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Interview with Administrator of “Gay Ex Muslim”


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Canadian Atheist

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2019/04/11

Here we talk with the Administrator of “Gay Ex Muslim.”

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What are the more well-known difficulties of homosexuals within some Islamic communities and countries?

Administrator, “Gay Ex Muslim”:
Check out our post in relation to that:

Telling Your Pakistani Mom That You’re Gay | Ackley Bridge

Nas is considering the arranged marriage. But the pressure of it all leads Nas to break down to her mum and confess that she is gay. Watch the episode on All…

Jacobsen: What are some of the lesser-known aspects of prejudice and difficulties of the homosexual community in some Islamic communities and countries?

Administrator, “Gay Ex Muslim”: You are subject to disownment, abuse by family members, lack of job opportunities, etc.

Jacobsen: What Islamic communities and countries have more acceptance of the homosexual communities within them?

Administrator, “Gay Ex Muslim”: As per as we know, none.

Jacobsen: How are ex-Muslims, typically, treated around the world?

Administrator, “Gay Ex Muslim”: Maryam Namazie describes them as minorities within minorities. Ex-Muslims are silenced, threatened, at worst killed.

Jacobsen: As minorities within minorities, obviously, Muslims are disliked in some Western nations. However, within these groupings, some Muslim communities show prejudice to ex-Muslims and governments outright ignore ex-Muslims, in spite of the large number of groups and councils. In a way, ex-Muslims undergo, probably, more pain and suffering and isolation than others, as minorities within minorities. Is this exacerbated within the homosexual ex-Muslim communities?

Administrator, “Gay Ex Muslim”: We have published about this subject:

Brunei to pass Sharia law that will punish gay sex with death by stoning

Brunei will pass its Sharia Penal Code by 3 April, Gay Star News has learned. Penal code includes death by stoning for people convicted of sodomy

Jacobsen: What are concerns unique to the homosexual ex-Muslim community?

Administrator, “Gay Ex Muslim”: Above!

Jacobsen: At the same, what are the benefits in the newfound freedom for the homosexuals who leave Islam?

Administrator, “Gay Ex Muslim”: Freedom of Expression, allowed to be Gay and Religious Freedom.

Jacobsen: How can bridges be built between the Muslim and ex-Muslim communities?

Administrator, “Gay Ex Muslim”: Tolerance and acceptance.

Jacobsen: What is “Gay Ex Muslim”? How did it start out? What are its aims?

Administrator, “Gay Ex Muslim”: Check out this piece:

We welcome and stand with #Refugees. We have joined forces with Worcestershire Pride, Out2gether and Law & Justice Solicitors with our campaign #EmpoweringRefugees to create a safe space and support LGBT and/or Secular asylum seekers and refugees. We are proud and grateful to our local communities and organisations for their enormous support and love. Together we can achieve peace and live in a community where all #HumanRights are equally lived. We work closely with our support network to ensure #Refugees voices are heard and listened. We will forever defend, where we see violations of #HumanRights through our support network. We believe in #LocalLove, supporting the local communities and homeless. Our support networks and allies include: Humanists UK, Amnesty International UK (Amnesty UK LGBTI), Peter Tatchell (Peter Tatchell Foundation), Humanists International, Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB), Emerald Life and our support network’s allies.

Gay Ex Muslim

Jacobsen: What are other groups, pages, or organizations providing space and benefits, e.g., protections and a voice, for the exMuslim homosexual community – or simply individuals?

Administrator, “Gay Ex Muslim”: Check out this piece:

Jacobsen: Thank you for the opportunity and your time.


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