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Interview with Lucille V. Hoersten


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Humanist Voices)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2017/12/16

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: You are on the international council for HAPI, and in Germany as its representative. How did you find HAPI? Why did you think it was important to join the organization?

Lucille V. Hoersten: Good evening too. I neither found nor joined HAPI. I was incidentally added into the fb group. I also did not apply for any position, I got assigned, of which task I try to do as good as I can. I do not find it important to join the group.

Jacobsen: How important is it, and in what ways is it, for humanists to come together under a unified banner within a single country for international outreach?

Hoersten: It is not important, but it does feel good to know one is not alone, that there are humanists/atheists too. It is then like home. Just like I do not need religion to be able to help & function. But I make it a habit to help once I feel I am needed.

Jacobsen: What have been some of our initiatives with HAPI, or some of the general projects of HAPI, that you’re proud of in their success?

Hoersten: I find all projects beneficial & I am profoundly grateful for everyone trying to contribute & help. And I am deeply happy that there is this atheist union that awakens critical thinking/rationalism, & gradually eradicates the acceptance of superstition & handed over dogma.

Jacobsen: What have been some honest failures? How can the next set of humanist leaders learn from these?

Hoersten: There are indeed existing failures. But that is a matter I find best discussed & solved internally. Life is a learning process & so we try to learn a little bit more every day. I hope we will be able to widely promote critical thinking.

Jacobsen: What are your hopes for the humanist movement in the Philippines in the coming years?

Hoersten: I hope we get to help more less fortunate people. I hope we learn to be grateful to each other & to really love each other, so much that it eradicates power greed in the union, so that we can all fully focus on altruistically providing humanitarian aid. To live our lives for a cause.

Jacobsen: Thank you for your time, Lucille.


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