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Conversation with Masaaki Yamauchi on Esoteric, ESOTERIQ Society, JAPANIQ Society, OlympIQ Society, and Standards of Admission: Administrator, ESOTERIQ Society (2)


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2021/02/15


Masaaki Yamauchi is the Administrator of ESOTERIQ Society. He discusses: other meanings or hidden properties of the title; the ESOTERIQ Society connected with the World Intelligence Network; the World Intelligence Network; ESOTERIQ membership; the Giga Society of Paul Cooijmans; the OLYMPIQ Society (member or subscriber) and the World Genius Directory (member) as a requirement for membership; WAIS- and Stanford-Binet- rejected as membership qualifiers; membership free in ESOTERIQ Society; current members of the ESOTERIQ Society; the oldest member and the youngest member; the norms to the tests; and verifying the scores.

Keywords: administrator, admissions, background, ESOTERIQ, intelligence, IQ, Japanese, JAPANIQ Society, Masaaki Yamauchi.

Conversation with Masaaki Yamauchi on Esoteric, ESOTERIQ Society, JAPANIQ Society, OlympIQ Society, and Standards of Admission: Administrator, ESOTERIQ Society (2)

*Please see the footnotes, bibliography, and citation style listing after the interview.*

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: You created the ESOTERIQ Society/Esoteriq/ESOTERIQ with “esoteric” in the implied meaning of the title with “ESOTER” containing the number of sigmas related to the number of letters above the mean for the qualification of membership in the society, which means approximately “1/1,000,000,000” people or 1 out of 1,009,976,678. Are there any other meanings or hidden properties of the title unstated so far?

Masaaki Yamauchi[1],[2]*: None. Origin of almost English words comes from Latin or Greek. Esoteric has its roots in a Greek word “ἐσωτερικός”.

Jacobsen: How has the ESOTERIQ Society connected with the World Intelligence Network founded by Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis on January 1, 2001, as a “regeneration of the High IQ Community applied mainly on an internet basis with more interactive, meaningful and productive functions?

Yamauchi: To tell the truth, I founded the JAPANIQ society for only Japanese high IQ people as the 22nd WIN society, but one unexpected trouble occurred between the last member and me. Therefore, I had to make the society be defunct.

That was a private issue, so no further information would be opened. After that, the ESOTERIQ was created instead of the society.

Jacobsen: Any thoughts on the World Intelligence Network?

Yamauchi: Greatest project from bottom of my heart.

This is one of my reasons to live in this life.

I will never leave the WIN by the end of my life.

Jacobsen: ESOTERIQ membership is separated into Giga Society members and non-Giga Society members. Why?

Yamauchi: The Giga society has a reliable strict policy as a 6SD IQ society, so I automatically accept a member from the society..

Jacobsen: Any thoughts on the Giga Society of Paul Cooijmans?

Yamauchi: I really look up to him as a test creator and society administrator. My Esoteriq purpose should be to build a high authority next to the Giga society.

Jacobsen: Why focus on the OLYMPIQ Society (member or subscriber) and the World Genius Directory (member) as a requirement for membership in the ESOTERIQ Society, where some can be considered outside of these on a case by case basis?

Yamauchi: Standardized level, reliability and validity are highly variant at each test. I have no idea that which tests should I accept as the membership because I am ignorant of psychometrics and tests creating process. It may sometimes cause losing the authority of the society. Hence, I almost depend on Paul, Dr.Katsioulis and Dr.Jason respectively to reduce my misjudgement risk. I can approve a candidate after each administrator accepts the one to each society. This is simple.

I can avoid the membership trouble. “on a case by case basis” would be applied to a non- belong candidate to the Giga, Olympiq and WGD due to a specific personal reason, but holds a credible score.

Jacobsen: Why are WAIS- and Stanford-Binet- rejected as membership qualifiers for ESOTERIQ Society? Was this an issue in the past with extrapolated norms submissions from actual members or prospective members?

Yamauchi: Sorry, it was occurred by my own ignorance.

I have no purpose to be opened further information.

Such tests like WAIS and SB can indicate a positive correlation with high range IQ tests, but have different concepts, not suitable to sustain my society authority in my decision.

Exceptionally, I admit SB to only the 6th member, Dr. Christopher Harding who can be kept a membership of the Esoteriq society because he was officially recorded as “the smartest man in the world” on the Guinness World Record a long time ago.

Jacobsen: Why is membership free in ESOTERIQ Society?

Yamauchi: The ESOTERIQ is just my own collection, not for my monetary business.

Jacobsen: The current members of the ESOTERIQ Society includes the following 15 people: Evangelos KatsioulisKenneth FerrellMislav PredavecRichard RosnerDany ProvostChristopher HardingJunxie HuangJose MolineroWen Chin SuiMarios ProdromouDong Khac CuongMatthew ScillitaniThansie YuHeinrich Siemens, and Yukun Wang. The web page on the members of ESOTERIQ Society list the following members in the society:

Since 01/01/2001 ESOTERIQ society accepted 15 members The qualified IQ score (SD16), the test name, the test author and the taken year must be reported next to each member`s name as an undoubted evidence for the membership credential.

  1. Evangelos Katsioulis (Greece) : 197 (raw 100/100)on QMC#3 by Paul Cooijmans in 2003
  2. Kenneth Ferrell (U.S.A) : 196 (raw 32/32)on HIEROGLYPHICA by Mislav Predavec in 2010
  3. Mislav Predavec (Croatia) : 198 (raw 19/24)on LS24 by Robert Lato in 2010
  4. Richard Rosner (U.S.A) : 198 (raw 13/16) onMATHEMA by Dr. Jason Betts in 2012
  5. Dany Provost(Canada) : 196 (raw 46/46) on PIGS-1°by Paul Cooijmans in 2004
  6. Christopher Harding(Australia) : 197 on SBIS-Oxford-Analysis-New-Zealand in1976
  7. Junxie Huang (China) : 196 (raw 37/40)on CHALLENGER IQ TEST by Zoran Bijac in 2019
  8. Jose Molinero(Spain) : 196 (raw 15/15) on FREE FALL PART- by Ivan Ivec in 2017
  9. Wen Chin Sui(China): 196 (raw 36/36) on NUMERUS CLASSIC by Ivan Ivec in 2017
  10. Marios Prodromou(Cyprus) : 196 (raw 30/30) on MACH by Nickolas Soulios in 2018
  11. Dong Khac Cuong(Vietnam) : 196 (raw 29/30) on NUMERUS by Ivan Ivec in 2019
  12. Matthew Scillitani(U.S.A) : 196 (raw 80/80) on PM-QROSSWORDS by Paul Cooijmans in 2019
  13. Thansie Yu (China): 196 (raw 48/48) on N-WORLD by Mahir Wu in 2020
  14. Heinrich Siemens(Germany) : 201 (raw 28/40) on CIT-5 by Paul Cooijmans in 2020
  15. Yukun Wang(China) : 201 (raw 0.9/1.0) on RIDDLES by Konstantinos Ntalachanis in 2020

Any comments on each particular member of the society, whether the individual, the age, the test, the test score, the test creator, professional accomplishments, and so on?

Yamauchi: None. I do not care each member`s background.

Just I approve of anybody who archived the qualified score.

Jacobsen: Who is the oldest member? Who is the youngest member?

Yamauchi: I do not care about each age.

Jacobsen: Does the ESOTERIQ Society membership listing change the scores with the changes in the norms to the tests?

Yamauchi: Any membership would be not cancelled after an updated norm report becomes lower than before. However, if an updated norm report becomes higher than before, the new norms would be valid for the membership. For example, a member holding IQ190 on the 1st norm and IQ185 on the 2nd norm at the same raw score can keep the Esoteriq membership. No matter what updated norm report becomes lower than before, it does not affect the continuation of the membership. On the contrary, an individual holding IQ185 on the 1st norm and IQ190 on the 2nd norm or the future norm at the same raw score can join my society.

This rule must be a common principle in almost all high IQ societies as far as I know.

Jacobsen: How do you verify the scores?

Yamauchi: By a certificate candidates sent me.

Appendix I: Footnotes

[1] Administrator, ESOTERIQ Society.

[2] Individual Publication Date: February 15, 2021:; Full Issue Publication Date: May 1, 2021:

*High range testing (HRT) should be taken with honest skepticism grounded in the limited empirical development of the field at present, even in spite of honest and sincere efforts. If a higher general intelligence score, then the greater the variability in, and margin of error in, the general intelligence scores because of the greater rarity in the population.


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