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Conversation with Beatrice Rescazzi on Membership and Qualifications: President, AtlantIQ Society (2)


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2020/09/08


Beatrice Rescazzi is the President of the AtlantIQ Society. She discusses: general internal dynamics of the AtlantIQ Society; the “most striking and distinctive thing about high IQ groups of women”; the listed tests; admission criteria; FAQs section; and membership.

Keywords: AtlantIQ, Beatrice Rescazzi, membership, qualifications, tests.

Conversation with Beatrice Rescazzi on Membership and Qualifications: President, AtlantIQ Society (2)

*Please see the footnotes, bibliography, and citation style listing after the interview.*

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Let’s get into some of the general internal dynamics of AtlantIQ Society now, what is the current headcount of the membership? What are some general indications as to the demographics of the community in AtlantIQ Society? How does this current membership size and demographic compare to the beginnings, the early days, of AtlantIQ Society? What were some of the earliest productions of the community out of AtlantIQ? 

Beatrice Rescazzi[1],[2]*: There are 210 members at the moment. I collected some stats in 2011 about their IQ and the language spoken by the members. The magazine was born a few months after the foundation of the society itself, which is now more than 10 years ago. Along with that, we created an affiliation with UNICEF on behalf of the entire society, and the members sent about 500 dollars to UNICEF for their humanitarian projects.

Jacobsen: What are some amusing facts women have in the high-IQ communities discuss amongst themselves about the general community, even about some of the controversies and personality feuds involving mostly the men?

Rescazzi: The most striking and distinctive thing about high IQ groups of women is that no one ever talks about their IQ, IQ tests, scores and comparisons with others. The main topic is of a political nature, followed by social issues, social justice, ethics, equality, books, art, space launches, artificial intelligence and more. I can’t think of any particular joke about the men in the group, but sometimes funny memes with male / female stereotypes are posted.

Jacobsen: You have a list of the admission criteria, as follows:

Accepted IQ tests: 

EMC-30R (raw score=10)
HART-26 (raw score=8)
MRI-30R (raw score=14)
Tractatus Logicus 37 (raw score=10)
Logima Strictica 36 (raw score=8)
Esoterica (raw score=6)
LSHR (raw score=6)
LSHR Light (raw score=12)
Einplex (raw score=13)
Triplex (raw score=6)
Verba 66 (raw score=22)
DIGIT (raw score=18)
SLSE 48 (raw score=6)
TetrastIQ Light (raw score=15)
Cooijmans intelligence Test (raw score=23) 

Other IQ tests can be considered and accepted. 
in any case, acceptance is always at the will of either the President and/or the Officers. 

(AtlantIQ Society, 2019a)

Why these tests? With the listed tests by Alexi Edin (e.g., the 2016 Extreme Matrix Challenge – 30: Revised, the 2017 High Abstract Reasoning Trial – 26, the 2017 Matrix Reasoning Index – 30: Revised, and the 2017 Digits Investigate General Intelligence Trial), Christopher Collin (e.g., the 2008 Tractatus Logicus 37), Robert Lato (e.g., the 1999 Logima Strictica 36), Mislav Predavec (e.g., the 2007 Esoterica and the 2008 Verba 66), Ivan Ivec (e.g., the LSHR, the LSHR Light, Einplex, and Triplex), Jonathan Wai (e.g., the 2003 Strict Logic Spatial Examination 48), Gabriel Garofalo (e.g., the TetrastIQ Light), and Paul Cooijmans (e.g., the 2009 Cooijmans Intelligence Test – Form 3E), why these test authors? Following from the last question, what made these particular authors’ tests, or the tests listed of these test creators, appealing and worthy of admission criteria stature?

Rescazzi: AtlantIQ tests are selected based on reliability criteria, in comparison to average scores of other tests, based on the number of people who have taken the test, based on the norming phase and if the test has been compromised by online answers. In the Admission & Info page of the AtlantIQ website it is written that “Other IQ tests can be considered and accepted.” This includes a multitude of other tests, ranging from classic ones to newer ones that are considered when evaluating the submission, taking into consideration the other elements necessary for membership.

Some tests, which I call “slot-machine” type tests, are usually not accepted, because I consider them unethical: in fact they exploit people’s low self-esteem to push them to spend money and repeat the tests indefinitely until they reach the highest possible score. Moreover, these tests are automatically corrected by a program, and therefore have no reason to take a lot of money from the testee people with each new attempt.

I am embittered by the maniacal fixation for the IQ score in this environment: where are the innovative ideas, the depth of thoughts, the superior global vision that must also apply to the people themselves? Is there only IQ in people, or is it the yardstick that measures their whole value? No. And intelligence certainly cannot just be enclosed in a fallacious number eradicated from what should be a full assessment of the potential performed by a psychometrist psychologist. Of course, that score measures a potential, but we must not compare it to intelligence itself or anything more important than what it represents. 

Jacobsen: Let’s say someone qualifies, what does membership confer upon, or get, the new member into AtlantIQ Society?

Rescazzi: When a person is accepted as a member of AtlantIQ, he/she becomes a life member and has access to a reserved area of the site where he/she has access to the private group, the library, can take part in challenges, and can take decisions on the society itself by means of questionnaires. 


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Appendix I: Footnotes

[1] President, AtlantIQ Society.

[2] Individual Publication Date: September 8, 2020:; Full Issue Publication Date: September 1, 2020:

*High range testing (HRT) should be taken with honest skepticism grounded in the limited empirical development of the field at present, even in spite of honest and sincere efforts. If a higher general intelligence score, then the greater the variability in, and margin of error in, the general intelligence scores because of the greater rarity in the population.


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