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This Week in World Religion 2018–09–23


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Humanist Voices)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2018/09/23

“Chris Pratt is a Hollywood actor known for his upfront attitude towards the Christian faith. He even delivered a mini-sermon when he accepted the Generation Award from MTV, insisting that God is real and loves everybody. Pratt is quite sure that Hollywood is not anti-religious . In an interview with The Associated Press, he said there is a false narrative in circulation that Hollywood is anti-religious or anti-Christian. The Jurassic World movie hero said contrary to popular perception, the culture of Hollywood pushes people to heartily welcome whatever they like and feel authentic.


“There’s more to the world’s largest interfaith event than 10,000 people talking about religion.

“Talk about religion — yes. But also very much experience it,” said Rev. Dr. Karen Hamilton, co-chair of the Parliament of the World’s Religions being held Nov. 1–7 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Toronto will be the seventh city to host the event since its inception during the 1893 World Fair in Chicago. After a 100-year gap between the first and second parliaments, the event has become a more regular gathering with plans to convene every two years after the Toronto parliament.”


“ The aftermath of the Pennsylvania Catholic sex abuse scandal is ongoing and is having vast effects on several aspects of the church. There have been calls for resignations, imprisonments, and reformation from all over the nation as groups descend on the church’s chaos to make demands. The Fallout Continues in The Pennsylvania Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal TWEET THIS The Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) is demanding an investigation into the abuse scandal from the Department of Justice. The FFRF claims the degree of abuse and widespread cover up efforts within the church requires a top to bottom examination of the Roman Catholic Church. This would be a concerted effort to oust, imprison, and punish those who were responsible for the abuse and subsequent cover ups that occurred in the area. After all, six of the eight dioceses in the states reported abuse with thousands of victims over the course of decades. To the FFRF, the fact that the Department of Justice has not taken any action yet speaks to the problem of uncovering abuse helping victims that has plagued members of the church.”


“ Two Christian organizations, Special Forces of Liberty and Warriors for Christ, have filed a case against the Lafayette Parish Library as it will host “Drag Queen Story Time.” This event will witness the Delta Lamda Phi chapter of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette reading to children aged between three to six years. The aim is to celebrate diversity by helping children to look beyond gender stereotypes and accept differences. Defendants, in this case, include Teresa Elberson, the Library Director, and John Bel Edwards, the state Governor, and Jeff Landry, the state Attorney General. Religious Groups Suing Louisiana Library for “Drag Queen Story Time” TWEET THIS The Library board has for now stuck to its stand. It declined to discuss this item on the forthcoming September 24 meeting agenda. It also took the decision to abstain from any kind of public discussion before permitting residents to put forward their respective views. The event was denounced on record by Councilman Jared Bellard and Councilman William Theriot of Lafayette City-Parish Council. This was symbolic as the council has no influence over Library matters. The two were joined by Councilwoman Nanette Cook, who felt that the event was not appropriate for young children. She, however, said that her vote mirrored only her personal opinion. The remaining six council members declined to any action.”


“ An American Journal of Epidemiology study shows children with a religious upbringing tend to enjoy better mental and physical health as they grow older. The study, bearing the name Associations of Religious Upbringing With Subsequent Health and Well-Being From Adolescence to Young Adulthood: An Outcome-Wide Analysis, was made with the help of T.H. Chan School of Public Health of Harvard University. The study found that both children and adults engaged in spiritual practices or religious activities were at a much-reduced risk of substance abuse complications and mental health issues all through their lives. Study Shows Religious Upbringing Results in Better Health and Well-being TWEET THIS The Longitudinal data from the above study were analyzed through the application of generalized estimating equations. Sample sizes varied from a minimum of 5,681 respondents to 7,458 respondents. The numbers depended on the outcome with a median age of about 14.74 years. The follow-up time ranged from a minimum of eight years to a maximum of 14 years. The study began in 1999 and subsequently was followed up in 2007 or 2010. Some respondents were checked again in 2013. Errors of multiple testing were negated by Bonferroni correction.”



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