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Brighter Brains, Critical Minds


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Humanist Voices)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2019/01/27

According to Freethinker, there is work to promote humanism and atheism, or at least secular values, within some difficult areas of the world.

There is important work being done by the Brighter Brains Institute, based on the United States, on the advancement of and empowerment of others via humanism and freethought. This is a growing movement and there are a number of organizations devoted to these efforts.

Now, the organization — BBI — is working to advance humanism and freethinking in Pakistan, which, as many of you known, is a serious rights infringer of the non-religious — or even of the moderate religious. It is continual story of the secular and ordinary religious being imposed upon by fundamentalists.

BBI made an announcement about finding closeted ex-Muslims in Pakistan who received a free ebook of former believer narratives. It is entitled Why We Left Religion — testimonies by Ex-BelieversBBI is looking to work with and for nonbelievers and ex-believers through the publication of an e-book entitled Cyber Security and Survival Guide for Ex Muslims in Pakistan.

It is to be a non-English book, so in Urdu. The pseudonymic author will be Hurr Aqvi. The purpose is to protect and support nonbelievers and arm them with some knowledge, especially the knowledge of them not being alone — presumably.

The second initiative will be the launching of a website entitled This will extend some of the survival book with some further information in addition to having essays from Why We Left Religion, which will be transcribed from Urdu.

Interestingly, and helpful, enough, there will be audiovisual material focusing on ex-Muslim atheists in addition to news about varieties of humanist activities around the world. This will provide a basis for the empowerment of the ex-Muslim populations there, as well as provide resources for those, potentially, in need and advance humanist principles in Pakistan.

The final effort will be the promotion of Facebook pages, so social media-based outreach, through “Dialogue Among Civilizations” and “Freethinkers — Pakistan.” Given the minimal cost to produce the ebook, $400, and the ease with which this can give some modicum of assistance to those in need, add to the online general internet repository of resources, and advance humanism seems like a worthwhile initiative.

The BBI has now extended the fundraiser to purchase books for the library.


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