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Keep It Upbeat


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Humanist Voices)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2018/11/04

Life can suck. Life can also be pretty darn awesome. In fact, the clouds are more often spread out with lots of sunshine and sometimes life gives you nothing but sunshine.

The people who tend to get nothing done are those who sit around and complain, moan, blame others, engage in self-pity, and feel at odds with the world.

Those who tend to get things done are those who have an optimistic outlook on the world because you have to think that the world can be better.

So, the fundamental difference between the power of positive thinking and the weakness of negative thinking comes from the practical reality.

Those who can get things done think that the world can be better than it was the day before. If someone keeps that up day after day after day, they are more likely to produce a world worth living in, because the world they produce is more positive than the prior one.

It is a fact that the negative thinkers can sometimes think of themselves as hard-nosed realists. However, they are more often cynics, which is not to be confused with a realism.

A realist will look at the situation and analyze it relatively objectively within the information that they have on hand at the moment. A cynic will give up any sign of problems.

A realist will give up half the time because half of the time the situations do seem bleak. However, they maybe have limited information.

Whereas, the optimist will continue forward in any case. So, in any of those cases of bleak and not bleak, the optimist will persevere and continue on to make that better world. The world needs optimists. That’s the power of positive thinking.


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