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Call to Action on Noura Hussein Hammad from Sodfa Daaji


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Humanist Voices)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2018/10/30

Sodfa Daaji is the Chairwoman of the Gender Equality Committee and the North Africa Coordinator for the Afrika Youth Movement. Here we talk about Noura Hussein Hammad’s urgent case. The hashtag: #JusticeForNoura. Daaji’s email if you would like to sign:

​Hammad has 15 days to appeal the decision for her execution.​

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What is Noura Hussein Hammad’s current crisis?

Sadfa Daaji: Ms. Noura is a 19-year-old Sudanese woman who, on 10th of May 2018, has been sentenced to death penalty according to Sharia Law. Today was her last trial, and the family’s husband decided for Qasas (death) instead of Deia (payment, and consequently forgiveness). Noura is condemned under the article 130, for intentional homicide, and from now we have 15 days to appeal and to try to save Noura’s life.

Noura is a victim of forced child marriage, as her father got her to get married with her relative, and no one of her relatives heard her refusal. Noura managed to escape to her aunt’s house, but her father tricked her, and she has found herself married against her will. Ms. Noura is a victim of rape, as on the fifth day of her honeymoon, after refusing to have any intercourse with her husband, she has been raped by him with the help of his brother and his cousins, who held her.

Noura is also a victim of gender-based violence and domestic violence, as her husband threatened her with a knife, and she has on her body scars made from his bites and his violence.

We are urging Sudanese authorities to take in consideration the multiple factors, and to treat Noura as a victim of violence, who is psychologically affected by her earlier experience, and she is now facing the misery of being condemned to death.

Jacobsen: What is the purported crime? What may be the punishment for this?

Daaji: Noura is formerly accused of intentional homicide, under the article 130 of the Sudanese Law. According to Sharia Law, the punishment is Qasas (death) or Deia (payment of the loss to the family and some time to spend in prison).

The decision is made, at the ending, by the family of the husband. And today the family has decided for death, even if the judge recommended them to take in consideration the opportunity to forgive her and to make her pay a fine.

The family has not accepted the advice from the judge, and according to our volunteers, at the end of the trial the husband’s family was clapping and celebrating outside the courtroom for their decision.

Jacobsen: How can she be helped?

Daaji: We are now running against the time, and we are trying to catch the attention of the High Commissioner of Human Rights, but also the head of States of African Union. Who wants to support us can join our official hashtag #JusticeForNoura and find on twitter further information.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Jacobsen: Thank you for the opportunity and your time, Sadfa.


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