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6 Great Website Copywriting Examples (And Why They Work)


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Personal)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2020/11/27

Copywriting is an art and an algorithm. I think of it as an art insofar as it provides room for creativity. A creativity in a wide variety of media. Also, it’s like an algorithm because the processes are learnable.

Web copywriter is simply a title narrowed to online content copywriting process(es). Someone who makes effective website text, works within content marketing strategies, and who is worth copying seen in social proof.

The nature of good copy versus bad copy isn’t about good versus bad. It’s about suitable versus unsuitable. The ways in which the copy suits the audience most appropriately. To have suitable copy, it should be suitable to both the audience and intended message.

What is copywriting?

Literally, it is the creation of copy, or words. Words on a physical page by hand or on an electronic screen by typing. In all, the creation of copy is a profound process of honing language. Language neither better nor worse. You write generally, as a content write; you are writing copy.

When committing to website copywriting, or website copy, the copywriting will be specified within the domains of the website. The organization or the outlet will have a style and a defined theme. This will inform the web copy, whether a product page or a service page, or otherwise.

You will want to focus on making the copy friendly to Google search engine analytics, SEO copywriting. As a copywriter, you will need to discern the target audience for the content to be suitable to them, whether website content or social media SEO copy.

Your copywriting service as a freelance copywriter or a website copywriter could be used for a blog post, web copywriting services (e.g., a landing page), or simply a Facebook post or a Twitter tweet. Copywriting is a general purpose form of writing, primarily for web content.

Your job is to make great copy as a skilled copywriter for a business owner to attract a reader demographic or a potential customer base. Over time, if successful, you will be considered a professional copywriter or an expert copywriter. So, what are 6 great website copywriting examples?

The following examples show content creation with functional keyword search, compelling copy/compelling content, effective copy, representing the brand voice to provide a value proposition reflecting the business. All this to attract website visitors, readers, and so possible customers for effective marketing purposes.

1. Apple

When you look at places like Apple, they have become one of the largest corporations in the world. Of course, part of this comes from the fantastic technology sold by them. A sense of a human or user-friendly device.

Another strength of the technology comes from the power of their use of language. They, typically, have a language reflecting their campaigns. For example, the campaign of “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC.” These are iconic in the marketing world now. Clean and clear as the devices they make.

2. Coca-Cola

This is another company with great copy and excellent copywriters. They know how to market. Part of the mark of their greatness comes from the quality of their marketing itself. They know their audience.

They speak to their particular brand. In turn, they speak to their audience, which is a general audience. So, their copy, their slogans, come in broad terms. The current sloganeering: “Refresh the World. Make a Difference.”

3. Walmart

You can see the trend towards more prominent companies and entities. This is for good reason. Because these organizations have extensive networks and finances to create some of the best copy or text on the market.

Indeed, they have the ability to hire some of the best copywriters known to date. Something like a tincture form of the desired experience for customers. They really know their base. If we take the examples of Walmart, it’s obvious in their slogan, “Everyday low prices.” It’s a store for everyone.

4. Amazon

Another massive international corporation with lots of money coming in and plenty of money to burn. This is the type of company with the extra cash to make their text is sharp, focused. They know how to stay in the game.

Even during a pandemic, they are not only maintaining themselves. They are growing to some degree. Furthermore, they have another sweet, killer slogan, which is a great example of succinct copy: “Work Hard. Have Fun.”

5. Facebook

At one time, Facebook’s copy for a slogan was “Be Connected. Be Discovered. Be on Facebook.” It’s another punctuated series of messages devoted to attracting their target audience. They know how to best tap into this audience as a matter of course.

Facebook is one of the dominant social media platforms on the market today. Part of its pervasive successive is due to its filling a need of the general population. Another component is the ways in which it can reach a wide audience with copywriters tapping into the nascent ideas of its audience.

6. Google

The final one for today comes from the famous and most used search engine on the market today, Google. Its slogan is “Don’t be evil.” As a corporation, its internal culture and external image, in turn, should reflect this.

With their hired crack squad of copywriters, their copywriting should exhibit, and often does, represent this simplified, to the point, and powerful values message. It’s great. It’s one of those integral pieces text to the entire image of the company. One which does not do evil.

Questions to ask yourself

What are the ways in which excellent copy is a backbone of both marketing and a companies message to its consumers?

How is being a copywriter, prospective or expert, important for providing an essential service in the marketing and advertising world?

What are some tips and tricks to take from some of the examples of great copy given by these companies?


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