous media appearances in video and writing too.[12],[13],[14],[15],[16],[17],[18],[19],[20],[21],[22],[23],[24],[25],[26],[27],[28],[29],[30],[31],[32],[33],[34],[35],[36],[37],[38],[39],[40],[41],[42],[43],[44],[45],[46],[47],[48],[49],[50],[51],[52],[53],[54],[55],[56],[57],[58],[59],[60],[61],[62],[63],[64],[65],[66],[67],[68],[69],[70],[71],[72],[73],[74],[75],[76]  What additional duties and responsibilities come with this prominent, public, and respected position connected to attention from the media?

Being an executive director of a small non-profit means that you wear a lot of hats, you are often looking at finance and human resources and program development and fundraising, and everything in between.  And of course, you are often the spokesperson for the organization. And for our organization, that means a lot of media engagement.  We’re a small organization, but we ae the unique umbrella organization for LGBTQ communities across BC.  And so we do get a lot of requests from media to comment on various issues, and to help highlight what contemporary concerns are for our queer communities.  So that’s part and parcel.  But most of the EDs that I know who are the spokespeople for the organization, depending on the issue that you are working on, that you may have more or less media attention on that issue.  And I think queer and trans issues continue to receive a decent amount of media coverage.

6. “Queer,” as a term, means “someone with a non-normative sexual orientation or gender identity.”[77] Within this umbrella term, according to the general mandate of Qmunity, what sub-populations become implicated in it?

We welcome everyone under the rainbow umbrella that identifies, queer or trans, so anyone with a non-normative sexual orientation or gender identity, as you noted.  Some of those identities within those communities would include gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, two-spirited, intersex, asexual, pansexual, gender, queer, and lots of word that we get to use to name ourselves.  And then, we’re also looking at the intersection of our gender identity and sexual orientation that we carry.  For instance, being a person of color, or having a disability, or being a newcomer, et cetera.

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