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Students Kept Home From Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Education


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Humanist Voices)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2019/05/20

According to ITV, several hundred students of Muslim parents were kept home by the parents during some portions of the school year.

The reason reported is that there were some lessons around LGBT equality. The lessons were at Anderton Park Primary in Birmingham. However, the parents boycotted the school.

“It’s thought hundreds of students at the school have been kept home by parents,” the report stated, “Protesters say the lessons are intolerant of Islamic beliefs and are ‘indoctrinating’ children by teaching them about same-sex relationships and gender identity.”

With the lessons in LGBT, or sexual orientation and gender identity minority lessons, in the classrooms, the parents did not want their children to be taking part in these lessons.

This is the second school in Birmingham in which the parents boycotted the schools in order to prevent their children from being “indoctrinated” with proper education about LGBT individuals within the society.

Presumably, the idea behind the restriction of the education of the young in these contexts comes in the form of preventing the knowledge about the reality of LGBTQ+ individuals and groups within the Birmingham community in particular or the society as a whole.

Let’s say the parents boycott the Geology lesson on the age of an old Earth at approximately 4.54 billion years old the same, ‘perfect,’ and proportional solution — in this hypothetical — would be the restriction of the education of their kids through the simple boycotting of the Birmingham school teaching the ‘indoctrination’ of the age of the Earth to give an idea of deep geological time.

“Some argue the teachings are intolerant of Islamic beliefs and aren’t age appropriate. The school has said the protesters are spreading ‘lies and misinformation’ and that most don’t even have children at the school,” the article said, “Police officers were outside the school this morning, as campaigners and parents went head to head in the street.”

The headteacher, Sarah Hewitt Clarkson, described the daily protests of the parents as soul destroying. It becomes sensitive to teach about the religions of the world in the school and about LGBT equality in the school.

The article said, “Yardley MP Jess Phillips was involved in a row with protester Shakeel Afsar, who says he’s been elected as parents’ spokesman but does not have children at the school.”

The LGBT flags and banners were placed at the school by LGBT activists who were supporting the efforts of the staff and students that supported the educational curriculum on LGBT peoples. Some activists were pelted with eggs and then police were called to the scene, such is the nature of the fight for human rights and freedoms and equality.


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