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A Compendium of Crimes and Criminals of the Eastern Orthodox Church — Part 4


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Humanist Voices)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2018/03/27

I doubt this is comprehensive, nor is it representative of the positives of the church either; it is reportage on the reports from the news. I didn’t see a compendium, so decided to write one. Part 12, and 3.

The continued child sex abuse cases emerge from the Eastern Orthodox Church (Velissaris, 2013). Archbishop Stylianos talked about the Greek Orthodox Church and its child sexual abuse.

This is only a week after the Church fronting the Victorian parliamentary inquiry with the denial of its culpability there. Stylianos opines that no religious organization is immune.

Stylianos said, “Religious organisations, which consist of human beings, even as clergymen, can never be regarded in advance as immune of such criminal acts.”

The Bishop Iakovos of Miletoupolis denied child sexual abuse by Greek Orthodox Church clergyman in Victoria. However, further reportage found the opposite and worse, the child sexual abuse was happening and Iakovos attempted to cover the child sexual abuse up.

The Greek Orthodox Church involved in child sexual abuse by its clergyman and then caught in lies attempting to cover the abuse. One priest was found guilty of indecently assaulting a teenage girl in 2002.

In the inquiry, Iakovos said the Greek Orthodox Church is on good terms with the Victoria police.

Stylianos explained the protocol, “If a complaint is made, the local Bishop immediately convenes to the Code of Conduct Council, and investigates the complaint… The respondent is notified, the complainant is offered counselling/support services. If a mutual resolution cannot be reached, the matter is then referred to the Archbishop who may refer the matter to a canonical court for final determination. Finally, if criminal conduct is established, the church must refer the matter to the police authorities. The archbishop will then take disciplinary action based on the severity of the complaint.”

Two cases of priests being defrocked with one involving taking marriage license fees. While this inquiry was ongoing at the time, the Catholic Church was being similarly taken to task for its staff sexual abusing children.

Stylianos, at the time, argued that if priests could marry then the sex scandals may be avoided.

The Associated Press in 2014 reported on dozens of Greek police being involved in an operation to clear a hostel, which is being used as a rebel monastery.

The hostel was for monks claimed as “schismatic” by the Greek Orthodox Church. One monk and five supporters were in the apartment. It is located at central Thessaloniki.

The court ruled for an eviction. “Monks from the 1,000-year-old Esphigmenou monastery, in the self-governed Mount Athos monastic community near Thessaloniki in northern Greece,” the Associated Press reported, “are in a bitter dispute with the Istanbul-based Ecumenical Patriarch, spiritual leader of the world’s Orthodox Christians.”

The monks make the allegations that the Ecumenical Patriarch is treasonous because he wants better relationships with the Catholic Church.

The 125 monks did not want to cede the monastery. That means the building on Mount Athos (where “women are banned”) and the Thessaloniki hostel.

No women allowed and crushing of dissent.


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