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From Shepherd to Sheep in a Lie-n Minute: The Power of Christ Does Not Compel You


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Personal)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2019/02/11

In the calm and collectedness provided in the cool, irrationality created by fundamentalist interpretations, practices, and mental states from religions, the normal responses to properly terrifying and horrifying instances can lead to specifically terrible actions against the misinformed about the world through the infused, delirium of certainty provided by fundamentalist religious faith.

Within some of the easy lies given by religion, one can be driven to ideas or notions of invulnerability, of immortality, of incorporeality, of absolute knowledge or at least all that one needs to know in the light of the revelations of Christ in the purported holy text, where these can create problematic outcomes for adherents and leaders.

As with one Christian church leader, who, unfortunately, went to prove his faithfulness to his Lord and thinking that this Lord would save him from a lion. He went into the presence of a lion.

The lion immediately began to maul the arm and buttocks of the man. The man had run towards the pride of lions, but the Christian leader thought that his purported Lord had power over the animals of the Earth.

Alec Ndiwane, the purported Zion Church prophet, was attacked by the pride of during a safari trip where he was bold enough to assume divine intervention on his bold behalf.

The pride of lions were minding their own business eating an impala when Ndiwane charged into the dining fray of the lions. As the reality of the Lord not coming to save him, Ndiwane tried to flee back to the car from the safari trip. The lions caught up with the fleeing Ndiwane and then bit his behind.

He was saved, in the end, but he was not saved by his Saviour. A game range firing shots was the saving grace for this ecstatician. He was sent to a hospital to heal wounds and such.


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