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An Attack on Salman Rushdie is Indeed an Attack to Freedom of Thought and Expression













Author: Isakwisa Amanyisye Lucas Mwakalonge

Numbering: Issue 1.B, Idea: African Freethinking

Place of Publication: Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Title: African Freethinker

Web Domain:

Individual Publication Date: August 27, 2022

Issue Publication Date: TBD

Name of Publisher: In-Sight Publishing

Frequency: TBD

Words: 332

Keywords: courts of law, East Africa, Isakwisa Amanyisye Lucas Mwakalonge, modern civilization, religious radicalism, Salman Rushdie, Tanzania.

An Attack on Salman Rushdie is Indeed an Attack to Freedom of Thought and Expression[1],[2]

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – East Africa.

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It is a shock to the world and to all civilized people for a recent incident of an attack on Salman Rushdie. International media have reported that Rushdie was attacked right on a stage while waiting for an interview in one of the academic forums in the United States of America, unexpectedly a person succeeded to get in and stabbed Rushdie perhaps with intention to assassinate him. It is really very sad for humankind to continue experiencing these cruel activities, actually this heartless action must not only be blamed but also cursed in all over the world especially by those believing in humanity. It is a disgrace that at this modern world yet there are some people who are still embracing fanatical-archaic ideologies of believing in butchering fellow human beings only because those whom they hate do exercise their rights of freedom of expression and freedom of thought…perhaps the thoughts which that criminal and fellow uncivilized ones did not like Rushdie to enjoy them.

It is easy to link this attack with religious radicalism, or whatever may be the case, still no one has the right to take someone’s right to life probably due to the differences on what someone believes or thinks. It should be clear that despite the differences in faith; yet, all human beings deserve to enjoy the right to life. It is not good to kill fellow human beings. Any attempt to either silence or kill Rushdie is an attack against human rights. It is an attack against modern civilization. It is an attack against academic freedom. It is an attack against enjoyment of the rights of freedom of thought. It is an attack against the right of enjoying freedom of expression and opinion.

For that case a culprit must be prosecuted before courts of law just like other criminals for an attempt to murder an innocent person, and the attack must be condemned all over the world because an attack to Rushdie is an attack against civilization.

Appendix I: Footnotes

[1] Lucas is Assistant Editor African Freethinker/ (Tanzania), a Lawyer, an Advocate of the High Court of Tanzania, a Notary Public Officer and Commissioner for Oaths.

[2] Individual Publication Date: August 27, 2022:

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