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Argentinian Women’s Rights at Stake Through Abortion Debate


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Humanist Voices)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2018/04/27

Argentina continues in internal struggle (and strife, as they say,) for women’s rights. Two women head federal government ministries. 20 exist in total. A ratio of 9:1, men to women.

That amounts to a significant disparity. Argentina has been Roman Catholic Christian. It continues to be Roman Catholic Christian. One longstanding controversy exists around abortion.

If a woman got pregnant, and so became a mother, and if the new mother’s health was at risk, abortion became allowable. Also, this would come in the conversation if the pregnancy was the result of rape.

President Mauricio Macri had a Congress that debated a bill for women’s rights. A woman’s right to have a terminated or aborted pregnancy in the first 14 weeks.

Furthermore, the termination would be free and within the Argentinian universal health system. Argentina has a universal basic health system.

In the World Economic Forum gender equality index. Argentina ranks 34th out of 144. Not bad, no one compares to Iceland, often.

March 8 was a historic leap for Argentinean’s 200,000 women marched for International Women’s Day. Many made an open call for legal abortions. Illegal abortions poses to women throughout the world.

Not because illegal alone but because of derivative effects. Women still get abortions but in unsafe conditions instead of safe ones. Important to note: most abortions in Argentina amount to illegal now.

Women become criminals while risking health and life to get an abortion. That is even in the case of a rape-based abortion. Think about that.

Within reading this article and grabbing a coffee, an adolescent girl became a mother. Argentina has this problem. This becomes poor mothers, children, and families.

This can create generations of poverty. The lack of female leadership may prevent compassion on this issue. Compassion, not generally but, based in experience.

Biological females differ from males in extraordinarily subtle and overt ways. Pregnancy is one. Women and mothers in leadership may bridge the gap.

The bridge strong enough to be able to say, “No.” A strong negation to the strong-arming by allies of a traditionalist government. A government, too, beholden to pressures of the Roman Catholic Christian Church.


Beaudoux, V.G. (2018, April 24). Argentina’s abortion legalization debate ignites soul searching on women’s rights. Retrieved from


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