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Beijing Platform for Action. Chapter IV. D. Violence Against Women Paragraph 125(a)-(d)


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): The Good Men Project

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2019/02/01

Strategic objective D.1.

Take integrated measures to prevent and eliminate violence against women

Actions to be taken

125. By Governments, including local governments, community organizations, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, the public and private sectors, particularly enterprises, and the mass media, as appropriate:

  1. Provide well-funded shelters and relief support for girls and women subjected to violence, as well as medical, psychological and other counseling services and free or low-cost legal aid, where it is needed, as well as appropriate assistance to enable them to find a means of subsistence;
  2. Establish linguistically and culturally accessible services for migrant women and girls, including women migrant workers, who are victims of gender-based violence;
  3. Recognize the vulnerability to violence and other forms of abuse of women migrants, including women migrant workers, whose legal status in the host country depends on employers who may exploit their situation;
  4. Support initiatives of women’s organizations and non-governmental organizations all over the world to raise awareness on the issue of violence against women and to contribute to its elimination;

Beijing Declaration (1995)

Important to note about these specifications within the documents here, we can note the ways in which the ideals connect to highly practical measures for the improvement of the wellbeing of those who have been abused in some manner or other.

Let’s take even the specific nature of the recommendation for shelters or relief support for girls and women, it is not about anything too high falutin’. It can be the basic provision of a safe space and haven for women, and potentially girls, who have undergone some form of violence against them.

From this basis, there can be the work on the source of the problem, which, in the language of religious traditionalism, is vice and, in the language of secular progressivism, is toxic; that is to say, the men and women of virtue implies a male vice set and set of female vices too, but also links to the dichotomy of healthy masculinity and toxic masculinity.

Not in every facet or aspect, but, on their face, though coming from different perspectives on the overall orientation of the nature of the world and the sexes and genders, they, in essence, aim for some of the same core values of virtue and health, and work against vices and toxics.

Given the orientation of the audience here in The Good Men Project, obviously, we will come from the center-left set of the aisle more often than not, where this will produce a form of language use to get a message across with the toxic masculinity as a central one.

The toxic masculinity, in one aspect, is the abuse of legitimate power or the development and assumption of illegitimate power over another human being. Something like this, as these are casual commentaries. Looking into the toxic masculinity, we can note the ways in which the higher innate aggressive tendencies in males leads to more violent instances, as one factor.

Another is the sense of entitlement of the men and then outcroppings of this in behavior and in the unfortunate, frequent, criminal, and common instances of women being attacked by men. These, and other, low cost or even free assistance can help mitigate the post-occurrence damages, including “medical, psychological and other counseling services and free or low-cost legal aid.”

Each can be important for the improved livelihoods of women who have gone through horrible circumstances. But if we look at migrant women and girls, and works, they can be victims of gender-based violence with layered problems including language and culture barriers.

If the services or supports for these victims are not available, this makes them similarly vulnerable to those who have a native tongue and cultural heritage of the mainstream society, which is one issue; however, or on the other hand, if these services are available but not in a language or with a cultural sensitivity of the migrants or the migrant workers, then this leaves them outside of the realm of full treatment options – of those, typically, available to the women who have the language, say English, and culture, say British Anglo-Saxon that an Arabic-speaking Kurdish woman may not.

These are the difficulties confronting us as a global community for the health and wellbeing of women. These are relatively cheap interventions for the health and wellness of abused women, but these are also nuanced means by which to help them. It is cheap. But it requires thoughtfulness and consideration of the individual circumstances of the woman.

There should be a common backdrop, as per the stipulation, of recognition of disproportionate violence faced by women migrants and women migrant workers compared to other working and migrant populations. There are situations in which their employers will simply abuse their rights and privileges as employers over and against their employees: these migrant women and women migrant workers.

This leads to the last part for this one with the emphasis on the women’s organizations and the non-governmental organizations, the NGOs, with the focus on raising awareness about the violence against women and its associated reduction and eventual elimination.

None of this is some arcane and esoteric knowledge, as if exegetes find out Timothy Leary is an admirer and someone carrying on the work of Aleister Crowley. It is simply a base discussion about the rights of women migrant workers and women migrants who are disproportionately likely to be affected negatively by several circumstances of violence against women.

It is simply working on the fundamental basis of the reduction of suffering of those who are amongst the most vulnerable to suffer and then working to attenuate that pain and despair. Not much more sophisticated moral analysis required there.

–(Updated 2018-11-10) One can find similar statements in other documents, conventions, declarations and so on, with the subsequent statements of equality or women’s rights:

–Human Rights
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Led by: Scott Douglas JacobsenTo the socio-political Right, a disclaimer; to the socio-political Left, a trigger warning: the subject matter may be disturbing or triggering for some listeners, speakers, or call members. The statistics on international violence against women is disproportionately more than violence against men. In turn, there is violence against women committed by women against women but more often by men against women. It is the statistical difference, which is the basis for the international emphasis on violence against women in multiple spheres rather than localized differences. Wednesday morning, we will speak on violence against women for one hour or so.


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