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Global “Convinced Atheism” Increased by 80% in 12 Years


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Atheist Republic (News)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): n.d.

The atheist community has been seeing an unprecedented rise in its international notoriety and respect by the wider public, but with this increase in visibility and dignity for the minority community within the non-religious international movements has been the backlash. Regardless, atheists are on the rise globally with differences depending on the nation or the region in consideration.

Big Think reported on the increases in the atheist population, especially in authoritarian China and in Europe in general. There was a survey of 60,000 or more people on 68 nations around the world with comparison from a 2005 survey.

The survey data gathering and analysis was done through the reliable and respected WIN/Gallup group. The number of people who identified as having no religion in 2005 was marked at 77%; whereas, for the survey done recently – in 2017, the number was 62%. A significant decrease, while not a majority, of 15%.

For the members of the atheist community with an interest in the ways in which atheist has continued to garner popularizers, famous speakers, best-selling books, and packed-house debates and dialogues, one is through the global transformation of the religious identification landscape.

For the in-depth analysis of the research, or the deeper reportage on it, please see the link associated with the survey rundown done by Big Think. But the big takeaway from the news reportage is the level of atheism, by which the survey states as “convinced atheism,” is most prominent is China – a huge number of the global population of atheists harboured there – and in Europe with most of the top 20 being in North America.

When looking at the breakdown of the 15% over the approximately 12-year-period, we can see noteworthy increase from 5%, in 2005, to 9%, in 2017, for the global convinced atheist population. That is to report, there has been an extraordinary increase of 80% for the convinced atheist population around the world in only about a dozen years.

The main factors argued for are age, education, and income: more of each means less religion; less of each means more religion. There is a direct negative correlation for these factors.


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