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Women’s Equality Party (WEP) Member Ejected


Author(s): Phoebe Davies-Owen and Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Humanist Voices)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2018/02/23

Dr. Heather Brunskell-Evans, a visiting research fellow at King’s College London and member of the Women’s Equality Party (WEP), has been called transphobic over recent comments. Her research has focused on the gendering of the body in medicine and sexuality.

In addition to the claim of being transphobic, Brunskell-Evans has been sacked as “an official spokeswoman after complaints about her views on transgender people,” according to Pink News.

She has been a critic of parents embracing their trans children, calling it “abusive” of the parents.

In a conversation with Moral Maze of Radio 4, she said, “What actually happens is that a small child is told there is something not quite right with its body, and it’s got the brain of another gender. I think we’re imposing… I think it’s abusive, actually. We’re imposing restrictions on children.”

Josiah Mortimer, in the Left Foot Forward, reported that Brunskell-Evans said that parents should not encourage children as feeling as if in the wrong body. In a debate with two trans activists, Brunskell-Evans stated:

If a child decides that it’s an astronaut, one can play along with this. One doesn’t have to moralise about it but quite clearly the child is not an astronaut. In fact it’s incumbent upon adults who are responsible for the welfare, psychological and social and medical, of children not to go along with this story.

Currently, according to The Christian Institute, an adult diagnosed as gender dysphoric and living as an individual of the opposite sex for two years can submit an application for a recognition of gender.

In a statement issued on her website, Brunskell-Evans wrote that “A substantive number of medical professionals are extremely worried about this practice,” referring to the use of hormone blockers.

She continued, “…but daren’t speak out for fear of accusations of transphobia.” She states that hormone blockers have serious health consequences, including the probability of infertility.

She refutes that she has promoted prejudice against trans individuals and instead has called “for transparent public debate, without fear of reprisal, of the social, psychological and physical consequences of the narrative that children can be born in ‘the wrong body.’”

The reactions to opinions like Brunskell-Evans’ are becoming more outraged, as the issue of Transgenderism becomes more contentious.

Only a few months ago in Bath University, an investigation was started into claims that an application for research on gender reassignment was declined because it was “potentially politically correct.”

James Caspian went back with preliminary findings that suggested growing numbers of young people, particularly women, were regretting gender reassignment, and when he re-submitted his proposal to an ethics committee, it was rejected.

Both Brunskell-Evans and Caspian’s views were barred from having a presence at universities, institutions where diversity of ideas, research, and academic claims should be encouraged and debated.


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