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A New Gay Science, or, Rather, An Honorable In Memoriam of a Persecuted Homosexual Computer Scientist


Author(s): Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Publication (Outlet/Website): Medium (Personal)

Publication Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2019/02/04

Homosexuals have been demonized, misunderstood, killed, maimed, brutalized, imprisoned, dropped off buildings and towers, burned, whipped, scorned in word and deed, kept from schools and jobs, been unable to marry those that they love, to build lives for themselves, to enjoy the same fundamental rights and freedoms of others, and to live freely and openly as their true dynamic selves to grow and live as others do throughout the world; people hated not for what crimes they may or may not do, but for who they are, homosexuals, and because of who they love, their same sex.

An important in memoriam is of the late Alan Turing who died prematurely and for criminally abusive reasons. He was a British Scientist during World War II and was known as among those rare individuals in particular fields only coming along once every generation or every other generation — akin to a Witten in physics, an Atwood in writing, or a Pryor in comedy.

In his own personal, private life, his sexual orientation was the love of other men; he was a homosexual, a gay man. The Second World War, many claim, ended due to Alan Turing cracking the infamous German Enigma codes. The Brighter Brains Institute is working for the development of a Richard Dawkins classroom.

But also, there is a focus on the development of an Alan Turing Science laboratory in Kanungu, Uganda at its new humanist school. This is a heartwarming and important development for a humanist community and for the general development of humanistic values for the next generations internationally, which, in reality and in true shorthand, is simply an affirmation of the human rights affirmed in international rights documents linked to the scientific method to develop proper understanding of that which we can affirm with our senses.

The new laboratory will be $500. There is a funding page. One important note is the fact that the artificial intelligence and computer science community is growing in Uganda based on the basic metric of the greater need for it, not simply internationally, in universities including Makarere University in Kampala.

Turing, by many metrics, has been considered the father of the “theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence” revolutions. But on top of this, we can note that he was heavily discriminated against for his own nature, for his homosexuality. It was a formal crime in the United Kingdom. Turing, himself — always feels redundant, was convicted for “gross indecency.”

As with any stigma, we can see the ways in which the stigma and discrimination can lead to such immense self-hatred and self-esteem issues, even among the intellectually unprecedented in their field and formidable in intellect, as to make them want to kill themselves and, in fact, complete the act. As per the proper keeping of history, Turing was vindicated, in some sense, as a “historical pariah” of the LGBT community — or the LGBTQ2IA+ community (as it’s known where I live, in British Columbia). Approximately 4% of the population, a hero to a historically and presently demonized collective and, in particular, the second letter in the initialism.

The Freethinker report concluded, “He was granted a rare posthumous royal pardon by Queen Elizabeth in 2013 after a public campaign. Turing inspired the highly-acclaimed bio-pic The Imitation Game, released in 2014. If you would like to help fund the new laboratory, follow this link.”


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