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BJP and Fascism Gaining Ground


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Personal)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2019/06/06

Anonymous political analyst and commentator on the recent semi-democratic/semi-fascist developments in India (“India is now a semi-democratic semi-fascist country”).

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Indian elections have ended with a victory for the BJP. What kind political part is the BJP?

Anonymous Political Analyst and Commentator: BJP is not a normal political party, it is political party inspired by fascism and extreme populist Nationalism. It has clearly tried to destroy democratic institutions in India, and in the process has damaged Indian economy. It has also become clear that no matter how much the BJP mess up the economy, no matter how much corrupt they get, no matter what they do, they will come back. To have any hope of replacing BJP in future, it is important is to understand, why they have won. At this point of time, it is clear that the conventional strategies to stop BJP in India have not worked, and sadly it seems that fascism is gaining roots in India.

Jacobsen: Why did the BJP win in India?

Anonymous Political Analyst and Commentator: The main reason why they have won is a very organized campaigning.

Many different sections of Indian society have voted for Modi and BJP.

They have projected many images of Modi, and different image suited for

different people. If you want to see Modi as a secular inclusive leader, you can do it, after all he stopped giving his speech, when Muslim call to prayers were made. If you want to see Modi as a right winged Hindu leader you can even do it, after the Hindu terrorist (suspect) Pragya Thakur, who had bombed mosques, is now a MP in his party. If you want to see him as a man of peace, you can do it, and if you want to see him as a man of war you can also do it. These muti-faces of Modi are shown to different audiences, and this makes them vote for him. He also has also purchased all the major news channels, and they make his wrongs also seem as rights, and any of his mistakes are never projected. In this situation, it is impossible to defeat him using the conventional methods.

Jacobsen: Is it possible to stop BJP in future elections, and save Indian liberalism and secularism?

Anonymous Political Analyst and Commentator: In those multi-faces there are two very different faces, which are usually mixed up as a single face. One is that of right winged Indian Nationalism and other is of Hindu extremisms. Both of them are seen as one, but actually they are not, and it seems as if this division, and this division alone can stop BJP and Modi. The Indian Nationalism might be flavored by Hinduism, but it is just the flavoring. The key features in Indian Nationalism is an exaggerated glorification of army, and deep hated for Pakistan, and even Muslims who do this are accepted as equally Nationalistic. The key features of Hindu extremisms is just deep hatred of Muslims, which can be extended to Christians too. As Indian Nationalism is flavored by Hinduism, this division is not easily seen, but it exists and needs to be strengthened, deepened and developed, if Modi is ever to be defeated. It has to be made so obvious, that Modi is forced to choose between one of these two positions, and when he does that that will mark the end of Modi.

Jacobsen: How can this be done by the opposition?

Anonymous Political Analyst and Commentator: This can be easily done at this time. Now that the opposition is totally finished, and the parliament is dominated by BJP, it is high time to promote such a division. What the Congress needs to do, is not for Rahul Ghandi to visit temples, which looks artificial, but for it to fund and raise a brand of Hindu ISIS, which will make extreme demands. These demands can be for Manusmrti to replace Indian constitution, for Muslims and Christians to be removed from army, for Muslims and Christians to not have a right to vote, for the construction of Mosques and Churches to be stopped, even sterilization of Muslims to stop their population growth. Congress can fund this real extremist Hindu organization from back door, like BJP funded the moment by Anna Hazare. When this organization takes this stand, the Hindu extremists (and terror suspects) in the parliament like Pragya Thakur will be drawn to it, and this will make them clash with right winded Nationalists. This can also cause a potential rift in BJP, and at this time, there is a hope for a split in BJP, or the rise of an extremist Hindu political party, which will be opposite to BJP for not being Hindu enough. This would also give a nice tune to Congress and the opposition, as they can then start speaking for Indian Nationalism as opposite to Hindu extremism.

Jacobsen: Can the opposition also destroy the Nationalistic image of BJP?

Anonymous Political Analyst and Commentator: The opposition can also make exaggerated demands for army, and against Pakistan, and try making Modi look as some one who is not so ring winded and not so Nationalist. They can start demanding a five fold increase in the salaries of army personals, and even ask demand India have a war with Pakistan. Now it is clear that neither Modi, nor any government can effort to have a war with Pakistan, but this rhetoric will put Modi in defensive position. It is also clear that in the present India, emotions work more than logic, so being seen as a mad war monger can actually benefit the opposition. They should try to make demands of a direct war against Pakistan, and this will destroy Modi Nationalist image. Then when the opposition actually comes to power in the next elections, they can improve relations with Pakistan.

Jacobsen: What are the other things that the opposition needs to do?

Anonymous Political Analyst and Commentator: Another thing that the opposition needs to do is to jointly invest in an anti-BJP IT cell. The media is totally corrupted and pro BJP, and the BJP has a very strong IT cell. A joint anti-BJP IT cell is the only thing that can stop the influence of BJP IT cell, and this has to be a joint venture by all anti-BJP political parties. This IT cell can be made up of many different unites. Some of them can be supporting extremist Hinduism, and attacking BJP and Modi for not being Hindu enough and not supporting Manusmriti. They can bring his pro Muslim image, when he stops during Muslim call to prayers, as an example of him not being Hindu enough. Others can attack him for being anti-National for not staring a war with Pakistan. It can even turn the tide, if the opposition demands a war with Pakistan. Then others can blame him for the economic problems in India. If this is done, then Modi can be defeated in future, and secularism and democracy saved in India, otherwise India will soon a replica of Nazi Germany.

Jacobsen: Thank you for the opportunity and your time.


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