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An Interview with Grand Master Scott Robb: Founder, Darkside International Ministry (Part Three)


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2017/07/22


An interview with Grand Master Scott Robb. He discusses: clarification on the Satanic Laws; the most crucial Satanic Laws and ethics; ideals; worship and ritualism; Satanic demographics; covert and overt theocracies; striving, to a degree, to be like Satan; geography of the Darkside International Ministry; Electronic Frontier Canada’s Blue Ribbon Campaign; violation of rights; and the Black Ribbon Campaign.

Keywords: Darkside International Ministry, grand master, religion, Scott Robb.

An Interview with Grand Master Scott Robb: Founder, Darkside International Ministry (Part Three)[1],[2]

*Footnotes in & after the interview, & citation style listing after the interview.*

*This interview has been edited for clarity and readability.*

*I had more questions.*

1. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: We discussed Satanic ethics with the implications of the “sins.” Also, there are Satanic Laws or Lex Satanicus, namely:

  1. Do not share your troubles, or give opinions or advice, unless you are sure that others want to hear them. Complaining is the refuge of those who have no self-reliance.
  2. When in another’s dwelling, show them respect or else do not go there. Or, if a guest in your dwelling annoys you, treat them cruelly.
  3. Do not steal that which does not belong to you.
  4. Do not make sexual advances unless the other individual is willing and of, or over, the age of consent.
  5. Do not harm young children under any circumstances.
  6. Do not kill non-human animals unless in defense or for food.
  7. Do not deceive yourself with absurd exaggerations of who, or what, you are.
  8. Fear not men, nor fates, nor gods, nor laughter of folk folly, nor any other power.
  9. When in neutral territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask them to stop. If they do not, use whatever force is necessary to defend yourself.
  10. If you have used magic successfully to obtain your desires, acknowledge its power.
  11. Otherwise, do what you will.

My hope and trust remains most people adhere to these in some form or other, even if not cognizant of it. However, I realize the reality. Many imply the Harm Principle and Utilitarian ethics, with something interesting.

An active form of the Utilitarian ethic through practical recommendations: if something is harmful, even mildly, then this or that can help solve the problem. It is like anesthesia for the purpose of surgery – minor pain for eventual good.

These recommendations range from personal complaints to sex, and to realistic self-perceptions and to stop feeling fear. Does this seem correct to you? Also, for number 11, what is the standard misinterpretation of it – as often happens with the variation from Crowley?

Grand Master Scott Robb: Ya, I would say you are correct in seeing our Laws as ranging from personal complaints to sex and to realistic self-perceptions and prevent fear. I think the standard misinterpretation of “do what you will” is that it must mean do whatever you want. Like most laws of the land, there are always some who perceive written laws contrary to how they were intended. Similar to Americans who misunderstand the second amendment, as a guarantee for anyone to carry a gun, without acknowledging the first part of the amendment requiring a “well-regulated militia”. In reality, it means that one can exercise what has become known as “human rights”, what one puts their mind to and does not bother or harm others.

2. Jacobsen: Of these Lex Satanicus and the Satanic ethics, what ones seem most crucial to you, especially in functional utility in daily life – as in the most often used in day-to-day activities and interactions?

Robb: I think an essence of the whole is used in day-to-day activities, that being to live one’s own life without interfering with anyone else’s. I think that is a common theme with our Laws and Sins to be as self-reliant and independent as possible.

3. Jacobsen: Christians aim to become in the likeness and image of God through Jesus Christ. They want to become Christ-like. Muslims want to become more Mohammed-like. These represent ideals for about half of the world’s population in Christianity and Islam, respectively, as you know. Any words on these purported ideal figures or the attempts to become like them?

Robb: Similar to Buddhists who believe that when one dies they become part of the transcendental spirit, or enlightened being, they call “the Buddha”. It is definitely a common theme among most of the world’s religions to become more like their perfected-spirit, or God. As Satanists we look at this in a slightly different way. We accept that we are not perfect beings, and that we never will be, but we exist to be the best we can. Through constant research and acquiring as much knowledge as we can, and passing that knowledge on to future generations. That is how we create our legacy, to make sure that we are remembered after we die. As Anton LaVey has even said, as long as we are remembered, even if remembered by only one person in each future generation, we will never die. The important part is controlling what we are remembered for.

4. Jacobsen: Does the worship and ritualism in the mainstream, dominant religions in the world seem primarily passive rather than active? What benefits come from the mainline religions if any?

Robb: Most mainstream religions are largely passive, until they want converts or anyone stands up to oppose them (see the reaction of Christians in America towards Atheists or to the Satanic Temple) at which time Christians, like the various Muslim denominations, become either almost or literally militant. I think that all of the world’s religions have some benefits for those who subscribe to the respective beliefs, but I don’t think that every individual can benefit from the same point of view all the time. In fact, there are millions of people raised in, and other times forced in, to religions they do not actually subscribe to. At some point they will revolt and leave whatever religion it may be. The result is increasingly militant, and often religiously misinformed, atheists who try to force all religions into the same box as Christianity (which is ridiculous because some religions have one God, some have two or more Gods, and others have no Gods), which benefits no one.

But, those who do subscribe to their religion of their own free will benefit from the level guidance, either directly from the text of their religion or from the clergy/scholars who lead in their churches or in some cases even the other members of their congregation/community, which they need at that point in their life.

5. Jacobsen: Who tends to be drawn to the Satanic message – demographics?

Robb: In my personal experience over the last 22 years, going back to when I started studying the Occult and Satanism back in 1995 (at the age of 16), I have observed that the demographic of people interested in Satanism is relatively equal among males and females and range in age from 13 years of age up to about 80-ish (I have heard from elderly people who seemed genuinely interested in learning more about Satanism and its beliefs/activities).

6. Jacobsen: As seems like the case to me, and likely to you, too, governments tend to promote religion, especially forms that keep the population at a low cultural and intellectual level. One recent example, the stoppage of the educational curricula devoted to evolution in the nation of Turkey. One, does this seem true to you? Two, if so, how is this done? Three, why is this done? Four, what can combat it? Five, is it worth it?

Robb: Some nations are run as covert, or in some cases overt, theocracies. Turkey, like all Middle Eastern nations, is very much overt theocracies that promote Islam as their state religions. Other nations, like America and Russia, for the most part at least, are run as covert theocracies. My own observation has been that it’s predominately rightwing and far-right governments, and sometimes far-left governments, that push religion more then more centre/centre-left governments. Take Canada, as an example, which was influenced by Protestant England, and was created to be a very Christian nation is now credited as one of the most (if not thee most) secular nations in the world, thanks to the 150 year history of mostly Liberal influence that has made Canada the all-inclusive nation it is today.

I think Karl Marx had it right when he wrote, “Religion is the opium of the people”. Whatever the dominant religion is in any given country, the government uses it to manipulate the people to view things in a specific way. Trump, for example, is a very chauvinist, xenophobic, homophobic, far-right Christian. He has used such views to manipulate the American citizenry who share those views and cause them to rise up and attack minorities, while at the same time colluding with an enemy state in violation of the US Constitution (which clearly states that the US cannot be influenced by foreign powers). Like Trump, Hitler, and many other leaders who use this technique, they simply take the religious views of the populous and manipulate it to fit whatever agenda they happen to have. In Hitler’s case he took a very Catholic populous in Germany and manipulated the people into believing that Jews were the murderers of Christ and, to use the actual words from some of Hitler’s own speeches, likened Jews to the “serpents” and “vipers” who needed to be exterminated, this gained Hitler the support needed to start rounding up Jews, first for deportation, but when all other nations rejected the Jews Hitler resorted to his “final solution” of extermination. Trump, today, is doing the exact same thing with Muslims. Making unsubstantiated and unwarranted claims against Muslims in his speeches. If not for other nations accepting Muslims, and other minorities, from America, it is a distinct possibility that Trump would have lined up a similar solution as Hitler. Perhaps not executions, but very likely internments of some sort.

7. Jacobsen: Satan is the bringer of light and enlightenment in Satanism. This image becomes the ideal for Satanists. Does becoming more like the image of the Devil equate to the ultimate purpose of Satanism?

Robb: First of all, “Lucifer” that is the Light Bearer (in fact, the word “Lucifer” is Latin for “light bearer”). “Satan” is Hebrew for “Accuser, Opposer, & Adversary”.

To an extent, yes, the symbol of Lucifer was chosen specifically as a symbol of Enlightenment, a pinnacle aspect of what Satanists strive for in life.

8. Jacobsen: You divide the areas for Darkside International Ministry into the Organization of the American States, European Union, African Union, Asia, and Australia. Why these divisions?

For example, the Organization of the American States includes Canada, and the Latin American and South American countries – with America – as one bloc. What efficiency, or benefit, comes from this organizational map for operations?

Robb: To make an International Religious Organization I know early on that I, as the international leader, could not possibly over see everything in every region. I knew that I would have to divide regions and create reasonable regional zones that could more easily organize our Ministry. I first researched different regions and found that internationally there are such regional organizations. The Organization of American States, European Union, and African Union actually exist (in fact, below the map of the regions the flags are actually the flags of those regional organizations). It just made logical sense, to me, to have Asia and Australia as additional regions.

As for efficiency, it means having 5 “Lord Templars” (senior council members) to meet with for our meetings, and they have their “High Templars” (council members) to assist them in their region and can take their place in meetings if necessary. They each meet within their own regions as is required for the jurisdiction in the countries of their region (should be at least once per year, some jurisdictions require meetings at least once a month).

9. Jacobsen: You support Electronic Frontier Canada’s Blue Ribbon Campaign. It is for freedom of expression. As the site notes, “This right is protected by law, including the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (section 2), the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (article 19), and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (article 19).”

Why is freedom of expression for clear and open communication – also for the polity? How can people become involved and support it, even without explicit inclusion of the Blue Ribbon Campaign?

Robb: We only support the Blue Ribbon Campaign’s anti-censorship and freedom of speech/expression views. We simply followed the instructions on their website to get involved and support them. By contacting them to register as a supporter and to add the HTML code they supply to our website to show that we support their cause.

10. Jacobsen: Who tends to violate these rights? What can prevent them from the violation of the rights? What seems like their motivation?

Robb: Some governments, as I mentioned earlier the far-right, rightwing, and far left try to push their views while trying to crush all opposition, this is what the Satanic Temple contends with in their campaigns and political actions (of which we also support, but at present are not officially associated with). But, more often it is the rest of society. Specifically, other religious groups (most specifically Christian denominations) and, to some extent, atheists.

I am inclined to believe that the motivation of denying our rights is because we effectively represent their opposition, responsibility and enlightenment.

11. Jacobsen: Also, Darkside International Ministry is part of the Black Ribbon Campaign (for Occult Education). I note this powerful quote, from you, where you said or typed:

FBI Special Agent Kenneth V. Lanning felt this first-hand when he pointed out that Satanists are not criminals and, as a result, was accused of being a Satanist. The Black Ribbon is an important way to raise awareness of the occult, and the true practices of occultists, in order to allow the Occultists to practice there beliefs and practices in peace and not have to defend themselves from others who accuse and attack Occultists on one side and have racists, killers, child molesters, and other criminals attempting to get out of prison time by claiming a connection to Occult organizations.

I understand the situation more from reading this. At root, it’s unfair scapegoating, of the occult and occultists, with the extreme cases listed in the quotation.

As a further introduction to the Black Ribbon Campaign, through information not necessarily in the webpage, what is it? How can people help out in its dissemination? What are the barriers to its dissemination? What have been some of its honest failures and successes, if any?

Robb: The Black Ribbon Campaign is a campaign I started, as a side project, to educate the general public and to raise awareness of the Occult and what it actually is. Mainly what is known as the metaphysical realm (also known as “the hidden sciences”). Which, aside from Satanism, also includes many other aspects that fall into the category of Parapsychology (for example, use of correct use of Witchboards which is sold to the public under the name Ouija boards which everyone seems to mispronounce, theory and practice of magic, meditation, astral-projection, lucid dreaming, psychic ability, paranormal activity, and ufology). After I completed seminary and received my “Reverend” title from the Universal Life Church Seminary in 2000/01, I received an honorary degree in Metaphysics for my work as a scholar and educator of the Occult.

People can help be showing support with the display of our Black Ribbon Campaign logo on their websites, to wear Black Ribbons and inform others of the campaign, and to donate what they can using the PayPal donation link at the bottom of the Black Ribbon Campaign page.

The barrier thus far is the fact we only had a small show of support for the Black Ribbon Campaign. The success of the Black Ribbon Campaign has been that we have reached a few interested people over the years. The most obvious failure, as I said, is we have not had enough exposure to be more successful in the Campaign.

Appendix I: Footnotes

[1] Grand Master, High Priest, Founder, and President, Reverend Scott Robb, Darkside International Ministry.

[2] Individual Publication Date: July 22, 2017, at; Full Issue Publication Date: September 1, 2017, at


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