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This Week in Humanism 2018–09–16


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Humanist Voices)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2018/09/16

“How can clinicians stay humanistic — respectful, empathic, and compassionate — with patients with complex behavioral, social, or physical issues? In our interprofessional patient-centered medical home for homeless Veterans, we designed a compact set of techniques, summarized on a pocket card, and termed the Humanism Pocket Tool (HPT). It comprises heuristics for interacting both with patients and team members, because staying compassionate requires a culture of humanism within the clinic.”


Meet 2018’s Humanist of the Year. For his advocacy work on responsible and progressive economic ethics, Nick Hanauer will be honored as Humanist of the Year by the Humanist Hub, an organization based at MIT and Harvard. In a statement, Hanauer said, “It is an honor both to receive this award, and to join the Humanist Hub in helping to change the way we think and talk about the economy. It turns out that most people get capitalism wrong. Capitalism works best when it works for everybody, not just for zillionaires like me.” The Humanist Hub, a nonreligious philosophy group, annually celebrates a public individual they believe embodies the ideals of humanism, a philosophy of living ethically to serve the greater good of humanity. (Watch Hauner’s TED Talk.)”


“Very few people identify a personal life philosophy that governs them. The broad band of humanity travels happily along a road of convenience choosing diverse plans that offer the most for the moment.

In our day, commitment levels are low and personal gratification is the main course on the menu.

If you boil down all tangent issues, life is usually governed by two competing philosophies. Secular humanism or a biblical worldview account for the two major approaches to life.”


“A clarification to the letter writer who conflated the term “atheist” with the term “humanist.” Just as there are many forms of Christianity and Judaism (and Islam and Hinduism and a whole bunch of other world religions) humanism has several distinct strands.

While secular humanism does appeal to those who identify as atheist, religious humanism covers a wide spectrum of beliefs and practices.

At base, humanism affirms and promotes the agency and responsibility of people to affect the world as they find it in the here and now. In that, many may share the values espoused by the ACLU and the SPLC, but I can find no evidence that these organizations or the others mentioned in the letter promote hatred.”


“ It is not an overstatement to say moral standard in our society has for long been trampled upon as a result of our crave for materialism. While the average adult opportunist in our society indulges in illicit financial dealings, cronyism and insincerity in both high and low levels, the youths rake in other vices such as sexual abuse, robbery, murder, cultism, flagrant breaking of laws and order, drunkenness, drug addiction, thuggery etc. Everybody in Nigeria lives in fear over the level of moral decay in the country.

Some may attribute this to civilization and westernisation, but our expectation of civilization is a well developed and organised human society. It should be that of a positive human relationship, respect for self, law and maturity.”



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