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Conversation with Masaaki Yamauchi on Thoughts About I.Q., Time, Consciousness, and Metaphysics: Administrator, ESOTERIQ Society (3)


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2022/05/22


Masaaki Yamauchi is the Administrator of ESOTERIQ Society. He discusses: mother; the town of 14,000 people; the spirit; acquisition of a graduate degree; the high-IQ communities now; the concept of IQ increasing or decreasing in cultural importance; high-IQ societies self-destruct; life; math; manufacturing industrial jobs; the WIN seven league; no religious dogma; social sensitivity; metaphysics; a miracle; time; and consciousness.

Keywords: administrator, ESOTERIQ, intelligence, IQ, Japanese, JAPANIQ Society, Masaaki Yamauchi.

Conversation with Masaaki Yamauchi on Thoughts About I.Q., Time, Consciousness, and Metaphysics: Administrator, ESOTERIQ Society (3)

*Please see the footnotes, bibliography, and citation style listing after the interview.*

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What was the “heavy disease” killing your mother?

Masaaki Yamauchi[1],[2]*: Sorry, that is a confidential information between my family and relations. My mother`s soul will be reborn at next body in the future. Then, I will meet her again someday.

Jacobsen: Did the town of 14,000 people on the countryside make life simpler for you, growing up?

Yamauchi: Yes, It was a simple life. Just I usually read many books in the library at the high school student. I had never felt that life was bored.

Jacobsen: What is the spirit to you?

Yamauchi: There are plenty of meaning about it, but it mainly implies non-physical existence in my definition.

Jacobsen: How are your studies progressing towards acquisition of a graduate degree?

Yamauchi: I wish I would go to a graduate school of Mathematical physics (almost same as theoretical physics) after just graduating from my college with Math major and Physics minor. I hope acquisition of a Master`s degree in social science or humanities, not natural science any more at the present.

Jacobsen: What do you think is needed from the high-IQ communities now?

Yamauchi: No needs. Just I keep my societies (ESOTERIQ and EVANGELIQ) by the end of my life.

Jacobsen: Is the concept of IQ increasing or decreasing in cultural importance? In that, are people taking it more or less seriously, and why?

Yamauchi: In 1996, one famous book, the Bell Curve by Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murry, was disputed in U.S.A. It does not make sense about the controversy because IQ is just a psychometric tool psychologically and statistical distribution mathematically. IQ is not factor of human intelligence. All current 8 billion people belong somewhere between 5 and 195 on normal distribution at any time. I am strongly certain that 195 scorer does not imply smarter than 5 scorer.

For example, there are two persons who won 33 times and lost 33 times in Rock-Paper-Scissors-world population championship respectively.

Is really the 33 times winner much luckier than the 33 times loser?

The answer is no because luckiness of both of them is absolutely equal to

1 in 2^33 = 1 in 8.5 billions.

The frequency is just a statistical necessary on binomial distribution.

Let me say again.

“Supposing it never happens to anybody subjectively, it always happens somebody objectively in the world”

I have mentioned before about relationship between normal distribution and binomial distribution on the first interview.

195 scorer (highest IQ person) and 5 scorer (lowest IQ person) are to what 33 times winner (luckiest person) and 33 times loser (unluckiest person) statistically.

Somebody says “Albert Einstein`s IQ was 160, 180 or 200 over!”

So what?

All historical geniuses were recorded by great academic performance, not IQ score itself.

All people can have each own absolute luckiness and intelligence as in 1 in 80 billions.

Jacobsen: Why do most high-IQ societies self-destruct?

Yamauchi: Each founder has each own reason to sustain a society.

Jacobsen: What do you hope to get out of life?

Yamauchi: Living itself. I will leave from this planet and go back to my mother star Sirius after end of my reincarnation on the Earth.

Jacobsen: What kinds of math have you tutored?

Yamauchi: Elementary algebra to high school calculus.

Jacobsen: What are the manufacturing industrial jobs for you?

Yamauchi: Several kinds. Haulage, auto parts, pharmaceuticals, electronic components and semiconductor.

Jacobsen: What most impresses you about the WIN seven league?

Yamauchi: The EVANGELIQ society I founded for Dr.Evangelos Katsioulis‘s 37th birthday gift was admitted to the 37th society. It made me so happy and it was such an honorable.

Jacobsen: Even though, you have no religious dogma. What religious dogma seems reasonable to you?

Yamauchi: Almost all religion has a founder and scripture, but my dogma does not keep neither. My reasonable belief follows to my own inspiration, loving myself and enjoying life everyday.

Jacobsen: What is “social sensitivity” to you?

Yamauchi: Social sensitivity is one of emotional intelligence, an ability to detect the emotions of others. There is no correlation between succeed at project and team`s average IQ.

Jacobsen: Why define metaphysics as a kind of spiritualism?

Yamauchi: Metaphysics is separated into two words “Meta (over)” and “Physics (matter)” which imply inquiring non-physical. Spirit is always non-physical life, so metaphysics is a kind of spiritualism to me.

Jacobsen: How would define everything as a miracle?

Yamauchi: I really love Albert Einstein`s quote which is “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

One second, one minutes, one hour and one day are filled with a miracle at the given mechanical moment.

The minimum unit of quantum time is made from plank time (5.391*10^-44 s).

Therefore, every moment is momentarily created by the infinite series from the time.

Jacobsen: In our first interview, you stated, “Time will come from future to past, not past to future. All causes occur by a reason from future, not a past event.” Can you expand on this reasoning, please?

Yamauchi: Every event in our life is just a neutral fact even if war, terrorism murder, massacre and pandemic like corona virus on the Earth. A word “Responsibility” comes from combination of “Response” and “Ability”. We have nothing to fear because we can have responsibility to response all events by our ability. Our future will be created by our responsibility, not events themselves. We always hold two choices “Reaction” and “Response” which define negative judgement and positive judgement respectively when one event happens to our life.

For instance, getting a new job after dismissing from a company means what getting a new job is cause, not effect. Dismissing from a company is effect, not a cause.

Jacobsen: How does our consciousness fall into the brain? In this way, how are you technically defining consciousness?

Yamauchi: I suppose brain is to consciousness what matter is to mind. Bertrand Russell said “What is matter? Never mind. What is mind? Doesn`t matter” This is the best joke I like.

By the way, let me ask seriously. Does a line really exist?

According to the Euclid`s elements, “A line is length without breadth”

If so, nobody can see it!

We cannot prove the existence of line in this way.

Therefore, a line exists imaginary, but does not exist actually.

As well as a line, consciousness exists imaginary, but does not exist actually since brain is almost everything as far as our physical body sustains life activity.

However, consciousness separate from brain in a moment when we die (after brain disappear) then move to non-physical world (imaginary world).

I can tell you one pragmatic example in neuroscience field.

There was one famous man named H.M (a man without hippocampus).

The person had no concept about past and future because he was not able to keep any episode memory.

His consciousness was always on now and today when he woke up every morning, no yesterday`s memory, no tomorrow`s plan.

He was able to know how to ride a bicycle and use some tools even though he had no hippocampus.

That is, past training skill was recorded in different part whose name was basal ganglia and cerebellum as procedural memory.

Same as H.M story, almost all people can never keep past life memory since past life episode memory always disappears before hippocampus cell creates while we are growing up in mother`s uterus, but past life skill can succeed to next body`s basal ganglia and cerebellum as procedural memory.

Brain is to consciousness what egg-york is to egg-white in my theory. Brain itself (the York) as a matter disappears, but only consciousness (the white) as a non-physical matter inherits to next difference body (Reincarnation) when we die.

It sounds impossible to separate the York and white without cracking the cell, but we can temporally separate brain and consciousness by some specific religious ritual like meditation, long time fasting and psychoactive drug (LSD or cannabis)

Let me introduce strongly recommend two safety tools I have experienced before.

Isolation tank by John C. Lilly (origin of the movie, Altered States)

Hemi-Sync by the Monroe Institute (founded by Robert Monroe)

Furthermore, the beginning of our consciousness is introduced in Voyage to curiosity`s further by Bruce Moen.

In a nutshell, we all human came to the Earth to seek unconditional love energy, then we will leave from this planet to each home star like Sirius, Pleiades, Vega, Arcturus and Orion after we are sufficiently filled with it.


[1] Administrator, ESOTERIQ Society.

[2] Individual Publication Date: May 22, 2022:; Full Issue Publication Date: September 1, 2022:

*High range testing (HRT) should be taken with honest skepticism grounded in the limited empirical development of the field at present, even in spite of honest and sincere efforts. If a higher general intelligence score, then the greater the variability in, and margin of error in, the general intelligence scores because of the greater rarity in the population.


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