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Ask MUNers 1 — Becoming Involved


Interviewer: Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Interviewees: Andy Barazza, Gabi Coueille, Megan Eu, Katja Sluga, Jiani Wang, Katie McNall, and Terrah Short

Numbering: Issue 3: Mathematics, Counselling Psychology, and More

Place of Publication: Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Title: Question Time

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Individual Publication Date: August 12, 2019

Issue Publication Date: January 1, 2019

Name of Publisher: In-Sight Publishing

Frequency: Three Times Per Year

Words: 574

Keywords: Andy Barazza, Gabi Coueille, Megan Eu, Katja Sluga, Jiani Wang, Katie McNall, Scott Douglas Jacobsen, Terrah Short.

Andy Barazza, Gabi Coueille, Megan Eu, Katja Sluga, Jiani Wang, Katie McNall, and Terrah Short are colleagues from Model United Nations, which is a simulation of the United Nations.

Here we talk about how they became involved.

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: How did you become involved in MUN?

Andy Barazza: I joined the Model UN club in my high school when I was in 9th grade and did it all through high school. When I came to University, the club president at UBC was an orientations leader and I joined the club when memberships opened up that year.

Gabi Coueille: I always wanted to do MUN, but they didn’t have it as a program at my high school. I came to UW last year and saw an add for an intro meeting to the club on campus, and I’ve been in it ever since.

Megan Eu: I first started MUN through my high school club. I didn’t really know what MUN was but I joined the club since I thought the people in it were pretty cool. After being a junior page at NWMUN Seattle, I got more interested in MUN and began to really love it after some conferences. So when I went to UW I had to join the MUN club there as well.

Katja Sluga: I actually joined MUN this year at UBC MUN 2019. I have no experience with MUN, but I have been involved in logistics in the past and was therefore able to provide logistical support of this year’s conference.

Jiani Wang: My friend asked me to join.

Katie McNall: I became involved in Model United Nations in high school. I lived overseas and just about every school activity involved travel. I tried MUN out and loved it! We unfortunately only did MUN for two years before switching to model congress. When I went to college I made sure to look up the MUN team there and join!

Terrah Short: I became involved in MUN when my roommate at the time, Katie McNall, came back in November following her first trip to NWMUN Seattle in 2013. I asked her what she had been doing that weekend and she explained to me what Model UN was. I thought it sounded interesting, and so I joined the club and found myself at a conference a couple of months later.

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