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Religion as a Biological and Geographical Accident


Author: Isakwisa Amanyisye Lucas Mwakalonge

Numbering: Issue 1.B, Idea: African Freethinking

Place of Publication: Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Title: African Freethinker

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Individual Publication Date: February 24, 2021

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Keywords: accident, biology, geography, religion.

Religion as a Biological and Geographical Accident[1],[2],[3]

Being a person of a certain religion, denomination, or sect may be caused by a number of factors but for purpose of this article the main ones are biological and geographical reasons. Many religious members if asked why do they belong in the religion they are; answers are going to be because they were born in a family or parents who prophesize that particular religion. For example, many of the kids from Muslim parents will automatically be Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists will influence their faith to their families, Christians will do the same to their children. Hence it is wrong to think that one religion is better than the other or members of one religion are honesties and knows the truth than those who belong to a different religion. In fact, a bigger number of religions do teach beliefs of things which rationally cannot be justified, but someone may find himself or herself in a particular religion only because was born and grow up in that religion ushered by the parents, that is a biological reason.

The other thing is geographical reasons; being born and raised up in a certain geographical location may influence someone being a member of a certain religion. If a person is born and rise up in the Middle East is likely to be a Muslim in high percentage when it comes to probabilities, a person born in Israel is likely to be a Judaist in bigger percentage, a person born in the western world is likely being a Christian, Indians will be Hindus, and far east is most likely be a Buddhist, Shinto or a Taoist, while in some parts of black Africa a practice of African traditional religions will be of much influence, as well as Christianity and Islam. On the other hand, main of these big religions like the Abrahamic ones did spread to other parts of the world like Africa in specific through colonization and enslavement of the conquered ones, serving the purposes of imperialism and nothing more from them, a part of being an opium of the people (Karl Marx).

So someone’s belongingness to a certain religion is greatly influenced by biological causes as well as geographical aspects, even though there are other minor factors.

Appendix I: Footnotes

[1] A Founder, Member, and Secretary, Jicho Jipya think Anew.

[2] Individual Publication Date: February 25, 2021:

[3] Contact:

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