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Conversation with Mr. Sudarshan Murthy on Growing Up, Ayurveda, Supreme Intelligence as God, and the Afterlife: Member, World Genius Directory (1)


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2021/01/15


Mr. Sudarshan Murthy is a Member of the World Genius Directory. He self-describes as follows: “My name is Sudarshan Murthy. I am 41 years old male from Bangalore, India. I have studied Master of Pharmacy and working in the research and development of Nutrition Products for general wellness and disease-specific products. I am a creative individual and published research papers in journals and also published books on appropriate strategies for curing acidity and ulcers of the stomach and intestine. I have developed a product called Glucovita Bolts which is a chewable tablet of Glucose and Vitamins and Minerals for energy and reduction of fatigue. This product can be taken by individuals who suffer from chronic fatigue. My hobbies are numismatics, philately and travelling. My interests are astronomy, reading books, solving IQ tests, understanding the secrets of ancient knowledge particularly Indian Vedas which I believe is a storehouse of profound knowledge on various aspects of life and the cosmos.” He discusses: growing up; a sense of an extended self; the family background; the experience with peers and schoolmates; some professional certifications; the purpose of intelligence tests; high intelligence discovered; the extreme reactions to and treatment of geniuses; the greatest geniuses in history; a genius from a profoundly intelligent person; profound intelligence necessary for genius; work experiences and jobs; particular job path; the gifted and geniuses; God; science; the tests taken and scores earned (with standard deviations); the range of the scores; ethical philosophy; social philosophy; economic philosophy; political philosophy; metaphysics; philosophical system; meaning in life; meaning externally derived, internally generated; an afterlife; the mystery and transience of life; and love.

Keywords: Ayurveda, genius, India, intelligence, IQ, Sudarshan Murthy, World Genius Directory.

Conversation with Mr. Sudarshan Murthy on Growing Up, Ayurveda, Supreme Intelligence as God, and the Afterlife: Member, World Genius Directory (1)

*Please see the footnotes, bibliography, and citation style listing after the interview.*

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: When you were growing up, what were some of the prominent family stories being told over time?

Mr. Sudarshan Murthy[1],[2]*: My Grandfather was an orphan and illiterate. He married in a village. He was not having any formal college education but he studied the Ayurvedic Textbook by himself. He designed and formulated medicines based upon the understanding of the ayurvedic textbooks. He developed many medicines all by himself without going to any medical school. He carried out his own clinical trial experiments and gave them to patients. The results were successful. He was awarded “Bhishak Bhushan,” the highest medicine award by King of Mysore for excellence in the field of medicine.

Jacobsen: Have these stories helped provide a sense of an extended self or a sense of the family legacy?

Murthy: I feel that my grandfather was a born genius and some of his intelligence I have also acquired and of course his temper of course.

Jacobsen: What was the family background, e.g., geography, culture, language, and religion or lack thereof?

Murthy: My grandfather had eight children: four sons and four daughters. My father is the youngest son and was an electrical engineer. My mother was a housewife. We are two children, a son and a daughter. My sister is a doctor, married to a doctor and settled in Australia. She is an orthopedic surgeon. We stayed in India during our education in a different state. This enabled us to adjust to other cultures right from our childhood. However, we missed the long term relationship with our close relatives as we were in a different state.

Jacobsen: How was the experience with peers and schoolmates as a child and an adolescent?

Murthy: Since we were in a different state and away from our parents during formative years of education we found it somewhat difficult to adjust and study. May that reflected in somewhat lower scores in education. But we developed a good friendship with some people. But I became very reserved for the fear of being judged negatively and went into depression as we were made fun of. I felt I am an odd man out in a strange environment.

Jacobsen: What have been some professional certifications, qualifications, and training earned by you?

Murthy: Professional qualifications:

Master of Pharmacy, Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Development;

Professional Certifications:

– Food and Nutrition, Writing in Sciences and Design and Interpretation of clinical trials.

Jacobsen: What is the purpose of intelligence tests to you?

Murthy: Intelligence tests help to discover the innate ingenuity present in an individual of which he/she may be unaware of. This can help as a motivation to tap the potential of ingenious people to work for the greater good of humanity.

Jacobsen: When was high intelligence discovered for you?

Murthy: I developed an interest in intelligence since my school days when I used to solve brain teasers and play games like crosswords and Sudoku. However, it was in the year 2010 when I first searched on google for high intelligence quotient tests and found the Mysterium Society entrance exam. I gave the exam and scored at 99th-percentile and got admitted to Mysterium Society. Thereafter I found many IQ tests and societies on the internet and kept myself a hobby of solving IQ tests and getting admitted to different societies.

Jacobsen: When you think of the ways in which the geniuses of the past have either been mocked, vilified, and condemned if not killed, or praised, flattered, platformed, and revered, what seems like the reason for the extreme reactions to and treatment of geniuses? Many alive today seem camera shy – many, not all.

Murthy: I think the problem with nature is that it sometimes creates misfits. Intelligent people are far ahead of time in their minds. This makes them appear odd to others because others can’t think like them, i.e., far ahead of time. They perceive these people to be a threat to society and their own position. Also, jealousy plays a role in the mistreatment of geniuses. I don’t think the geniuses are shy but they know that their ideas cannot be understood by others. That’s why they keep away from others in their own world of thinking. They avoid distractions because intelligence requires concentration.

Jacobsen: Who seems like the greatest geniuses in history to you?

Murthy: There are many geniuses, some are recognized by the world like Newton, Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci while many of them still not recognized like sages of India such as Sushrutha, Bhaskaracharya, etc., who are geniuses.

Jacobsen: What differentiates a genius from a profoundly intelligent person?

Murthy: I believe that ingenuity is an innate quality of deep observation and application of ideas that originates from the mind of a genius while a profoundly intelligent person knows a unique way of applying the worldly knowledge which is already there and known.

Jacobsen: Is profound intelligence necessary for genius?

Murthy: As discussed in the above question, profound intelligence is not necessary for a genius.

Jacobsen: What have been some work experiences and jobs held by you?

Murthy: I was and am working in the research and development of various medical and nutrition products in the healthcare industry.

Jacobsen: Why pursue this particular job path?

Murthy: Because this path involves developing original concepts from nothing. This creates a sense of achievement for me.

Jacobsen: Any thoughts on the God concept or gods idea and philosophy, theology, and religion?

Murthy: If we think and observe deeply the universe in which we are we find some kind of control on the processes happening out everywhere. New stars are born, black hole destroys the galaxy, most of the objects are in the form of a sphere and why they are rotating, the existence of gravitational force we find that such order cannot happen on its own. There is some intelligence that is doing this and we call this intelligence as God. Different religions call this supreme intelligence as God.

Jacobsen: How much does science play into the worldview for you?

Murthy: Science is everywhere in this world. We know very little of the science. Everything is based on scientific phenomenon many discovered and many unknown (yet to be discovered).

Jacobsen: What have been some of the tests taken and scores earned (with standard deviations) for you?

Murthy: Attached scores on some of the tests. My IQ scores range about 150 with a standard deviation of 15.

Jacobsen: What is the range of the scores for you? The scores earned on alternative intelligence tests tend to produce a wide smattering of data points rather than clusters, typically.

Murthy: 145-160 IQ.

Jacobsen: What ethical philosophy makes some sense, even the most workable sense to you?

Murthy: I believe in rule utilitarianism.

Jacobsen: What social philosophy makes some sense, even the most workable sense to you?

Murthy: I believe in situational ethics because every situation is different and so cannot be based on absolute moral principles. Each new social situation has to be dealt with based on the context of the act when viewing it from a social ethics perspective.

Jacobsen: What economic philosophy makes some sense, even the most workable sense to you?

Murthy: Any economic activity which makes the greater good for humanity and not mere exploitation for gaining profit is my philosophy. I still believe in the old barter system where the abundant things were exchanged among the people rather than money transactions of today. This artificial money is responsible for world wars and exploitation. However, in the current scenario capitalism to some extent is more beneficial than communism because economic activity is based on a desire for profit, but should not lead to the exploitation of the masses.

Jacobsen: What political philosophy makes some sense, even the most workable sense to you?

Murthy:Political systems should ideally be made to ensure harmony in society and ensure that there is no exploitation of people. The political systems should be able to create discipline in the society, an order in the society and fair and equal distribution of resources. The political systems should ensure there is no crime or corruption and harassment of the masses. Political philosophy should be above the religion or the beliefs of people.

Jacobsen: What metaphysics makes some sense to you, even the most workable sense to you?

Murthy: I personally believe what is present is in three forms:

-physical, mental (and emotional/perception), and spiritual.

Jacobsen: What worldview-encompassing philosophical system makes some sense, even the most workable sense to you?

Murthy: The philosophical system based on benefit for all, equal and fair distribution of resources and no exploitation of anyone makes sense to me. The system should also ensure the absence of crime, corruption and appropriate punishment for wrong people makes sense. This can happen only when there is an open-mindedness and sharing attitude among the masses and no religious beliefs or biases of any kind.

Jacobsen: What provides meaning in life for you?

Murthy: Identifying, meeting and living a life filled with a purpose provides meaning to life.

Jacobsen: Is meaning externally derived, internally generated, both, or something else?

Murthy: Life meaning is derived from internal motivation based on the observation and perception of the world around us.

Jacobsen: Do you believe in an afterlife? If so, why, and what form? If not, why not?

Murthy: Yes, I believe in an afterlife. Because believing in the afterlife makes a person behave responsibly and in a sober way. Indian karma theory is based on this. Whatever action we do has an appropriate reaction. We all have descended here because of our karma or the deeds which we have done in our previous life. Many Indian sages have been telling us that soul is eternal and we take the body in this life based on our previous deeds. If our deeds are pure we may go higher dimensions and misdeeds may take us to lower dimensions.

Jacobsen: What do you make the mystery and transience of life?

Murthy: Mystery of life makes it interesting. The transience of life makes one live life fully without any attachments to worldly things. We are stressed because of attachments to worldly things thinking it is permanent. Once we know these are temporary we don’t feel the stress and enjoy the journey of life.

Jacobsen: What is love to you? 

Murthy: Love is a part of life that is needed for our wellbeing and to create harmony and peace in the entire world.

Appendix I: Footnotes

[1] Member, World Genius Directory.

[2] Individual Publication Date: January 15, 2021:; Full Issue Publication Date: May 1, 2021:

*High range testing (HRT) should be taken with honest skepticism grounded in the limited empirical development of the field at present, even in spite of honest and sincere efforts. If a higher general intelligence score, then the greater the variability in, and margin of error in, the general intelligence scores because of the greater rarity in the population.


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